5 Best USB Type-C headphones

Best USB Type-C

In our day to day, live music has become an inseparable part of us and headphones are the reason for this. With the ongoing drastic improvement in technology headphones have also undergone many changes may it be in design or technical aspect, making them more & more desirable. The current advance and trending ones are “USB-C type in-ear headphones”. Who wouldn’t love those high bass feel real experience, anyways nowadays the headphone jacks have become part of The old school group as much mobile manufacturing company have come to a conclusion of removing these jack port ancient tech design and replacing them all by the modern USB port which would be made universal to all phone, the saved space of jack would be used for any new innovation.

Now that being said the majority of people chose type C over other headphones due to many reasons the major one being the output quality and compatibility (subjective for current year thou), but it is the most popular and customer desired feature set, so to give the kickstart we bring you a list of Top 5 USB-C type headphones 2018 which are readily available for you to buy on Amazon.

Moving on to our Top 5 USB Type-C headphones list of 2018

To begin with, here is the list of headphones from bottom up of their ranks


Device Headphone fit Brand Additional feature Approximate cost


Libratone Q ADAPT USB-C In-Ear Noise Cancelling Libratone Q Adapt In-ear Libratone USB-C connect, adjustable noise cancellation

HTC_Usonic_USB HTC  Usonic In-ear HTC Supreme sound quality, HTC DAC chip, USB-C port


Razer Hammerhead Pro Razer Hammerhead In-ear Razer High bass, gaming headphones


Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones Hybrid USB Xiomi Mi ANC   earphones hybrid In-ear Xiomi ANC earphone hybrid, USB-c type charging free


JBL Reflect Aware C in-ear Sport JBL Reflect Aware In-ear JBL Noise cancellation, adaptive noise control, USB-C type connector


The prices are related to Amazon online shopping portal and may vary otherwise.

#5 Libratone Q Adapt


Number #5 on our list is Libratone Q Adapt earphones which are made by Google (wow). They are intentionally made for Google’s pixel series phone series but works and connect flawlessly with other phones as well. The Google has certainly outdone itself on this one, it provides phenomenal sound with deep bass & crystal clear high tone. The noise cancellation is created using Google’s very own city mix technology.



Features and specification
  • It consists of adjustable noise cancellation with 4 levels of noise cancellation
  • The noise cancellation is of Google city-mix technology
  • USB-C connection (made for Google pixel) connects with all phones and has minimal impact on battery life
  • Google voice assistant present which provides 4 button control for the voice call, music etc

There isn’t any drawback apart from the price tag of $149.00 and feels a bit heavy on the ears other than that it’s a wonderful pair headphone which does the job of providing phenomenal audio output.

Customer thoughts

Some of the customers who use this headphone are in love with this product apart from few issues with in-ear buds or cushioning and slight distortion in mid-base, but a majority of users think that the product is more pricey for its performance and is not the best in its range. 


Libratone Q Adapt is a nice product you can have for a good music experience but if overlooked and compared with other products of same range, it would be wise to go for JBL reflect Aware (top in our list) which has a higher quality and additional features with better performance, for an addition of just $45.


#4 HTC Usonic

The next product with rank 4 on our list is HTC Usonic a great pair of headphones from HTC. It consists of a unique adaptive technology which allows it to provide optimized sound accordingly to ear structure but what makes it special is its price, all this technology is available for people for just at $21.00 wow isn’t that something!




Features and specification
  • Supreme sound quality: uses a high-resolution HTC DAC chip that converts standard resolution audio to supreme lossless audio.
  • Hands-free in-line microphone and remote that allows you to answer calls, play music, etc on the go.
  • USB-C type port and gives a breakthrough sound quality experience.

Although products coming from HTC’s stable are generally commendable, the only drawback of Usonic is its built quality which makes the durability of it rather questionable. 

Customer thoughts

All the users of this product have given a thumbs-up and stated that HTC Usonic is wonderful piece of device which enhances the listening experience more than what we pay for it but the only common issue or drawback of this device is its durability, the built quality is poor which forces the consumer to handle this product with the utmost care, other than that it is simply brilliant.


The HTC should be given a pat on the back for giving such an amazing headphone for an unbelievable price, apart from the delicate handling aspect this product is good to go as a budget-friendly option for people looking to buy a good quality headphone.

