Best Mini Humbuckers for Strat Guitars

Are you thinking of upgrading or switching to the mini-humbucker? There are many best mini humbuckers for strat guitars that will help you to enjoy playing your guitar. The best mini humbucker will help you to achieve that clean and clear fantastic sound on your guitar. Besides that, it will help you achieve great chime.

Although they do not sound as great as the full-sized humbuckers, but the mini humbuckers have grit and fullness that they add to your guitar playing. The mini humbuckers are designed to ward off any external sound so that your guitar can produce a warm and loud sound.

You might ask yourself, “why the mini humbucker?” well, these small humbucker units are designed to keep away the buzz while at the same time keeping the snap tones of a single coil. If you are looking for the best mini humbucker for a Stratocaster, you are on the right page.

In this post, we bring you some of the best mini-humbuckers for Stratocaster. In addition to that, we will inform you how to choose a mini-humbucker. The products that we will list here vary in size from one to another, so you need to know the right size for your guitar.

You should be aware that each mini humbucker has a magnet that helps to induce alternating current across the various string coils. Each magnet is made of different materials, which in turn affects the sound produced differently. Equally important, the resistance of the humbucker is essential. The higher the resistance, the better because it will help to enhance the sound produced.

Their small size is crucial to the sound they produce. As compared to the full-sized humbucker, which provides a deep and rich sound, the small humbucker fits within a single coil. Due t their small size, they are capable of sensing fewer string vibrations, which in turn ensure that the sound remains sharp and focused.

How to choose the Best Mini Humbucker

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Generally speaking, mini humbuckers are small, and they come with a number of differences. Therefore, it is paramount to know what you are looking for in a humbucker. They are so small that they can fit in the palm of your hand.

Hereunder are some of the factors that you should consider when buying a mini-humbucker:

– Size 

The number one factor that you should consider before purchasing any humbucker is its size. The smaller humbuckers are meant to pick on short string wavelengths as compared to their full-sized counterparts.

As a result, they have less low-end enhancement and output, which in turn results in a clearer, sharp, and brighter sound quality.

– Construction/make

Another very essential thing to consider is how the humbucker is made. Although they are designed the same way as the full humbuckers, they only differ in size. Under each of the coils, there is a magnet that is attached, and it has adjustable pole pieces. Each of the humbuckers is made of alloy and a magnet.

– Material 

As compared to the full-sized humbuckers, minis have lower iron content. This directly affects the sound that they produce. Therefore, the lower iron content contributes significantly to the better sound that they provide as compared to their full-sized counterparts.

Besides that, the lower iron content helps to retain the same sound frequency without any distortions. Although, when pushed hard, the best humbucker should grind and sing.

– Warranty 

A warranty is critical when buying a humbucker. We have endeavored to ensure that the products we have listed here have a warranty. The warranty will give you a guarantee that you are covered in case the humbucker you have purchased fails to perform to your expectations.

– Wiring 

Mini humbuckers come in two different kinds of wiring. The standard wiring type is parallel, and the other one is series.

The parallel wiring splits the signal into two, and then they come back together on the other end. This leads to a bright and lower sound output.

The serial wiring, on the other hand, allows the signal to travel in the same path on both string coils. This results in a warmer and higher sound output.

The one that you will choose depends on you.

– Magnets 

Magnets have a direct impact on the tone and output. There are three main magnet layouts, and they are:

  1. Steel poles which extend from the magnet bar. They usually have a darker and fatter sound. These are very common with the Gibson guitars.
  2. Individual magnet poles which are a single coil layout. They produce a thin but brighter sound. They are familiar with the Fender guitars.
  3. Blade style layout uses a single metal bar, which helps create a more consistent tone when the strings bend.

The magnet used in the humbucker is very critical. The most commonly used type is Alnico, which is a synonym for aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. This type of magnet is common because it maintains its magnetic properties for a long time, long-lasting.

There is also another type of magnet made of ceramic. It is commonly used in heavy metal and rock guitars because it produces a trebly yet clear sound.

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– Pick-up position 

The position of the humbucker is critical to the sound it will produce. Generally speaking, one humbucker is placed on the bridge and another on the neck. For this reason, ensure that you buy a set of the best humbuckers according to you.

The humbucker placed on the neck of the guitar helps to produce a fuller, warmer, and longer sound. The one placed on the bridge, on the other hand, helps to produce a brighter yet shorter sound.

– Output 

A humbucker with a passive pickup is more preferable. It can help increase the output when copper wire is winded around it. However, ensure that you do not wind a lot of wire around it because it will negatively affect the sound produced.

The higher output will allow less range but make it easier for you to drive the amplifier. The lower output, on the other hand, has a brighter and cleaner sound, but if you are using an overloaded amplifier, you might not achieve the sound.

Best mini humbucker strat”

The following are some of the best mini humbuckers for strat guitars available on the market in 2020:

1. Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Mini Humbucker

Seymour Duncan is a renowned name in the mini-humbucker niche. And of the most common min humbucker is the Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Mini Humbucker. What makes them stand out is that they are handcrafted, which makes them produce consistent tones in Stratocaster guitars.

The Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Mini Humbucker comes with an adjustable pole piece that allows you to adjust the tone output of each string. When well adjusted, it helps to give a punchy, bright, clear, and vibrant tone. The tone produced sounds with a shimmer of vintage warmth in it.

Another outstanding thing about the Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Mini Humbucker is that it does not sacrifice on power. It will give you the best volume of each coil without any hum. Also, when the power is well supplied, you will not lose any tone which comes with the vintage style.


  • Gives a powerful and punchy tone
  • Allows you to adjust each string individually
  • It is hand-crafted
  • Provides a clear, bright and vibrant vintage tone
  • Plays with tube amps


  • None to note.

