How does music affect your memory?

Music effect on


Music is one of the most beautiful things which are presented to us by the Mother Nature. From a small child who sleeps by listening to lullaby to a grownup that sits back and relaxes after his work, everyone needs music to satisfy their soul. Music is not a creation of human beings; it is the creation of nature. Here we have tried to showcase the that how does music affect the brain and music for memory retention. We human beings have adopted the tunes of nature and shaped it into an understandable form. From the Insect in the grounds to the Winds high up in the mountains, each of them has their own music, each of them has their own tunes. Those beautiful tunes of the Mother Nature are being carved into beautiful music by the human beings.

The ancient people who have lived in the forest had used the tools which were present nearby them to imitate the tunes of the sounds produced by the animals and birds around them. They have even used their mouth to imitate the sound of the birds and the animals near them. Those sounds which are produced by the human being slowly started to take the form of music and they have transferred to the upcoming generations. But as the human being started to evolve the music also started to evolve. Human beings slowly started to build musical instruments which imitated the sound of nature. From Flute to instruments build with horns of animals, the musical instruments have started to evolve. Though music has changed the form it has not changed the tunes. Even today, a true musician produces tunes from the inspiration of nature.

Music is the only thing which heals our souls. May it is a broken heart or a life full of tension, a beautiful soothing music makes our mind calm. Music is not just some arrangement of tunes; it is the expression of our feelings. A song with good lyrics is not of any value if it is not accompanied with some good tunes. Good music enhances the value of the words and it lets our emotion to flow out of us and it helps us to express our inner soul. Music is not just for entertainment, it has a deeper meaning too. It also helps us to express ourselves and thus it helps us to us be who we really are. Good music also helps us to stay focused on our lives and increase our memory too.

Music’s effect on the human body

So how does music help people to relax and cool down? How does it help people to express its feeling? How does it help people to remember things? Well, Music has a very strong power to make people happy and help them to deal with day to day life. A person calms his nerve after a long day at work, a small baby falls asleep listening to the lullaby or some white noise, the energetic youth increases the willpower in the gym by listening to some energetic music. Therefore, music helps everyone to fulfill their need. Listening to music to complete our task is a kind of therapy which is known as Musical therapy.

Music for

Music Therapy is the process which helps people to work harder and help them to go closer towards their dreams. From Social to emotional, Music Therapy helps people to overcome the challenges which people face in their day to day life. Music Therapy is not a new concept, which has emerged out of nothing. Music Therapy was a way of life which was started from the ancient times. We can find the trace of Music Therapy form the ancient Greek God Apollo which was considered to be the God of Music and Medicine. It is often seen in the past that people used music to treat the ill mind. From treating an ill mind to helping a person to increase memory, music was proved really fruitful.

Indian Great epics like Mahabharata, Ramayana which was written in such an ancient time were still known to people. The reason behind it is the music. In ancient times people didn’t know much to read and write, hence music was the only way through which people could understand the writings and it also helped people to spread the message written in those great epics. From a simple teacher to great religious preachers like Buddha used music to connect with people.

The ancient teachers used music to teach their disciples and that music was later converted to large volume of books. Famous teachers like Plato, Aristotle used music to spread their knowledge. They have framed their knowledge in the form of songs which can be really understandable by the people and which people could carry along with them. Music made their teaching easy. Music helped the people not only to remember the teaching but also it helped people to spread the words to different communities and different parts of the world. Music was therefore considered to be one of the greatest ways to make people understand difficult things and to spread the words too.

It is really astonishing that we still remember the poems which we have recited in our schools but we do not remember things which we have studied or we have gone through recently. So why is it so? What is the main reason that we still remember those small poems? The answer is simple; it was music which was used in those rhymes. The music which was used in those rhymes helped us to remember the things taught in such a long time back, while we forgot the things which we have just gone through.

Today people try to focus on their work and they try to remember the important works, but they fail to do so. Today Children learn things like a parrot but they fail to remember them at the end of the day. To make people’s life easy, music can be used in different ways. From helping a person fall asleep to making the person remember a particular thing, music can be really fruitful. It can help people to complete their task easily.


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From Schools to big offices, music should be the way to make people feel relax and help people to be more productive. It helps people to stay calm even in a tensed environment and hence it will help people to do work more effectively.

It is often seen that big shopping malls, airports and bus and railway station often plays music. This kind of music helps people to stay calm and stay productive. Therefore, music can be used in almost each and every sector in people’s life.

Music for memory

But each coin has two sides. If music is helpful for people it can also have a negative effect on some people.

Music can be helpful in the following ways.
  • Music helps us to remember things easily and effectively.
  • Music helps people to stay calm and do things in better way.
  • Music helps to increase the productivity of work by making people more focused.
  • Music can help people to increase the stamina and willpower who do lots of physical activities.
  • Music helps people to stay happy and relaxed.
But music can also harm people in the following ways.
  • Music can sometimes distract people from some work. Loud Music while driving and doing some important work can be really harmful.
  • Wrong music can have a negative effect on people.
  • Loud music can also have a negative impact on the people with heart problems.
  • Some music can also make people too emotional to do their work.
  • Music can create anxiety for people which are not good for people.
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Music which is a present from Mother Nature was used by the Humans from the past. From the tunes produced with mouth to the tunes produced with some fine musical instruments, Music has come a long way. From mending broken hearts to winning millions of people with beautiful tunes, music is really proved to be a useful thing for the human beings. Music is not only used by the people for entertainment purpose but also used for spreading knowledge. It helped people to mix with other culture and tradition and at the same time, it helped people to spread love and compassion. From spreading important knowledge to spreading of religious philosophy, music is proved to be a really useful tool. Music is not only used in the past.

In the modern day, music is still useful for the people. It helps people to feel alive, happy and express themselves. And all the things help people to remember things in a better way.

From spreading important knowledge to helping people improve their memory, Music is proved to be a useful thing. Music has the power to change the world. It can help people to grow and do things in a better way. It can also help people to make the world a better place to live in. Music is the way of life and it is the way through which people can lead a wonderful life. From helping people increase memory to making people happy, Music can really change the scenario of our world.

So, keep yourself motivated, mentally and spiritually by listening to good music!

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