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#3 Razer hammerhead

Now coming to #3 we have a headphone with the coolest name of all Razer Hammerhead by Razer. These were specifically built for gaming purpose but align with other devices just fine. It has a 10mm dynamic driver with neodynamic magnets that would give a really deep bass and crystal clear highs that is not all,  it can also be connected with Bluetooth giving a unique experience for its users and makes it totally worth for the money.


Features and specification
  • USB-C connector
  • Custom-tuned DAC for high-resolution output
  • 10mm dynamic drivers for stellar audio fidelity
  • Tough and tangle free
  • Bi-flange ear tips for passive noise isolation
  • In-line microphone and volume control for instant audio control
  • provided with custom carry case for easy portability

Even though the headphones are lit, it doesn’t have enough features for the price quoted. It has some quality issues internally in the cable after prolonged use.

Customer thoughts

The customer reviews are 80% satisfactory with supreme sound and overall performance which has made it stay on #3 however the other 20% are bothered for lack of features for the price range and internal break on sustained use.


Razer hammerhead is a dream machine for gamers and one of the must-have headphones in the list, which gives out brilliant output making it worth every penny you pay for.


#2 Xiaomi Mi ANC earphones hybrid

We are almost at the end of our countdown, at #2 we have Xiaomi Mi ANC (active noise cancellation) hybrid headphones. Xiaomi is well known for making excellent smartphones at budget prices but unfortunately, these are not that cheap however the product is good. These are one beautiful headphone pair which you can get your hands on. So what makes it be on number 2 on our list is its mind-blowing built quality, the earbuds are made out of titanium which is the toughest metal ever known and the cable is made out of Kevlar making it break-resistant. That is not all, they boast active noise canceling feature, which cut down the ambient noise about 25db and they have a certified hi-resolution audio rating, all this at an affordable price tag of just $69.00 isn’t that amazing.


Feature and specification
  • Type-C connector making ANC charging-free
  • Broad frequency active noise cancellation(ANC) 50-2000Hz
  • Hybrid ear structure to ensure sound quality
  • Titanium-plated metal chamber
  • Break-resistant Kevlar cables
  • Unparallel listening experience and certified hi-res audio output
  • Top in class among other products for the given price range (ANC is awesome at this price)

The whole titanium-plated makes it hard on ears and lack flexibility but apart from that no issues to be considered at all.

Customer thoughts

Actually, there aren’t many complaints from the customers at all, they are 100% silicified with the headphones and love it as it is especially for its price tag for the features offered.


The Xiomi Mi ANC headphone hybrid is one of the top class go to the product which is light on the pocket, provides the latest features and best quality, but the only reason it came as 2nd is because of its availability. Overall a masterpiece which can be bought blindly.


# 1  JBL Reflect Aware

So far we have seen the best possible headphones in line but now the time has come to meet the master of them all, at #1 of our list and the best USB-C type headphone of 2018 is JBL Reflect  Aware” from JBL.  These were actually the first USB-C headphones that were introduced to the market alongside HTC 10. These are great earphones with some cool features which makes it irresistible. To begin with, these have noise canceling along with adaptive noise control which allows you to manually set up the noise cancellation such that you would be aware of your surroundings, these are sweatproof, waterproof, durable and perfect for the gym, walk, car and workout. Such a wide range of feature comes at the cost of $189.00 which is a lot but trust me it’s totally worth it.



Feature and specification
  • Noise cancellation: provides a focused and peaceful environment to enjoy music
  • Adaptable noise control: to adjust the level of noise cancellation to be aware of the surrounding
  • USB-C type C connector: eliminates bulky battery by processing power and digital sound directly from a USB type C device
  • Sweat-proof, water-resistant and easy to clean
  • Ergonomic ear-tips designed to provide noise cancellation and ensure a secure fit

Seriously how can there be a drawback in this, not a chance. The pricing is accurate for what the device provides but it may be a little too much for common people.

Customer thoughts

The customer reviews on it are, as 100% perfect. It has everything that is needed and many features in addition which works like a charm and the most loveable thing about this is the ear fit technology it’s simply superb.


The JBL Reflect aware is one of those things that are made to be perfect. They are all about being the best and there is no problem paying $189 for this as they deserve it to the very last penny. So all this in total makes it stand apart and take up the position of #1 on our list.

