Ways to Make Your Headphones Louder


Headphones sound may be low due to various reason. If you are not satisfied with the maximum volume of your headphones and also you can’t buy a new one. Want to know how to “Make your headphones louder”. Then you are in the right place, in this article we will share several simple ways to …


What Does EP, LP and SP Stand For?

What Does EP, LP and SP Stand

Surely you have already downloaded a lot of albums in different formats and at the end of the names, you saw at first glance strange combinations of letters.  And you want to know what they actually mean. So, after reading this full post all your doubt will be clear. Music releases are usually divided into …


Best headphones for toddlers on airplanes (Updated 2021)!

Best headphones for toddlers on airplanes_audiowavegeek

Before going to the list, I have a secret to share with all. It is literally a struggle to travel with kids and that too if it was without any of our not so secret weapons like mobile phones, iPads, tablets etc. then it would have been next o impossible. These devices make all the …


What is the Role of a subwoofer in a CAR? How to choose the best car subwoofer?

The set of guidelines to choose the best subwoofer! If you own a car and are fuzzy about the low thumping music system that came as default, then finding the best subwoofer for your car is really necessary to upgrade the car audio profile. It could get really confusing as in which one to choose; like …


Best underseat subwoofer with built-in Amplifier

Best Under seat car

The Under seat car subwoofer is an amazing way to give your car an audio profile update without consuming more space for installation or unfaltering the original design. With the cars getting smaller in size there is hardly any room to install a big bass box or woofer system in the boot of the car. Majority …


Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

Best earphones_small_ears_audiowavegeek

There is a big group of people who are the fans of wireless or Bluetooth earphones that can permit them to receive phone calls or hear audio tracks, without the hassle of tangling wires all around, connecting their device for operation. If your ears are of smaller size then the usual, then you might need …


8 Best Golf cart Bluetooth speakers

Welcome our golfing buddy! As you have landed here, we are pretty sure that you love music as much as you love golf. Yippie, we do too!! We see music as an excellent way to improve your ability to perform in any area, whether it’s while working out at the gym, running in the open, …


Headphone Buying Guide: First Steps, Headphone Etiquette and How to Deal with Messy Headphone Cable.


Hey Audioholics, today we have brought to you an ultimate guide (call it the headphone bible if you will) where we have covered from the different types of headphones and earphones to noise cancellation theory, to how to deal with messy headphones cables, to ever-rising headphone prices! The days of using that same pair of …


Best Retro & Vintage Headphones (Updated 2020)

Best Retro

The retro & vintage headphones are always and will be trending icon and are one of the must-have devices for people who dig the 60’s vibe, other headphones just look old after being in the market for a while but retro or vintage ones are evergreens. These are classics that are always fashionable. It is …


Beats by dr dre fake? Your guide to survive!

Fake VsOriginal Beats headphones_audiowavegeek

Are your Beats FAKE? As per the latest trend out there, and it’s one we really wish would stop as soon as possible. If you weren’t aware, there’s a whole treasure trove of people whose only purpose in life—seemingly, anyway—is to aggravate the rest of us by copying and counterfeiting Monster headphones, like Beats by Dr. …

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Best studio monitors for home studio – Buyers Guide!

Best Studio Monitors for home

For many years, the sound engineers have trusted the recording studio control room and completely depending upon the pair of passive monitors resting above the console. The debate about which are the best ones for studio recording – active or passive monitors? remained a hot topic. Passive monitors are believed to provide excellent audio performance. …

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Best wireless ceiling speaker to buy! (1)

Here are the Top 5 speakers which are the “Best wireless ceiling speakers” to buy that deliver phenomenal sound and performance along with durability all these with the easy installation process at an economical price. These wireless ceiling speakers are a mark of quality and elegance say it be home, shop or restaurant these speakers …


Best soundbars under $250 – Complete list!

Are you frustrated with the sound coming from the expensive TV that you have just bought? Are you also limited on space or don’t want the clutter of wires all around your sleek TV? Then you are in the right place, today we will discuss the Best soundbars under $250 which will rock your TV …


Best Boomboxes of all time (Updated 2021)

This article will bring back the sweet swag memory for 80’s kids, remember that big jumbo box you would carry around your shoulders that produced a huge amount of noise and snatched away all the attention of passersby and increase your coolness level to infinity with a bit of dope and classy touch combo, yea …


5 Best USB Type-C headphones

Best USB Type-C

In our day to day, live music has become an inseparable part of us and headphones are the reason for this. With the ongoing drastic improvement in technology headphones have also undergone many changes may it be in design or technical aspect, making them more & more desirable. The current advance and trending ones are …