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Find a song by humming its

What song is this?

Nowadays many users search “song identifier online” “Help identify the melody! “, “What is this song? “, “Who sings? “, “find a song by sound“, “ find a song by melody”, “find a song by humming” “find a song by humming its melody” “how to find a song name in a video” etc. Audio Wave Geek will help to determine the track, if you remember at least a couple of words, heard a familiar melody on the radio or able to sing the motive.

5 Best Song Identifier Online

How many times have you faced the situation when on the radio or in a video on YouTube you heard a cool song, but did not know who sings it, and no one in the comments could tell its name?

In this situation, various music recognition programs, such as Shazam, SoundHound, AudioTag, and Midomi, will help you. In this article, we will review their basic capabilities, test them and point out the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Shazam


It is the most popular in the field of musical recognition. It is installed on our mobile device and we can activate it while the song we want to recognize is playing. It is very efficient, and if it is identified, it shows us information such as the name, album, artist, and photo of the album.

Shazam identifies only official songs, so live versions, concerts, whistling or humming the song does not work. It is available for almost all mobile platforms, including Android, iPhone or iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone.

2. SoundHound


SoundHound is another popular application for recognizing songs. Currently, it has versions for Android, iPhone, Nokia and Windows Phone. This application helps you to find a song by humming.

Unlike the previous application, this tool has a system to identify in addition to the original songs, also whistle, hum or sing songs, something that certainly puts you one step ahead if you are a good singer.

3. Sony TrackID


This app is official Sony and allows you to identify, like the previous ones, the songs that we may be listening to and want to know the complete information, access artist biographies, music videos on YouTube and listen to music.

The application is very simple and offers an easy-to-use interface. At the moment it is only available for Android devices.

4. Audiggle


If you do not have a compatible mobile device with the previous applications, you were waiting to see Audiggle. This desktop software is available for Windows systems and will soon have a version for Mac OS.

Audiggle allows us to listen and identify songs and displays a window with the corresponding information in case of recognizing it.

5. Searching on Google or YouTube

Finally one of the most used methods is to search on Google or YouTube the song, but to do this we must know at least a fragment of the letter that contains it.

In case of not knowing the lyrics, or either because we do not understand the language in which it is written or simply because the song has no lyrics, we can use any of the above tools.


How to find song If you remember the text

You can also find a song by lyrics and genre. The simplest situation, if you remember the words of a song (at least a couple), you can find its name through any search engine.

  • Enter the memorized phrase into the search bar
  • Did not help? Enter the same line with the additional query “lyrics of the song” or “song words”
  • If the composition is in a foreign language, a request is made with the word lyrics
  • Don’t you know the language of the song? Try to search for transliteration: write down the words as you heard them. Perhaps you are lucky

How to find song If you remember where you heard the song

You switch the radio stations one by one and suddenly you hear the last notes of that very favorite and desired song. And the DJ in the meantime includes the following composition, mercilessly forgetting to sound the name of the previous one. What to do in this situation?

  • You remember the name of the radio station and the exact time when the desired song sounded.
  • If the station is popular, it certainly has a website. And on the site often duplicate the playlist, sounded on the air.
  • In the playlist, find the name of the song that played in those hours and minutes that you remember. Done!
  • If there is no site (but you need to find a song desperately), act decisively: call the office and ask directly. We, of course, are not advised to cut off the phones of local radio stations, but if the need is extreme

How to find a song by humming its melody

Suppose, that you listen to a song on the radio or on TV, you like it but you do not know the name, and you liked it so much that you want to find it as a place. Ask some friends, but they laugh in your face at your humming.

Do not worry now, Musipedia is here, it is a Wikipedia-like site but dedicated to music, which collects all kinds of melodies, songs and musical works in MIDI format and helps to find the song by humming.

The highlight is that it provides various search tools and here comes the most interesting, you can search for music without knowing anything simply via whistling, humming, or even hitting the keyboard!

It also has a virtual piano if you know how to write music, in which you can play the melody more or less as you remember it as well as searching for rhythm, the contour of the melody or using the Parson code.

We must recognize that Musipedia is a most entertaining and useful toy for any music fan. Click here to visit Musipedia.

SongTapper: The website is dedicated only to identifying songs using touches to the rhythm of the music. It may not be attractive, but it is very powerful and simple to use. You will have to press the space key to play the rhythm.

Identify a song by singing it to the application


This is probably the most convenient option to identify a song. All you need to do is sing the lyrics of the song in front of your PC microphone, and the tools will identify the song. If you do not know the exact letter, you can also hum or whistle the song.

The accuracy may not be as good as using a real recording of the song, but it’s still good to identify a song if you can sing / hum for more than five seconds.

Below are some websites that offer this service:

Midomi: It is one of the best services to identify songs with your own voice. It’s quite precise and easy to use, and with a single click, you can start singing/humming to identify a song.

Tunebot: Tunebot does not have many features or an attractive interface. However, it is extremely simple to use and you can also contribute to singing a song to improve accuracy.

Rules for successful recognition of music

To increase the probability of successful recognition, be sure to pay attention to

1) Quality is the sound that is given to the program.

For example, if you play music on the same computer, set “Stereo Mix” as the sound source (not the microphone). In addition, the sound should not be quiet.