We would also like take up a few honorable mentions which were close but not close enough

# Viotek Aqua


Closing in on our top 5 list but didn’t make the cut is Viotech Aqua a product of Viotec. These USB-C headphones are in demand nowadays for it’s out of the box powerful 100db volume which can literally shake anyone off their shoes. To talk a bit about it, with 8mm dynamic drivers housed in ergonomically-contoured ceramic bodies, these Viotek Aqua produce decent audio that captures both the highs and lows of most music. But they come with some major drawbacks, including a too-wide connector that won’t fit many phone cases these is one of major drawbacks it has which makes it not likely to be in top 5.


See product details




Headphone fit Brand Additional feature Approximate cost
Viotek Aqua In-ear Vioteck Powerful 100 db volume



Feature and specifications
  • Crafted from High-Quality Materials and designed with oxygen-free copper+TPE, the cable promotes crisp audio with less static and interference.
  • Perfect clarity with purely digital sound, don’t just listen to music. Be absorbed by it using purely digital and flawless sound made possible by superior 24 bit/96 kHz lossless digital transmission and uncompressed audio. There will be no loss in audio quality during transfers.
  • Rock Out to High Volume, Aqua boasts a sensitivity of 100 dB for powerful volume suited for rocking out and blasting your favorite tunes.
  • Dynamic Driver for a Full-Range of Sound, the 8 mm driver promises full-bodied high and low sounds for quality music lovers will appreciate.
  • The USD-C connector is too big, which makes it very bad as it cannot fit most of mobile-phones
  • The 100db is not only loud but too loud which makes the music experience rather more irritating
  • It doesn’t have a built-in mic and lacks many features compared to its price range
  • It can pick up static interference and allow unwanted noise.

The Viotec has given a decent piece of device, which does the job well for average level, it desperately needs to update its tech and quality but why it lags behind all is, for the feature provided it is rather too expensive and also not so great on quality.


# Sunwe Hi-Fi

Another product which was close but not close enough is Sunwe Hi-Fi a product of Sunwe. The headphones are claimed to be sweat proof and sports oriented. The built quality is good, the in-ear ear-buds are extremely comfortable making it a good product on low price range but however like the previous product this also picks up noise and has many other issues which keep it away from our top 5 list. The Sunwe Hi-Fi has reliable inline controls, buds that fit comfortably in the ear, and a stylish aluminum design. They’re meant to work with any USB-C equipped device, including MacBooks and tablets.

See the product details


Device Headphone fit Brand Additional feature Approximate cost
Sunwe Hi-Fi In-ear Sunwe ·       3d surround sound mode

·       Come in three different colors

·       Can hiss when not playing music



Features and specification
  • [Supreme Sound Quality]: High-Resolution Sony DAC chip that converts standard resolution audio (16-bit analog) to superior Lossless Audio (24 bit digital), HiFi Digital stereo surround balance Input. The light but rigid aluminum housing keeps the sound stable for a richer, more dynamic performance.
  • [Type-C Port]: Breakthrough sound quality experience, Type C port adopts 24bit/96KHz digital audio which replaces traditional 3.5mm port, restores HiFi sound by connecting digital signal. Enjoy listening to crystal clear mids and highs.
  • [Great Compatibility]: It supports Mobile Phone with USB-C Port, Google Pixel 2, HUAWEI Mate 10/10 Pro, MOTO Z, Essential PH-1, HTC U11 Support Calling. The other models of Type C interface phones and devices only support music listening. If your new model of the mobile phone supports calling the phone, please contact us free at any time to improve the product matching new model.
  • [Noise Canceling]: In-ear sound isolating design to hear your music without interruption. When playing the music with 20-30% volume, no matter in the noisy streets or in the subway and plane, you will not hear this noise. Only the music wrapped in your ear, enjoying wonderful music
  • can hear hiss when not playing
  • can pick up external and internal noise easily
  • product availability is not up to the mark
  • It is loud but not clear enough

The product is good no doubt but while approximating with others it’s not a too wise choice to go after, as there are many other options to be considered as a whole package and not just price.

Those were the honorable mentions which had the edge but not sharp enough, 


All the information provided above are given by experience, handling, referring company assurances, contacting people related and various other resources but done through thorough enquire which makes them 100% legit. One can also buy USB C headphone adapter in case they are interested to use the showcased headphones or vice-versa, now it is up to the reader to decide what to choose such that the investment is not gone waste. Hoping it was helpful to all thank you.

Do share with us your experience with the above-mentioned earphones or otherwise as well. Till then, Happy listening!


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