2. TOM ANDERSON M-1 Mini Humbucker

Are you working on a budget, but you need a great mini humbucker? The TOM ANDERSON M-1 Mini Humbucker is the right choice for you. This humbucker will give you unmatched sound in the music world.

The TOM ANDERSON M-1 Mini Humbucker comes as a single fatter coil tone. The advantage with the thicker coil is that you do not have to switch to bigger strings or to tune down.

This mini humbucker is meant to be used either in the middle or at the neck of the guitar. As we indicated earlier, humbuckers work well in a pair. So this M-1 should be paired with the M-2 for better sound performance.

What’s more, the TOM ANDERSON M-1 Mini Humbucker comes with a warranty of three years. The more extended the warranty, the more the confidence it will give you to use knowing that you will get a replacement in case of anything.

Moreover, the TOM ANDERSON M-1 Mini Humbucker uses the ceramic magnet, which makes it ideal for rock kind of music playing. Also, it comes as a single coil and small in size.

Apart from that, the TOM ANDERSON M-1 Mini Humbucker is appropriately priced, so you do not have to break a bank to own it.


  • Affordable
  • Uses ceramic magnet
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Designed for middle and neck 
  • Provides a fatter single coil tone


  • M-1 is sold as a single piece

3. DiMarzio DP240 Vintage Mini Humbucker Pickup

Another famous name in the min humbucker industry is the DiMarzio. In this list, we bring you one of DiMarzio’s best selling mini humbucker – the DiMarzio DP240 Vintage Mini Humbucker Pickup.

The DiMarzio DP240 Vintage Mini Humbucker Pickup is meant for the middle range price, so you will not leave a dent in your pocket when you buy it. It is famous for its vintage tone.

This humbucker comes with an Alnico magnet, which plays a crucial role in its clean and bright sound. Moreover, it has a combination of both crystal clear and dynamic range sounds, which makes it ideal for country music players.

Another outstanding thing about the DiMarzio DP240 Vintage Mini Humbucker Pickup is that even at high-frequency levels, it maintains the clarity of sound. However, it is not the best for distortions. The good thing is that, also, if you override it, it will not produce a muddy sound.

Besides that, the DiMarzio DP240 Vintage Mini Humbucker Pickup will give you a well-balanced tone with a chime just like a strat. Also, this mini humbucker is designed to be used on the neck of the guitar.


  • Appropriate price
  • Has a vintage-inspired tone
  • Ideal for a neck of the guitar
  • Capable of maintaining clarity even at high frequencies
  • Perfect for country music players
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Not best for distortions

4. Lace Mini Nitro Mini Humbucker Set

Are you looking for the best mini humbucker for metal? Look no further than the Lace Mini Nitro Mini Humbucker Set. They are made with the hot barium ferrite magnet, which is best suited for metal music.

The Lace Mini Nitro Mini Humbucker Set comes is a set that you can use on the neck and the bridge. Moreover, they come with a warranty of 5 years.

The barium ferrite magnet helps to produce clear sound without any muddy notes, which is ideal for metal. In addition to that, they use a vintage coil wire, which produces the high tone required for metal music.

Besides that, the pair of the humbucker can be split so that they can fit in a single-coil if the need arises.

Another salient feature of the Lace Mini Nitro Mini Humbucker Set is their aggressiveness for delivering middle range tones which can be suitable for other genre of music besides the metal.

The humbucker placed on the neck helps to produce deep lows and shred and screaming highs. While the one placed on the bridge produces high output. The tone produced is generally harmonious.


  • Can be split if need be for a single coil use
  • Come in a set 
  • Uses hot magnet
  • Has a vintage coil wire
  • Produces a well-balanced and clear sound ideal for metal
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • The tone quality of the bridge and neck does not match

5. Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little ’59 Mini Humbucker

Are you looking for a humbucker for the bridge pickup? The Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little ’59 Mini Humbucker is the best choice for that. This humbucker is available at a mid-range price tag. However, it is sold as a single piece.

One outstanding thing about the Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little ’59 Mini Humbucker is that it fits on the bridge without any modifications. In terms of sound quality, it produces a well-balanced and warm tone.

The Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little ’59 Mini Humbucker is designed with a ceramic magnet. Apart from that, it comes with a four conductor lead wiring which when combined with the ceramic magnet gives you a powerful output.

The poles of the magnet are wax coated which helps to prevent any feedback. Also, there are different wiring options which allows you to adjust it for use in various guitars.

However, the Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little ’59 Mini Humbucker come as a single piece. So, you need to pair it with another humbucker for effective tone delivery.


  • Uses ceramic magnet
  • Comes with four lead conductor wiring
  • Appropriately priced
  • Waxed poles to prevent feedback
  • Produces well-balanced and warm tone


  • Available in a single piece


Mini humbuckers for strat guitars are a wonderful tool. They play a significant role in offering a lot of girth and bite which can be produced by a full humbucker. Most importantly, when you want the best tone from a single coil, the mini humbuckers can do that perfectly.

Nowadays, there are plenty of mini humbuckers in the market and they offer all kinds of tones. But, does all humbuckers offer what they promise? It is for this reason that we went an extra mile to search for the best mini humbuckers for Stratocaster and we have brought them here for you. It is our sincere hope that this article will help you find the best mini humbucker that suits your guitar playing needs.

We would like to recommend the “Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Mini Humbucker Pickup Set” simply because it comes in a set – for the neck and bridge. Also, it has a vintage touch which makes it stand out from the crowd. We hope that we have helped to choose the best mini humbuckers for strat guitars currently available in the market. Apart from that, it is ideal for any music genre. Enjoy your guitar playing. 

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