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Schiit Fulla Vs Fiio E10k

As an audio guru, good sounding audio is the dream of any audio lover. The battle we are tackling today is between Schiit Fulla Vs Fiio E10k. Which one sounds better? Which one is more versatile? And is the cost an essential factor as compared to an audio set up?

Comparing the two is a challenging task because both have a tremendous quality although they differ widely price-wise. 


Before we look at the differences between the two, let us begin with the similarities.

First, both Schiit Fulla and Fiio E10k are DAC portable devices. They are almost the same size but Fiio E10k is a little bit lighter. In addition to that, both are user-friendly and very easy to use. Moreover, both Schiit Fulla and Fiio E10k come with a single volume control knob. However, Fiio E10k’s knob is more sensitive as compared to its Schiit Fulla counterpart.

Another similarity between Schiit Fulla and Fiio E10k is that they are a formidable connection. They have a variety of connection options which makes them very versatile in their applications.


Schiit Fulla Vs Fiio E10k

In this write-up, we will show the differences between Schiit Fulla and Fiio E10k based on factors such as:

  • Cost 
  • Specs 
  • Features and 
  • Design 
  • Durability 
  • Performance 
  • Sound 


Schiit Fulla is more expensive as compared to its Fiio E10k counterpart. Schiit Fulla currently sells at more than $100 as compared to Fiio E10k which costs between $50 and $80. Therefore, if you cannot afford to pay for the Schiit Fulla, the Fiio E10k is the next best option. However, the price difference between the 2 is not that big, we can say they belong to the same price range.


Fiio E10k comes as a slim, sleek, and compact headphone. Despite its design, it comes with a near-natural amplifier sound.

Some of the specs of Fiio E10k include the following:

  • Headphone output – 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Audio input – micro USB
  • Weight – 2.72 ounces 
  • Dimensions – 1.9 x 3.1 x 0.8”
  • Battery type – one polymer lithium battery

Schiit Fulla on the other hand has the following specs:

  • Headphone output – headphone amp
  • Audio input – One analog 1/8″ stereo output
  • Weight – 12 ounces
  • Dimensions – 2.1 x 6.2 x 5 inches
  • Battery type – 110 – 120V US power 

– Design 

Although Fiio E10k is relatively older as compared to its Schii Fulla counterpart, its design is elegant still. It comes with a black brushed aluminum chassis which makes it stand out from the rest.

One of the things that make Fiio E10k unique is the small switch for bass which is located on the front panel. Depending on the kind of music genre that you like listening to, you will be excited about the quality of bass they produce. In addition to that, the Fiio E10k comes with an inbuilt bass booster which you can use to crank the bass quality.

The floor noise of the Fiio E10k is low which contributes to the warm and clear bass output as compared to its Schii Fulla counterpart.

On the other hand, the Schiit Fulla has a simple and straightforward design which is rather plain. It features solid construction with two input channels for headphones and microphones that are found on the front end. At the back end, there are 4 output channels which 2 AUX and 2 USB ports.

In terms of size, the Schiit Fulla is small which is an added advantage if you do not have much space to place it. It is also compact and lightweight which means it’s portable.

Apart from that, it has a rugged construction that can withstand some level of physical damage.

– Durability 

When comparing the body construction of the two, Fiio E10k’s body is made of hardwood. On the other hand, Schiit Fulla’s body is made of aluminum metal. Therefore, we can conclude that Schiit Fulla is more durable than its Fiio E10k counterpart.


Another area we will consider is the sound quality. When it comes to audio quality, both Schiit Fulla and Fiio E10k have different sounds. They both use chipsets that are different.

The Fiio E10k uses a PCM102 chipset while Schiit Fulla uses AKM AK4490 3 pack chipsets. Both these chipsets are made using different technologies hence their sound differs widely.

Generally speaking, Schiit Fulla sounds better than its Fiio E10k counterpart.

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In terms of performance, on one hand, the Schiit Fulla uses a 3 pack AKM’s AK4490 chipset which has a TI-OPA1662 filter. This model of the chip is reliable and very strong, therefore, you can expect much performance from it.

Also, the frequency response of Schiit Fulla is quite massive. It delivers a Hi-Fi sonic performance which is ideal for the most demanding audiophiles.

On the other hand, Fiio E10k uses the PCM5 102 DAC chip which is meant to boost the audio output of a laptop. This DAC chip is capable of handling files that are up to 96 kHz. Moreover, it has a low pass filter and a selectable bass boost which allows you to adjust the sound to meet your listening needs. 

Also, it comes with a low-pass filter which is meant to be used in low noise states. The amplification stage has been changed from AD 8397 to LMH 6643. The new amplification stages use a buffer which ensures that both the driving power and transient response are superb.

Therefore, in terms of performance, Schiit Fulla is the ultimate winner.

Pros and cons 

Free image/jpeg, Resolution: 1000×1135, File size: 125Kb, Douk Audio Hybrid Class A Tube Headphone Amplifier USB DAC Audio Decorder HiFi Valve Preamp N2
Pros of Schiit FullaPros of Fiio E10k
Great value for moneyVersatile in its use
LightweightLow noise floor
Has a small footprintTiny in size
A variety of connection optionsCost effective
High-quality audio with impressive bass responseDurable 
 All new amplification stage
 Comes with a user manual

Final thoughts

As you can see, the battle between Schiit Fulla Vs Fiio E10k is very close. If you are a newbie in the world of amps and DAC, then you would do well to go for the Fiio E10k. Why? Because it is available at a pocket-friendly price and you will get a decent DAC that will boost your laptop audio and shut out all the background noises to make your music more enjoyable. Also, there is no complicated connections and configurations to do, no settings to adjust, neither do you need a battery to power it. You simply plug it in and you are good to go.

However, if you are looking for something to boost the overall performance of your device, then you should settle for the Schiit Fulla. Besides that, you can also connect the Fulla to your android phone and enjoy the unmatched sound quality. To connect the Fulla to your PC, use a USB cable which once you plug to your computer will show you notifications. Open the Fulla folder to access the control center. No more complicated settings to make and you start enjoying your music.

Comparing Schiit Fulla Vs Fiio E10k is quite a challenge. But there is always a winner. From our comparison of the similarities and differences, the ultimate winner is Schiit Fulla.

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