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Best wireless ceiling speaker to buy! (1)

Here are the Top 5 speakers which are the “Best wireless ceiling speakers” to buy that deliver phenomenal sound and performance along with durability all these with the easy installation process at an economical price. These wireless ceiling speakers are a mark of quality and elegance say it be home, shop or restaurant these speakers would definitely impress both your customers and guests with their brilliant audio performance and powerful bass.

Moreover, these speakers are excellent for your personal entertainment or home theater systems, allowing your movies to come alive with surrounding sound from different angles of your theater. These are one of the must-have devices for everyone who wants convenience as well flaunt the new technology around him, so let’s dig in further into the details about the latest and greatest wireless/Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

There are basically 2 types of wireless ceiling speakers, based on which our top 5 devices are sorted out. They are as follows:

  • Ceiling speaker with built-in Bluetooth
  • Ceiling speakers with Bluetooth receiver

Ceiling speakers with built-in Bluetooth

These speakers consist of a built-in Bluetooth and a dedicated digital sound amplifier to give a wonderful output. They don’t need any advanced setup procedure or a separate amplifier to work, they are just ready to plug-in directly from the box out. If you want a simple setup, easy to use  Bluetooth ceiling speakers, these are the one u need to go after.

1. Pyle 2-Way 8” Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers


The Pyle 2-Way is a 250-watt ceiling speaker which is spring loaded and is on the top of our list. It features built-in Bluetooth for wireless music functionality and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and smartphones. They can produce a good stereo sound in your home, shop or restaurant. The speakers include a built-in round stain resistant grill to match designs in your home for a clean look.

They are also great for the home theater system and will deliver crisp audio sound with excellent clarity. The design of the speakers makes it easy to install in-wall or in-ceiling or any flat surface. They also come with a cut-out size template and spring-loaded speaker terminals with spring loaded fixing clips for a swift installation directly. If you are looking for a simple Bluetooth ceiling speaker for your home, the Pyle 2-Way Bluetooth ceiling speakers are highly recommended.


The sound quality from the Pyle 2-Way 8” speakers is absolutely clear. The produced sound very good with a 2-way full range stereo sound and can get really loud without emitting any distortion. The Pyle ceiling speakers have a maximum power output of 300 watts with an efficiency of 88dB, and a nice frequency range between 70Hz to 20kHz. They produce a room-filling sound that feels rich, clear and dynamic, without any dips in sound quality while streaming over Bluetooth.

Vocal performances sounded sharp and lifelike, with very good stereo reproduction and musical separation. Listening to instrumental music and any live performances with these speakers are very good, with very crisp instruments and low notes that are well defined; you can even hear the minute details in the music which you may not have noticed earlier. The bass response from these speakers is tight and aggressive but not dominating the bass stays where stagnant and does spoil in the midrange frequencies. The highs are sharp and clear although you do get a mild warmth sound signature from the Pyle Bluetooth ceiling speakers. You can adjust the volume of output.


  • It comes as a set with one active and one passive speaker.
  • The speakers are equipped with Bluetooth wireless music streaming capability and have a pretty decent Bluetooth range around 30 to 40 feet depending on your room configuration.
  • It has the ability to daisy-chain with additional speakers to create a stereo sound system.
  • The speakers have a very rugged and durable exterior and are made from solid ABS material.
  • It also mounts flush to walls or ceilings and comes with screw terminal block speaker connectors for convenient installation.
  • These Bluetooth ceiling speakers have a cut-out size of 7.9” diameter and 3.7” depth.
  • They have a power rating of 100/240V and come with a 12V power adapter.
  • The entire setup comes with both active and passive speakers, one 12V power adapter, and a speaker connection cable of approximately 16 feet in length.


The Pyle 2-Way 8” speakers are one of the best Bluetooth ceiling speakers you can find at a very good price that offer a good wireless music experience. They provide very rich, clear and powerful sound that can be heard without any distortion. The speakers also have very good stereo reproduction and musical isolation and are home theater compatible. They are very easy to install and come with all the necessary components along with an installation guide.

