Ways to Make Your Headphones Louder


Headphones sound may be low due to various reason. If you are not satisfied with the maximum volume of your headphones and also you can’t buy a new one. Want to know how to “Make your headphones louder”. Then you are in the right place, in this article we will share several simple ways to cope with this problem.

Some fundamental reason due to which headset may be low:

  • A device where the handset is connected has a volume limiter so as not to impair your hearing.
  • Sometimes the volume changed without notifying. Either by changing the device itself or by controlling the volume of the device.
  • The headphone jack is dirty or poorly connected.
  • The headphone is defective or with some bad contact.
  • The earphone is of poor quality.

For all these problems, there is some solution. Though some solutions may involve some costs for the owner of the headphones. Let’s discuss them.

How to make your headphones louder

We have listed below five ways to make your headphones louder.

1.     Use sound amplification programs

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Best software to increase headphones sound is a sound booster. But there are much similar application like a sound booster or bass booster.

The software can increase the volume of headphones up to 500% in some programs like Skype, audio and video players, Internet browsers.

The volume can be controlled conveniently; you can do it with hotkeys. It is also possible to put the program data into auto start so that they appear in the tray immediately after the computer is turned on.

If the program is developed qualitatively, it will not give distortion of sound, due to the presence of specific filters.

2.     Check the drivers

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Make sure that you have the latest version of the sound drivers installed on your device. An improper driver will not allow headphones to be recognized at all or their functionality will be minimal. The most common driver problems are:

  • Bugs committed by developers (usually fixed with the release of new versions).
  • The driver version is not suitable for a specific version of the operating system.
  • The driver conflicts with one or more multimedia devices.

The driver can be updated via the official website of the headphone manufacturer, choosing the model with which you have a problem. To do this, you also need to know the OS version and its bit depth.

There are special utilities for controlling the drivers that will do everything for you. For example, Driver Pack Solution or Driver Booster, this program will scan your computer and determine the models and also the versions of the connected devices and download the ideal drivers for them.

Before doing so, you can check for any problems with the drivers through the Device Manager (if there are exclamation points near one or more items, this may be the cause of malfunctioning headphones).

3.     Check settings

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Go to the “Control Panel” of Windows 8 or Windows 10 and look for the “Sound” icon. After selecting it, check the presence of headphones in the list of devices, and by right-clicking on them, make sure that they are activated.

After that, double-click on the line with the headphones to open their properties. Next, on the “Additional Features” tab, check the “Align sound” checkbox if it is not already installed. Click “Apply” and test the sound.

4.     Check the connection quality

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The device may be not properly connected, or the plug is not inserted securely. It should be inserted with a unique click. Also if it is a computer than a corresponding icon will appear in the tray, confirming that the connection was successful.

Clicking on this icon, set the volume to maximum and check the sound. If you are watching a movie or listening to music in an audio or video player, also check the volume in it.

Some programs, such as Media Player Classic, allow you to increase the volume even above the 100 %.

How to Increase the volume of a single track

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Many users also want to know how to make your music louder through headphones. So, many programs will help strengthen the sound of a particular melody. For example:

  1. Audio editors, such as Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge. These two programs are characterized by the fastest file processing speed and compression percentage. With their help, you can make any desired manipulations with the track, including increasing the volume.
  2. If you needed to amplify the sound at several tracks at once, try the mp3gain program. It can batch-edit specific parameters of audio recordings.

If nothing is done programmatically, then the problem is most likely in the gland.

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How to increase the volume of headphones on Android without the need for root

Surely you’ve ever wondered if you can increase the maximum volume of headphones on your mobile devices with Android. Until a few years ago, we had to resort to applications and tools with root permissions to achieve this.

However, thanks to the evolution of Android regarding system permissions. Doing so today is a children’s thing because of an application available on the Play Store itself.

That is why this time we will teach you to increase the volume of the headphones and how to make earphones louder easily and on any smartphone or tablet.

