Best waterproof headphones for swimming


Music has become an integral part of our lives and we desire to move with music everywhere, be it land, water or air. Every now and then, man´s optimal desire is to be elated and nothing does this simply, faster and efficiently like music. For this purpose manufacturers have continued to develop accessories that makes music accessible to us everywhere and in every way possible.

Whether you are walking, jogging or working out, there are accessories that will give you the musical tense. But that´s not all! Even when you are beneath water swimming, your music could still follow you there and you don´t need to bother about the enmity between water and your cherished audio device.

Waterproof headphones are now available and designed to take away your swimming boredom. These headphones remain unaffected by water, they are well protected from penetration and dissolution from water.

More so, in addition to assuring you of durability, they stop water from also entering your ears during swimming to give sound that is not distorted or changed from the natural land forms.

These headphones do not only benefits swimmers. They are also perfect for other water-related sports such as water polo, sailing, aqua-jogging, Jet Ski, rafting, paddle boarding, etc.

There are many types of waterproof headphones in the market and because you will not want to own any piece of headphones, we have carefully reviewed and selected the best swimmers headphones for you. In addition to this, we will also provide you with relevant information that will affect your purchase.

Current top swimming headphones and swimming ear buds

  1. Finis Duo Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphone
  2. H2o Audio Surge S+ Waterproof Headphone
  3. Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones
  4. Hydoactive Waterproof Headphones
  5. Pyle Flextreme Waterproof Headphones And Swimming Ear buds
  6. I360 Swimming MP3 Player


This headphone is something else entirely! It is one of the best headphones for swimming.

FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction_audiowavegeek

FINIS duo is a bone conduction audio transmission headphone. It works by carrying sound waves(conduction)through your cheekbone and not sending the sound straight to your ears and the sound transmitted is clear, unambiguous and splendid—directly landing on your inner ear.

FINIS duo integrated with a waterproof MP3 player that gives the highest quality sound underwater not having the need to use ear buds. It features an integrated clip design which keeps the device firm to your goggles straps to rest on the cheekbone for maximum comfort and streamlined fit. It is also compatible with iTunes and can be submerged to a depth of your pool, about 3 meters for 30 minutes.

Special features
  • Water protection:IPX8
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life:7 hours
  • Audio formats:MP3,WMA
  • Storage:4GB

FINIS includes USB magnetic dock used for charging and data transfer.


  • High quality sound underwater
  • Uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound underwater via your cheeks
  • Supports MP3 and WMA audio formats perfect for listening to music, Audio book and podcast


  • Quite expensive
  • Cannot be used on land

We highly recommend the FINIS Duo Waterproof Headphone for water-philes who find ear buds uncomfortable.


H2O Audio is one of the pioneers of swimming headphones designed for swimming athletes by H2O Audio technology. It comes with a tree tip and 5 sets of high quality earplug for optimal water resistance ensuring that the earphones stay securely fastened to your ears while swimming.

It has few models but the best is the surge S+, which is small and very comfortable.

This model has a 8mm neodymium drivers which deliver plenty of volume without distortion. It can also withstand complete submersion up to 12 feet underwater.


Special features
  • Water protection: IPX8
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Audio formats: MP3,WMA, APE and FLAC
  • Storage: 4GB

The best way to get the most benefits of the ear buds is by making use of the tree ear tips. It comes with short headphones wire to ensure freedom of movement while swimming and a hassle-free connection to the MP3 you choose to use.


  • High sound quality; crystal clear and good bass response
  • Can transform boring swimming laps into a very delightful  experience
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comes with different varieties (up to 8) high quality ear tips


  • Requires external MP3

This product is a great swimming ear bud.


This waterproof headphone features the third generation hydro beat sound that makes listening to music pleasant to the ear. It comes with 4 different shapes and styles of ear buds to suit different purposes and persons. It is made with a reliable material, well sealed to provide resistance and proof against corrosion and water.

Swimbuds_waterproof Headphones_audiowavegeek

They are very reliable when it comes to durability, function and sound quality. It has a stronger short cord of 40 cm and waterproof extension cord of 1 m making it versatile.

Special features
  • Water protection: IPX8
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: 6 hours

They are wired but short wires, which offer great comfort and fit.


  • Ear buds provide more versatility and security from water leakage into your ears
  • Designed to stay put during rigorous aquatic workouts
  • Comes with several attachment options to fit the ear
  • 100% waterproof


  • Requires a waterproof MP3
  • Durability may not last for a very long time.

Talking about swimming earphones, and you cannot forget this one.

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Hydroactive Headphones features multiple protection chambers and gives a crystal clear sound under water. It is made of high quality material that could resist the effect of wear and tear from drag. This headphone comes with four different kinds of ear buds and swim buds which makes it suitable for different type of water sports.

HydroActive Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones_audiowavegeek

It also has an head wrap that keeps the ear pieces in place ensuring that you have a comfortable swimmers experience.

Special features
  • Water protection: IPX8
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: 5 hours

Hydroactive Headphones are designed for casuals also. You can clip the iPod to the headphone so that you can take it on and off essentially as one piece. It is a great option for active swimmers.


  • Its cords does not tangle during movement while swimming
  • Stable and easy to use
  • Prevents water from seeping into the ear buds which is essential to keep sound crisp and clear
  • Can tolerate chlorinated and salty water without any signs of wear and tear.


  • No MP3 and lacks Bluetooth capability
  • Battery life depends on MP3 you are using.