The Bluetooth connectivity on the Pyle ceiling speakers is fantastic and we did not see any hiccups in sound quality or performance while listening to music on our mobile device. They are also durable and made of ABS material for long-lasting quality. Overall, the Pyle 2-way 8” speakers are some of the best Bluetooth ceiling speakers that are highly recommended for first time users looking for a convenient setup.

2. MCM 6” Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers


The MCM 6” Bluetooth ceiling speakers are a beautiful set of speakers that deliver very sharp and brilliant sound quality at an affordable price. They usually come in a pair and have a conventional two-way speaker design that can either be installed in-wall or in-ceiling and provides great importance for music and audio reproduction.

The speakers consist of an efficient Class D amplifier (15W x 2 CH amplifier) with Bluetooth 2.0 for simple wireless music connectivity. The installation is very simple and requires running the 12V DC power supply, and a running single speaker cable to the 2nd passive speaker. They also have screw terminal input and 16 AWG wiring output connections which accepted by the speaker. The pairing of these Bluetooth ceiling speakers is done through a wireless connection via your mobile device; These are the best Bluetooth ceiling speakers you can find that delivers quality and value for money.


The MCM 6” Bluetooth ceiling speakers have a great absolutely clear audio reproduction and good bass response. They have a built-in amplifier which delivers 15W RMS per channel with a frequency response between 80Hz to 20kHz. They are equipped with a 1” titanium dome tweeter for sharp high tones and a 6” woven fiber cone with rubber surrounding. Musical performance sounds very clear and crisp with these ceiling speakers, with both very detailed midranges and decent bass response.

The bass feels solid and has plenty of variation, and does not dominate the other midranges and frequencies. Live performances sound very clear and melodious and feel like its straight out of the MCM Bluetooth ceiling speakers, while instrumental music was reproduced with great clarity to the original music source.

They do provide a certain degree of soundstage and musical isolation which is great; you can also increase the volume with these ceiling speakers and they will produce sound with almost no distortion. We found that the MCM Bluetooth ceiling speakers are very sensitive to the original music recording and will expose the flaws in poor quality audio files, so make sure only good quality file is played for optimum performance.


  • The Bluetooth connectivity on the MCM speakers has a nice range of up to 32 feet –no issues connecting iPhone and Android smartphone devices.
  • They come as a pair with one active and one passive ceiling speaker – installation is quick and simple by hooking up one 12V power to the active speaker and running the speaker cable to the second passive speaker.
  • The MCM Bluetooth ceiling speakers have an overall frame diameter of 9”, and require a cut-out of 7.75” with a mounting depth of 2.9”.
  • They come with screw terminal power input and output connectors which accept up to 16 AWG wire.
  • The MCM speakers come with a power adapter that needs to be plugged in.


However, the downside is that the MCM 6” Bluetooth ceiling speakers run on Bluetooth 2.0 which is a little old and they do not support aptX. They come as a pair and are very simple to install as they feature built-in Bluetooth and an efficient Class D amplifier. It only requires you to run the 12V DC power cable to one and a cable to the other speaker. The Bluetooth pairing and wireless connection can be easily setup once these speakers are powered on.

The sound performance from these speakers is very good, with sharp high tones, nice midrange frequencies, and good bass response. You can increase the volume up on these speakers and expect to get almost no distortion and are great for living rooms and bathrooms or any place that requires music.

The sound quality is rich and has plenty of patterns and musical isolation, which really lets you listen to the details in your music clearly. These ceiling speakers also accept up to 16 AWG wire for easy installation. The Bluetooth connection extends up to 30 feet or so and remains stable and consistent throughout without any ups-downs in music quality. If you are looking for a set of Bluetooth ceiling speakers for the detailed listening experience, then MCM 6” two-way speakers are definitely a great choice to go with..