2) Uniqueness: A song (voice) or a solo tune indicates a track better than a monotonous “boom-boom” or a constant roar of guitars. Therefore, start the track recognition on this prominent place.

3) Length: The length of the track for recognition should be long enough

Write the lyrics to identify the song


If you know some words of the lyrics of a song and you are not a fan of singing or playing the rhythm, then you can only write words to find a song.

All you need is to insert words into the search bar on the website (the more the better), and the website will display all the relevant results. You can use the website mentioned below to search for songs by letter:

FindMusicByLyrics: it is an extremely simple website to use. Just enter the word/statement of the lyrics of the song, and display the results using Google’s search technology. This site is just a personalized Google Search that is limited to 3-4 letter sites. It’s silly, but it does the job well.

How to find a song in a YouTube video

Many times it happens we watched a video on the popular YouTube accommodation site and the song that played in the background interested us so much that we want to know its title or even the artist who plays it.

Unfortunately, most of the time it is music whose origin is very difficult to find since in the description we can find details of audio and video but mostly times absolutely nothing is mentioned about it. Here you will find a series of tricks that you will know very well who interpret this song.


If we talk about streaming videos online, surely the first word that comes to mind is YouTube. And is that the Google platform has more than one billion users who see hundreds of millions of hours of videos every day, generating billions of views.

You just finished watching a YouTube video and you really like the song that sounded in the video. Unfortunately, you could not recognize the name of the song and the description of the video has no information about the track. The best of all these procedures is that we will never be left empty-handed, if it is not the exact name of the song, at least you will be able to know the artist who interprets it, which will greatly reduce the search.

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YouTube audio exchange library

Many of the videos hosted on YouTube are usually used to anchor the music images of the YouTube audio exchange library, which will allow us, if it is the case, to easily know the audio track used. To use this function:

On the YouTube video page, click on the video statistics button located below the player window, which will allow us to know a lot of data about it, including the title of the song and its interpreter.


It should be noted that this option will only work if the user who uploaded the video did so with music obtained from this source.

Search in the video’s own comments

For popular video, you may find the name of the song within the comments because there may be other people who are as curious as you. Here’s the trick: While you’re on YouTube, click on “All comments” and arrange them by topic. Now press Control-F and in the search box of the browser look for: song, music, song, music etc.

This trick works quite well for the videos that have the highest rating on the site since they have the most comments. From this, we can obtain all the data of the song of the video that you need, both from the published comments and asking our own question.

Social networks

Social networks can also give us a hand in our search, and Twitter can be a good alternative. To do this, enter the YouTube video ID in the Twitter dialog box to see a complete list of all the tweets that refer to the video we are looking for.

It is advisable to use the ID and not the URL because these vary greatly from tweet to tweet, but the ID will always be the same.


In case that we find equivalences, it is worth thinking about getting in touch with those users of the social network that shared the video with the mysterious music.

If you can understand the lyrics of the music in the video, transcribe a few lines and put them on Google. It is an obvious solution but it is worth mentioning it.

How to find a song name in a video online

Surely, while you’ve seen a video on YouTube it played a background music that you liked but you have no way of knowing either the title or the author of it. From that moment, we do nothing but think about who the author or title of the song may be to get it in some way.


Well, from now on, if a friend sends us a YouTube video that sounds a song we like, or we are simply watching some content that counts as a background music a song that we like, we can know the title and singer of the same through an online tool or application on the mobile in a comfortable and simple way.

This is, a web that by just indicating the URL of the video will tell us in just a few seconds the title and singer of the song that sounds on it. Therefore, if we are watching a video and we want to know the data of the song that is playing, we will only have to copy the video address from the address bar of the browser go to the page, paste that address in the search field of the web page and click on submit button on the right side of the screen.

How to discover the name of the song you are listening to using google assistant?

Your Google Assistant is able to identify the music that is playing around you and show you both the title and the artist of the song in question. This feature began to be available several months ago in the English version of Assistant, but it has not been until today when Spanish-speaking users can enjoy it.


The tool is a great alternative to applications such as Shazam or SounHound , because the Google Assistant is integrated into all Android smartphones and therefore it will not be necessary to use a third party app. It also reminds us of how the Now Playing option of the Google Pixel works. The difference, in this case, is that the user will ask the assistant for the name of the song he is listening to.

Ok Google, what song is this?


In order to make the identification of songs through the wizard, you can simply execute a voice command, or written- with the keywords “what song is this?”, “What music is playing” or similar. On the home screen of the wizard, a counter will appear next to a chart, indicating that the system is recording audio in search of a song.

After a few seconds, and l own assistant will show us the identified song if that was possible, including title, artist name and a link to Google Play Music or YouTube, if available; or an error that encourages us to try again.

If you have tried to make a musical query to the Assistant, and you have received a negative response or to the Assistant indicating that this option is not available, it is because Google is carrying out the change gradually in all those devices with the Assistant configured in India. Most likely, it will start to be available to everyone in the next few hours.

Hope you have liked our post on HOW TO IDENTIFY SONGS YOU DON’T KNOW THE NAME OF and the list of BEST SONG IDENTIFIER ONLINE. Comment below if you have any query regarding above information. Keep listening to good music and stay happy!

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