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How to setup a karaoke system with home theater! (Updated 2020)

How to setup a karaoke system with home theater_audiowavegeek

Let’s start with the question where does karaoke come from? The word karaoke comes from Japanese and means as much as ’empty orchestra’ or ‘virtual orchestra’. In the seventies, there was a Japanese singer who asked if he could make tapes from his songs but without his voice. With a kind of jukebox, he made …

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Difference between SoundBars and Surround-Sound Systems

Do you want to decide which is better to buy Sound Bar or a surround sound system (Surround Sound) for your home? We did this review to make it easier for you to know the best technique to find the difference between sound bars and surround-sound systems (home theater). So, whenever you open your ears, …


Ways to Make Your Headphones Louder


Headphones sound may be low due to various reason. If you are not satisfied with the maximum volume of your headphones and also you can’t buy a new one. Want to know how to “Make your headphones louder”. Then you are in the right place, in this article we will share several simple ways to …


What Does EP, LP and SP Stand For?

What Does EP, LP and SP Stand

Surely you have already downloaded a lot of albums in different formats and at the end of the names, you saw at first glance strange combinations of letters.  And you want to know what they actually mean. So, after reading this full post all your doubt will be clear. Music releases are usually divided into …


What is the Role of a subwoofer in a CAR? How to choose the best car subwoofer?

The set of guidelines to choose the best subwoofer! If you own a car and are fuzzy about the low thumping music system that came as default, then finding the best subwoofer for your car is really necessary to upgrade the car audio profile. It could get really confusing as in which one to choose; like …


Headphone Buying Guide: First Steps, Headphone Etiquette and How to Deal with Messy Headphone Cable.


Hey Audioholics, today we have brought to you an ultimate guide (call it the headphone bible if you will) where we have covered from the different types of headphones and earphones to noise cancellation theory, to how to deal with messy headphones cables, to ever-rising headphone prices! The days of using that same pair of …


Beats by dr dre fake? Your guide to survive!

Fake VsOriginal Beats headphones_audiowavegeek

Are your Beats FAKE? As per the latest trend out there, and it’s one we really wish would stop as soon as possible. If you weren’t aware, there’s a whole treasure trove of people whose only purpose in life—seemingly, anyway—is to aggravate the rest of us by copying and counterfeiting Monster headphones, like Beats by Dr. …

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Best studio monitors for home studio – Buyers Guide!

Best Studio Monitors for home

For many years, the sound engineers have trusted the recording studio control room and completely depending upon the pair of passive monitors resting above the console. The debate about which are the best ones for studio recording – active or passive monitors? remained a hot topic. Passive monitors are believed to provide excellent audio performance. …


How does music affect your memory?

Music effect on

Introduction Music is one of the most beautiful things which are presented to us by the Mother Nature. From a small child who sleeps by listening to lullaby to a grownup that sits back and relaxes after his work, everyone needs music to satisfy their soul. Music is not a creation of human beings; it …


What is Dolby Atmos for Headphones? Complete guide!


Dolby Atmos for Headphones   Dolby Atmos has been the latest introduction in the audio world sometime back. However, Dolby Atmos for headphones has been recently introduced and marketed for the audio enthusiasts. Dolby Atmos is an audio format that is meant to take the surround sound to the next level. It does that by …


Best headphone amp under 200


If you have landed on this page, of course, you are looking for the best headphone amp under 200 and 100 dollars (yes as a treat we tried to give more options, Yay). Not only this but today we will also cover the best USB DAC along with the best Amp. AMP or amplifiers have …

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Difference between Condenser Microphone and Dynamic Microphone: Which one is best for you?


Are you in the market searching for the microphone suited for a specific need of yours. Here in this article, we have tried explaining the basic characteristics and differences between the condenser and dynamic microphones and the best microphone available currently. We hope this article will help you to choose the best microphone for vocals, …


What is an Audio Interface – Why do you need one!

Audio Interface_main

If you are a music enthusiast (like us…yay! we rock), you must have encountered with a suggestion or mention of audio interfaces to be bought along with your microphones and speakers for better results. Here we are trying to capture the technical details and the best audio interface to choose from whether you are looking …

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What are Planar Magnetic headphones!

Planar Magnetic Headphones

Planar Magnetic has always been a relatively unknown term with the casual audio gear buyers. The more common term made popular by Yamaha was Orthodynamic and isodynamic which is again used rarely. These are less common and mostly you will only get dynamic headphones (will explain in later post) in the market to purchase as …


Active vs Passive speakers – How to choose?


Are you in market and confused with the terminology used to buy speakers, some sites are quoting Best Active speakers, some are saying powered speakers of the year, maybe your audiophile friend is telling you to buy passive speakers and accompaniments for the best sounding setup, and you are loaded with lots of information and …