Ceiling speakers with Bluetooth Receiver

The other way of achieving a Bluetooth ceiling speaker setup is through a pair of wired ceiling speakers with a Bluetooth receiver and amplifier. These ceiling speakers do not come with a dedicated Bluetooth amplifier and require a separate Bluetooth receiver for Bluetooth music connectivity. These speakers use a separate power source and amplifier, you have more control over the amount of power are fed to these ceiling speakers and they often produce better sound quality than built-in Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

The other advantage of this setup is that if the Bluetooth amplifier is damaged, you only need to change the dedicated Bluetooth amplifier rather than the entire ceiling speaker. It also gives you wider options for pair any wired ceiling speaker with a Bluetooth receiver to work, like any typical Bluetooth ceiling speakers, would. While this setup is being more advanced than the other, it is recommended as it would save you time and costs of replacing the entire ceiling speaker in the future.

So here is the list of top ceiling speakers with Bluetooth receiver:

1. Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way ceiling speakers


The Polk Audio RC80i is one of the best ceiling speakers that you can find nowadays and are selling at a fair price. When combined with a Bluetooth receiver, they sound even better than dedicated Bluetooth ceiling speakers. The Polk RC80i consists an eight-inch dynamic-balance, mineral filled the polymer-composite cone with a rubber surrounding that lasts-long then any cheaper foam surrounds, as well as a one-inch ring radiator tweeter with a 15-degree swivel mount.

The swivel-mounted tweeter is the reason for direct high-frequency control that ensures spacious sound reproduction with clean clarity, and a balanced sound when heard from the position, unlike a particular spot. They deliver crystal clear and precise sound that is unparalleled to any conventional Bluetooth ceiling speakers.


The audio performance of the RC80i is very solid, which is great for home theatre and television system. These speakers are apt for staging because their adjustable tweeters, you can direct the sound to suitable position without any flaws. When tested with a SONOS amp, it was founded that these speakers produce a high-quality output in both lows/highs.

The bass is pretty decent, although not overwhelming, which is usually expected of ceiling speakers in general. If you want to fill a large room with sound, it is better a sub-woofer to go with the system. These ceiling speakers can produce some serious audio output when connected to a dedicated Bluetooth amplifier and can make your home theatre stand apart.


  • The RC80is is constructed of rust-resistant hardware and durable, moisture resistant materials. This means that the RC80i Bluetooth ceiling speakers are safe for use in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, or even under outdoor eaves.
  • It has a glass-filled composite baffle that provides a dense, acoustically inert platform for the speaker’s high-end components.
  • This unit features strong composite driver baskets that keep moving parts in rigid alignment, a wide-dispersion design for even sound-coverage throughout even large rooms, and a wall-distance toggle switch that flattens frequency response when installation requires placement near a corner or adjacent wall.
  • They also feature a tweeter-level switch that lets you tailor the highs for your room acoustics, enhancing imaging and soundstage when used in a home theater system. 


The Polk RC80i is voted as the best ceiling speakers you can buy that delivers an exceptional sound performance and are really worth for money paid. They are easy to install and once installed, they are paintable and flange allows the speakers to blend into the room.

The speakers are of a good built quality, making them durable and best choice for home theatre and other outdoor purposes. When paired with a decent amplifier the sound quality of these speakers is excellent, for the price paid and can absolutely say that these are definitely good take away for the offered value.

2. Pyle PDIC60 In-Ceiling Speakers


The Pyle PDIC60 In is 6.5-inch speakers are the best ceiling speakers in every single aspect. When paired with a Bluetooth amplifier, they work exactly as Bluetooth ceiling speakers to produce a wider coverage at lower notes when compared to any other “typical” Bluetooth ceiling speakers in this range. It is very surprising to see the sound performance of the Pyle ceiling speakers, sound reproduction is very lifelike and sounds more spacious, detailed and clear than expected.

This performance is achieved by the combination of a directable 1-inch titanium dome tweeter, dual 6.5-inch speakers, 4-8 Ohm, and 1-inch high-temperature voice coils. The ceiling speakers flush on walls or ceilings through the mount present. These ceiling speakers have an overall dimension of 9-Inch Diameter x 2 3/8-Inch Depth, Cut-Out of 7 7/8-Inch x 4 5/8-inch.