Before proceeding with the guide it is necessary to clarify that the application we will use is compatible only with Android devices with versions equal to or higher than Android Lollipop 5.1, so it is expected that it will not work in previous versions.

Increase the volume of headphones on Android without root

The Android system has evolved progressively in recent years. Little or nothing has to do with the first versions, where most features were limited.

Currently, we can perform a large number of actions without resorting to complex methods, and increasing the maximum volume of the headphones is a good proof of this.

There are many volume booster apps available in the market, but GOODEV volume booster is best among all other headphone volume booster application for Android.

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To make earphone lounder, we will use one of the most popular applications in the Play Store for this purpose:  GOODEV Volume Amplifier. After having downloaded it to our devices, we will open it, and corresponding volume control will appear with the general volume of the system and the amplification that we want to be generated on it.

Then, we will connect our headphones to the mobile phone in question, and we will increase the Boost bar. When you have reached the desired volume, then you can close the application without any problem, because the values will be saved automatically.

We can also adjust the maximum volume supported in the Settings of the application itself, within the section of Maximum allowed amplification.

We recommend not to increase the volume of the headphones in excess, because our ear can suffer irreparable losses.

5 Best Volume Booster App for Android

Here is our selection of the best bass booster for headphones. The best apps to enhance the sound reproduction of your smartphone and enjoy your music

Most of us use their smartphone to listen to music whether on the subway or at the gym. Some will just mount the volume thoroughly, others will take the trouble to afford good headphones, and the pickiest will use an audio equalizer to enjoy the best sound possible.

It will be even more interesting if you use a Bluetooth speaker. Here are the best equalizer apps from the Google Play Store.

1.     Equalizer & Bass Booster

Ways to Make Your Headphones Louder_image_8_audiowavegeek

Offered in a free version and a paid 4.2$ charge, Equalizer & Bass Booster is perhaps the best equalizer application of the Play Store.

It offers you 15 levels of settings for volume, 12 for bass, 12 for virtualization, 10 presents and a five-band equalizer (60 Hz, 230 Hz, 910 Hz, 3.6 kHz, and 14 kHz).

Note that its interface is rather well designed. Also, Equalizer & Bass Booster offers widgets that allow you to access the settings without necessarily launching the application.

The free version is quite good but incorporates advertising, unlike the paid version that offers in addition to reverb presents.

2.     Bass Booster

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Much more than just a bass booster. Bass Booster includes a 5-band equalizer (or 6 on some devices) with 20 presents, a fully customizable present and four themes to customize the application in its free version.

The paid version of Bass Booster Pro available at 2.22$ offers some unlimited custom presents, a virtualized and the automatic launch of the application from the start of the phone and widgets.

3.     Equalizer

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Full of features, Equalizer is probably the complete application of its kind in the Play Store. Only one small problem, its development has been abandoned, and the last update is from August 2016 but if you do not mind using an application that is no longer updated then Equalizer is for you.

Complete, it includes a 5-band equalizer, a bass booster, a virtualizer and reverb present in a simple and user-friendly interface.

Note that the paid version for 2.8$ also allows you to save, delete, rename and edit custom presents, save and restore the application settings in your phone’s internal memory or on your SD card and to add a shortcut to the home screen.

4.     Music Volume EQ

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Music Volume EQ integrates all the options that one is entitled to expect from an application of this type in a simple interface which gathers the essentials. Everything is there: equalizer 5 bands, a booster of baser, virtualizer VU-meter.

Another important advantage is that it is 100% free. No paid version or in-app purchases but a small banner of little disturbing.

Pretty well designed the interface is customizable. Also, a transparent static widget will allow you to keep your settings always at hand.

5.     Power Amp

Ways to Make Your Headphones Louder_image_12_audiowavegeek

PowerAmp is not only an equalizer but above all a music player for Android with integrated equalizer; it is still the ideal solution for those who prefer to use a single application.

Not everyone listens to Deezer or Spotify, and some prefer to store it directly on their phone. The software offers a 10-band equalizer with different presents.