Hydroactive waterproof headphones are best in terms of durability and performance.


Pyle FLEXTREME is a waterproof headphone with MP3. Its MP3 player is compatible with WMA and MP3 formats. It is designed not to interfere with the music sound in any way having a wrap around which makes it perfect for swimming multiple caps for extended periods of time.

Waterproof MP3 Player Swim Headphone Submersible IPX8 Flexible WrapAround Style Headphones_audiowavegeek

They are super comfortable and gentle on the ears and has good sound performance.

Special features
  • Water protection: IPX8
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Audio formats: MP3 and WMA
  • Storage: 4GB and 8GB

Pyle neckband headphones for swimming around are one of the best Bluetooth ear buds that you could find for water parades. Therefore it has a unique wireless audio function. It also comes with six sets of ear buds of different sizes and shapes for different purposes.


  • Good sound quality and battery life
  • Has a versatile USB port for charging and transferring files.
  • Adjustable and bendable for all head shapes
  • The most water-resistant ear buds


  • Its bulky shape makes them a bit uncomfortable under swim caps
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Sound not as perfect compared to its price



It has an in-built MP3 player with different types and shapes of ear buds that can be inserted directly into the ear. It has a robust architecture that ensures its durability and efficiency. It is rechargeable in a unique fashion using its side clips. It has to be fastened securely under a cap and goggles to ensure it stays in place.


Special Features
  • Water protection: IPX8
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Audio formats: MP3 and WMA
  • Storage: 4GB


  • Has good sound quality
  • Can be used both on land and in water


  • Better waterproof can only be offered if device fits tightly around the ear.
  • Ear buds can come out during swim.

With i360 you don’t need to buy a separate MP3 because an MP3 player is integrated into the Headphone.


Due to the wide range of waterproof headphones brand available in the market, choosing the best headphone for swimming that suits your purpose might be confusing and quite tiring. However, you need not to worry because we will give you all the advice you need for making a great purchase. This buyers guide will feature things you need to note.

Water resistance and Waterproof

These two words are different. Some headphones are water resistant but they are not waterproof. Water may not affect it but it can penetrate the lining parts of it into the internal hardware. Therefore, when purchasing a headphone for your swimming experience, ensure that you purchase something that is both water resistant and waterproof.

Waterproof rating IPX7 and above are the best standard waterproof ear buds for swimmers because swimming requires frequent submersion underwater (ideally 3m for deeper pools) and getting an waterproof headphone with a high IPX rating will be the best.

Sound Quality

Everything music is sound. Poor sound could turn your music to noise. So, always look at the sound quality of these headphones before making a purchase. By clicking on the Amazon product link of these products, you can read popular reviews and ratings from those who have bought these headphones before.

Battery Life

How long will you swim per lap in a day? To enjoy your music all through your planned schedule, you need a long-lasting battery that will sustain your musico-swimming experience. Battery life is also very important, when planning to buy swimmers headphones. You do not want your music to off before you finish your laps.


Cost is always a factor for any purchase you want to make. Ensure that your headphone choice is an ingenious compromise between quality and affordability. Therefore, plan within your budget and purchasing power and the products above have affordable options amongst them.


Water-resistant headphones are headphones that cannot be damaged by sweats and a little splash of water may but full submersion in water will damage it. However, waterproof headphones on the other hand can be fully submerged completely in water without any damages. The depth and time of submersion may vary due to difference in IP rating.

You need to know how the IP rating (Ingress Protection rating) works in other for you to tell whether a pair of headphone is “water-resistant” only or “waterproof” IP rating is a standardized way of describing the capability of a device to keep out water and dust. It comes in a form like IPX7; the X tells you that it keeps out water and the number tells you how well it keeps out water, therefore the higher the number, the better its ability to keep out water.

Water-resistant headphones have IP rating of at least 5 or 6, so for better waterproof headphones we recommend those with IPX rating 7 and above. It is therefore not enough for a headphone to be water-resistant it has to be waterproof because a water resistant or sweat resistant headphone does not automatically means it waterproof. Products with IPX8 or IPX7 rating are fully waterproof designed. You may not be able to use some water resistant headphone for swimming.


  • Do Bluetooth headphones work underwater while swimming?

Signals don’t get transmitted underwater compared to the way it is transmitted in air, so Bluetooth headphones don’t work under water. But if it does it has to be Waterproof and also depends on the depth and length to which you swim.

  • Are wired headphones waterproof?

Not all wired headphones are waterproof. Waterproof headphones cone in different versions i.e. wired and wireless, so there are waterproof headphones that are wired.

  • Is there the latest version of iPod shuffle?

Yes! There is the latest version; apple calls it the 4th generation version.

  • Are waterproof headphones expensive?

Well it depends on your choice. Every waterproof Headphone is affordable although some are quite expensive. So it depends on your purchasing power.

  • Where can I purchase a swimmers headphone?

These stuffs can be found in most music stores around you. However, we have attached the Amazon link for each of these headphones on their title because we believe that Amazon is great place for this kind of purchases. With countless reviews and rating, you stand to get addition real time information about these products from those who have purchased and used them.


There are lots of good waterproof headphones for swimming available on the market today but few of them are best for swimmers. The ones reviewed above are the top best waterproof headphones for swimmers. I believe you will make the right choice from them because they meet all the key factors required to pick a perfect waterproof headphone for you. Whatever you choose you ensure you make use of the guide lines stated above when buying waterproof headphone for swimmers to make the best choice.

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