There are very few things that really set these ceiling speakers apart which are, 1st the tweeter can be directed post installation or at any time without removal of the metal cover grill, allowing to create an ideal soundstage within the room. 2nd the sound produced by these ceiling speakers is exceptional and sounds great when paired with surrounding sound speakers.

The bass on can surprisingly go low and crisp without any distortion, they really produce optimum sound output. 3rd the installation is very simple in terms of setup cause all you have to do is just connect the wires and mount the speakers to the ceiling. These speakers have a very good finished quality and painting them makes the speaker literally merge into the ceiling. These speakers can go extremely loud, loud enough to impress anyone who doubts there performance.


  • Really impressive even at high volume and equally impressive when streaming music from the main listening position.
  • Once installed, the finished look is as elegant as it is unobtrusive.
  • Can paint the speaker grilles to match your décor.
  • When we replaced the existing ceiling speakers with these Pyle speakers, the sound output was simply amazing.
  • The configuration used to check was with two Pyle PDIC60s and a SONOS amp.
  • Do note that because the tweeters are directional they are slightly more noticeable than something that would be described as completely invisible.
  • The performance of ceiling speakers is phenomenal for the price.


It has a beautiful music and extraordinary sound quality output. When they are paired with a good Bluetooth receiver, they perform exactly like a Bluetooth ceiling speaker with an even better sound quality. After going through several other speakers it is concluded that the Pyles give the best sound performance at per pay value.

These speakers simply deliver sound performances which are quite amazing and somewhat special for music lovers. The depth and quality of the music from these speakers are exceptional. If looking for a best product for a very good price, then this is recommended for you.

3. Yamaha NSIC800WH 140-Watts ceiling speakers


The Yamaha NS-IC800s is one of the best ceiling speakers for people looking for home theatre at low cost.  These Yamaha ceiling speakers are very practical and effective in terms of design, they have an eye-catching grain-finished acoustic along with a spiral pattern which makes completely disappear naturally.

Their sound performance is quite outstanding. The NS-IC800s added some flavor to the bass and carry mid and highs which sounded excellent. The movies sound spectacular and the music really rocks hard and sounds melodious on softer recordings. They work very well when paired with a good Bluetooth receiver and we were surprised at how good these ceiling speakers sounded at the times of deep hard bass.


The Yamaha NS-IC800 ceiling speakers can easily be installed because of it’s the large mounting clamp with non-slip thread grips. The slim fringe grille becomes almost non-noticeable after installation, so it won’t conflict with your interior. A sealed back cover protects both the speaker unit and crossover from dust and moisture. The magnets make it easy to attach or remove the grille. The NS-IC800s use a blue polypropylene mica cone woofer and fluid-cooled soft-dome swivel tweeter in a coaxial design, enabling it to be target specific.


  • The Yamaha NS-IC800s is essentially a 2-way crossover type in-ceiling speaker with a maximum frequency response of 28 kHz.
  • The RMS output power is 140W with an 8-ohm impedance, and physical depth of 4.3 inches.
  • The driver type-dome delivers a solid 3.50 kHz crossover frequency, with a slim profile design for flush in-ceiling or wall mounting.
  • The NC-IC800s produced sound is superior to many other Bluetooth ceiling speakers at this price range


They are excellent Bluetooth ceiling speakers when paired with a good Bluetooth receiver at an affordable price if looking for a cheaper alternative to fit your home theatre or sound system, then these speakers are the one. It also comes with a warranty when purchased, so you don’t have to worry about any damages. This is pretty generous considering the reputation of the manufacturer, but finally saying the speakers with such a performance cannot go any cheaper.

Types of Ceiling Speakers

Best wireless ceiling speaker to buy!

There are two kinds of ceiling speakers available in the market today. And they are:

Ceiling speakers with inbuilt Bluetooth

In-wall speakers

Ceiling speakers

These are those speakers that can be mounted on the ceiling and you can listen to music from any part of the house. For you to enjoy music from such speakers, you need to install speakers in almost every room so that each room can receive adequate sound.