Also, the application offers options that cannot be found on any other music player. As is often the case, there is a free version offering all features for a limited period of 15 days, and a paid version sold $3.58. It’s a bit expensive for a music player, but it remains one of the best on Android.

These were the 5 best volume booster app for android which helps you in how to make earphones louder and also work as a bass booster for headphones.

How to Increase headphone volume in iPhone

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Adjust the sound level in Apple phones and tablets using the built-in equalizer:

  • Go to Settings and select “Equalizer.”
  • Select the “Late Night”

After above operation, the sound on the iPhone and IPad becomes noticeably louder. This is because the setting “Late Night” raises the volume of quiet sounds, but reduces the volume of the maximum. The result is an acceptable sound.

Some other ways to make your headphones louder

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How to increase the volume of the headset: from the phone or PC, applications

Just one special thing: applications that turn headset volume up are a good solution for all of the above. However, these applications may distort sound slightly, or they may increase the volume of the application to a level that will damage the headphones. You can use it but with caution.

Leave the headset higher: phone settings

With the headset connected to the device, tap the volume up button, and you will bring up a volume menu of the device. It’s that simple. Another way to set the volume is by touching Settings / Adjustments -> Sounds.

In some cases, you may have placed your phone in a lower sound profile. You can see this in the notifications or by pressing and holding the button to turn on your device and see which profile is triggered.

The “silent” and “airplane mode” profiles generally lower the headphone volume.

Phone connector / bad or poorly connected earphone and defective headphones

Check the connector and dock of the headset. Of a good blown and cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Use a needle, carefully to wipe inside the connector.

Plug in the headset again and play a song by moving the connector while the music plays. If there are huge variations in the song (it stops suddenly, “chewed” in the song, etc.).

It may be that the connector is defective. If the music stops playing completely at specific positions of the connector or the wire, it is a clear signal of lousy contact, and it will be necessary to repair the headset or to replace it.

The same goes for headphones that feature old wires, which show clear signs of wear, bare, etc. In such cases, if it is a cheap headset, it is better to replace it than to repair.

Buy a headset with dedicated volume

When your headset does not have dedicated volume control, it does not have a driver that allows you to turn up the volume beyond what your phone system allows. Whether it is a medium-quality headset. When it has a dedicated volume control, it will have a volume higher than a headset without this type of control.

Buy a pocket amp

The headset has several “translators,” called drivers who use to process the sound. A pocket amplifier has several such drivers, only dedicated when often the headphones do not have all the drivers they need to deliver audio with fidelity and good volume.

A pocket amplifier improves the sound quality and increases the final volume, providing a better experience.

Possible causes of low volume and it’s solution

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The following factors directly or indirectly affect the volume of the headphones:

  • Current strength in the area of turns, depending on the power of the amplifier of the audio card.
  • Coil resistance in the membrane.
  • The possible return of the diffuser (membrane).
  • Transient resistance is acting in the connectors.

One of the most logical ways to increase the volume of headphones is to increase the current supply. In simple terms, increase the volume programmatically. Ways to do this we have already considered. Note that if there are wheezing and creaking, the speaker just does not support the volume you selected.

If the software methods do not work, the problem is most likely the lack of consistency between the output stage of the amplifier and the resistance provided by the headphone coil. This is possible if the amplifier supports a load of 4 ohms and specific headphones are equipped with a resistance of 32 ohms. Then it remains only to think about buying another model.

You can also try to clean the sandpaper (zero) connector, which serves to connect the headphones to the audio card. And do not forget to test the headphones with another device to make sure the problem is in them.

Some users have found another way for themselves – they connect the headphones to the input on the speakers, and the speakers themselves to the sound card. It is noted that in this case, the headphones sound much louder.


Headphones are one of the developed technology of today’s world. By their great advancement, it is guaranteed that they will not become obsolete anytime. Prefer to invest in a good pair of headphones than spend hours breaking your head on how to increase the volume of your headphones.

Hope one of this method would help you in increasing the volume of your headphones or ways to make your headphones louder.

Any other ideas? Please leave them in the comments below to help out your fellow readers!

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