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Schiit Fulla Vs Fiio E10k

As an audio guru, good sounding audio is the dream of any audio lover. The battle we are tackling today is between Schiit Fulla Vs Fiio E10k. Which one sounds better? Which one is more versatile? And is the cost an essential factor as compared to an audio set up? Comparing the two is a …

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Top 6 Best Tailgate Speakers in 2020 – Buying Guide!

Best Tailgate

Introduction The word “tailgate” reminds you of driving and cars. Most often the word has been associated with the boot of a car or kind of driving where another driver follows another car from behind closely. However, when it comes to the music world, the word “tailgate” is a verb and the action that comes …

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Best DJ headphones under $100

Introduction A headphone or specifically DJ headphones basically refers to a stylishly  compressed pair of loud speakers mostly worn on or around the head for not only the functional use but also to show that the men/women is at work 🙂 that means it has to be cool, stylish and functional at the same time. …

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Difference between SoundBars and Surround-Sound Systems

Do you want to decide which is better to buy Sound Bar or a surround sound system (Surround Sound) for your home? We did this review to make it easier for you to know the best technique to find the difference between sound bars and surround-sound systems (home theater). So, whenever you open your ears, …

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Best wireless ceiling speaker to buy! (1)

Here are the Top 5 speakers which are the “Best wireless ceiling speakers” to buy that deliver phenomenal sound and performance along with durability all these with the easy installation process at an economical price. These wireless ceiling speakers are a mark of quality and elegance say it be home, shop or restaurant these speakers …