One drawback of the ceiling speakers is that they are expensive to set up because it will require you to furnish each room with a speaker. Therefore, the number of speakers that you will need will be determined by the number of rooms that you want to place the speakers in.

Equally important, you need t consider how the speakers will be placed so that they can receive the sound waves from the device. For this reason, you need to carefully place the speakers so that they can receive adequate signal.

In -wall speakers

on the other hand, are those speakers that are directly mounted on the wall. They tend to have a lower coverage area as compared to their ceiling counterparts. However, they help to create a very warm sound system that covers the area where they are mounted.

The in-wall speakers are ideal for those people that want to enjoy the best audio response in a single room.

Ceiling speakers buying guide

In this section, we are going to share some of the salient features that you need to look for in the best wireless ceiling speaker. The following are the critical things that a ceiling speaker should have:

Frequency response

The frequency of a speaer is measured in Hz which is the range at which a human being is capable of hearing the audio stimuli. Generally speaking, the recommended frequency response for humans is between 20 – 20,000 Hz.

If you want a speaker that will give you the best audio response, then go for one with a higher frequency response range. The larger the frequency, the clearer and balanced the sound will be.

Power Handling

Another crucial factor to consider when buying a ceiling speaker is the power specifications of the speaker. Knowing the power specifications of the speaker is critical because it will help you know the kind of receiver that will be required.

For instance, if you get a speaker with a range of 20 to 100 watts, it will require a receiver of 100 watt RMS.

Mounting Depth

The depth of mounting is measured in MM and it is the amount of space the speaker will require for it to fit on the ceiling. It is essential to know the amount of space that the speaker will take so that you can appropriately mount it on the ceiling. If you have a small mounting space, then you should go for a small speaker. However, the mounting space does not affect the performance of the speaker.

Size of drive unit

This is the component that is responsible for the range at which the speaker will operate. A speaker with a large drive unit will produce a more balanced sound as compared to a small unit.

Also, large drive units help to enhance a richer bass response. The larger the drive unit, the better the sound even at high volume. Apart from that, you will not experience any distortions even at high volume. Therefore, if you are a bass lover, go for a speaker with a large drive unit.

Moisture and dust resistance

When you are installng ceiling speakers, there are chances that you will mount them even on the patio, bathroom, backyard among other wet places. For this reason, it is critical you need to buy ceiling speakers that will be able to resist any water and dust.

Otherwise, if you buy regular speakers and place them in a place with high humidity and dust, they might stop working after a few months due to the accumulation of dust or water.


The sensitivity of a speaker is measured in dB and it helps to show how efficient the speaker will be. The dB shows how the speaker will be utilizing the power received to produce sound.

It is advisable to buy a speaker with high sensitivity because it will not have any strain on your amp. Generally speaking, a good celing speaker should have a sensitivity level of more than 3dB.


Another factor that you should consider is the setup of the tweeters on the speaker. A speaker with tweeters will produce a well-balanced sound either on the high or ow frequecny. Also, you will be able to fine tune the direction in which you want the sound to be projected. Therefore, ensure that the ceiling speaker you settle for has swiveling tweeters.

Audio Quality

Equally important, you should consider the quality of the sound that the ceiling speaker you are buying will produce. The primary reason for acquiring speakers is to be able to get a better sound system in your home. Therefore, ensure that the speaker has a satisfying sound quality according to your musical needs.

Final saying

When it comes to choosing the very best Bluetooth ceiling speakers, there are definitely a lot of parameters to be considered and a variety of factors to keep in mind in order to make the best and most suitable purchase. We hope that, with the help of this guide, you would now able to understand what to look for when browsing the market, and it will be clear to choose the very best product suited to your needs.

Please also list in the comments below the ones you have already installed and had good experience with, the readers would definitely benefit with the recommendations from the fellow readers of this post.

If anything, feel free to choose from the products we mentioned above, we ensure you that you’ll receive nothing less than an optimum quality product. Don’t forget to enjoy your music! Cheers!

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