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KEF LS50 Monitor Speakers – The Authentic Sound


Overall Ranking: 8.5/10
Price: $1,499.99 NOW at $1,199.99
Owners: KEF

Buy here: KEF LS50 Mini Monitor


When its KEF its bound to be Good!! This is the brand value which KEF possess and the KEF LS50 is no exception. The LS50 has been in the market for long and are worth mentioning here because of the value for money proposition that they make in the Audiophile grade compact home speakers.


The LS50 are compact in size but are no short of the performance and produces a colossal soundstage, considering their small size cabinets.

  • They have the Uni-Q drive-unit with the 5.25″ driver. A 1″ aluminum-dome tweeter, derived from the HF driver used in KEF’s second flagship model, the Blade. These are inspired by the BBC’s legendary LS3/5A loudspeaker down in 1970s.
  • To say the least, they sound incredible. The bass is tight and clean (as you would expect), Highs and Mids are super clear and when KEF says that “feel the magic of studio at your home”, they are not wrong. The response is flat and intact due to the baffle shaping and cabinet design
  • The curved front design is well engineered and help propagate the sound wave to create an overall broad soundstage, which is made of glass fiber and calcium carbonate better known as DMC (Dough Moulding Compound)

DESIGN Two-way bass reflex
DRIVE UNITS Uni-Q driver array:
HF: 25mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome
LF/MF: 130mm (5.25in.) magnesium/aluminium alloy
FREQUENCY RANGE 47Hz – 45kHz (-6dB)
SENSITIVITY 85dB (2.83V/1m)
HARMONIC DISTORTION 2nd & 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)
<0.4{0e0f650f2f0a423a739f20d7334b4e653cfe24bb5e9fe81c8ac78ae3b72beb93} 175Hz-20kHz
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 Ohms (min.3.2 Ohms)
DIMENSIONS 302 x 200 x 278 mm / 11.9 x 7.9 x 10.9 in. (H x W x D with terminal)
WEIGHT 7.2kg (15.8lbs)


Value-Priced Loudspeaker of the Year

Year: 2016
Magazine / Issuing Body: Hi-Fi+
Country: United Kingdom
Product: LS50

AV Forums Highly Recommended Award

Year: 2015
Magazine / Issuing Body: AV Forums
Country: United Kingdom
Product: LS50

Best Bookshelf Speaker – Gold

Year: 2015
Magazine / Issuing Body: SVI
Country: United Kingdom
Product: LS50

Hi-Fi Choice ‘Recommended’

Year: 2014
Magazine / Issuing Body: Hi-Fi Choice
Country: United Kingdom
Product: LS50


You need not think twice before shelling out your hard-earned money on the KEF LS50 as what you get in return, you are going to cherish for a long time to come. The elite design and solid build will keep them shining for years and the well-engineered cabinet and drivers are a big plus in my book. Although, all such speakers require some break in time (these will too) but these are so good that even out of the box hearing is going to be a pleasure for your ears.
 You can also look for the kef ls50 wireless review in case you want to go without wires!
You would like to listen to your collection all over again with these!!!!

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  1. Hi Anirudr, Great post!

    I think everyone needs a good speaker system and I have to say here in Australia I have never heard of KEF. Maybe I should get out more! Haha. They sound amazing and I will check and see if they are available here. I need a good new speaker.

    Thanks so much,


    1. Hi Kev, yes the KEF has rules the audiophile market and we have mentioned just the younger sibling here. You must experience the divine sound that they produce, I am sure you will be mesmerized. These will give your music a new definition!

  2. Wasn’t these speakers inspired by the legendary LS3/5a? My dad owns a lot of speakers which he’s collected and accumulated over the years and I’ve heard him talk about the KEF Ls50 usually when speaking about incorporating new speakers into his car.

    I’ll have to show him this review, it’s well detailed and insightful.

    1. Hi Sam, As with all of us; Dads always rocks!! and he is right here as well. Yes! they are younger siblings inspired by the big brothers from “BBC’s legendary LS3/5A” and the components are derived from the mighty “Blade”. These are must have for taking your music to another dimension in $1000 mark and you will not be disappointed to own them.

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