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Discover our Selection of the Best Shortwave Radios in 2021, a list of the Top radios in sales during this year. If you are looking for Best Sellers, Tests, Customer Reviews, and Shortwave Radio Price in the Electronics category, then you are in the right place. We have put a simple step by step guide to select a shortwave radio quickly. So without further ado, lets dive in.

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Find below the Comparison of best portable shortwave radios to buy, this table is updated every month!

How to buy the best shortwave radios – buying guide!

When buying a shortwave radio you should do some research to choose the best model based on your interests. Radios come with many different features and capabilities, to satisfy a casual listener and a totally enthusiastic listener (yes, there still are people who like to listen the best of modern arenas in the old school style and we love it too). You must buy a radio which has a best shortwave radio receiver. To enjoy the shortwave radio to the fullest, there are some minimum requirements that you should keep in mind when choosing one.

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Step 1

Buy a radio with an AM frequency width of 540 kHz and 30 MHz this covers the range of possible frequencies you can receive with good quality consumer equipment.

Step 2

Choose a radio with a digital frequency selector. A digital screen allows you to dial the exact number of the radio frequency you want to receive. Some older or more economical radios come with a wheel-shaped device that rotates to position itself on the frequency and requires a bit of fine tuning to pick up the signal.

Step 3

Look for models that have more than one frequency mode. AM is standard. Models with SSB will allow you to listen to amateur, maritime, aeronautical radios and you can even choose transmissions from military radios.

Step 4

See if the radio comes with a connector for an external antenna. Best portable shortwave radios are generally equipped with a telescopic antenna. In remote locations, you may need to increase your receiver strength, so an antenna connector would be useful and can connect to shortwave radio stations. However, you can help the reception by wrapping a long speaker wire, to the telescopic antenna.

Step 5

Evaluate the characteristics to be able to choose the bandwidth. This will allow you to reduce the interference of nearby stations and allow a fine adjustment of the tuning and allow you to connect with the best shortwave radio stations present nearby.

Step 6

Choose a radio with filter options, mute and a frequency finder. These characteristics allow you to locate stations quickly, filtering a range of specific frequencies and also allow you to suppress the noise (static shortwave) until you can tune to the desired station. A frequency finder will automatically track the range where the signal is strongest.

5 best shortwave radio under $500

Are you looking to buy the best shortwave radios currently in the market? Then you are in right place, we have listed 5 best shortwave radios to buy. This list will help to identify which shortwave radio will be best for you as per your requirement.

Image Name Price
Best Shortwave Radios In 2018_audiowavegeek_3 Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital PLL Dual Conversion AM/FM, Longwave & Shortwave Radio with SSB (Single Side Band) Reception
Best Shortwave Radios In 2018_audiowavegeek_4 Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Solar Power, Dynamo Crank, Wind up Emergency AM/FM/SW/NOAA
Best Shortwave Radios In 2018_audiowavegeek_5 Tecsun PL-360 Digital PLL Portable AM/FM Shortwave Radio with DSP, Black
Best Shortwave Radios In 2018_audiowavegeek_6 C Crane CC Skywave AM, FM, Shortwave, Weather and Airband Portable Travel Radio with Clock and Alarm
Best Shortwave Radios In 2018_audiowavegeek_7 Sangean ATS-909X BK AM/FM/LW/SW World Band Receiver – Black

#1 – Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital PLL Dual Conversion AM/FM, Longwave & Shortwave Radio with SSB (Single Side Band) Reception


TECSUN PL-880 is a triple conversion receiver that uses DSP technology to listen to AM / FM, longwave, shortwave and SSB. Equipped with a high-IF analogue circuit, PL-880 has a good performance in interference in sensitivity, selectivity and mirror stations (image rejection).

To further enhance the hearing, the PL-880 Class AB is equipped with an audio power amplifier and ultra-dynamic full-range speakers. Besides the so-called “hidden works” mentioned in the Operation Manual, radio enthusiasts provide an interesting campaign to know the leading portable radio of Tecsun.

Unit size: 192 x 113 x 33 mm

Price includes express shipping, import tax, and custom handling fees. There is no unexpected cost at the time of delivery.

Special work:
  • Class AB audio power amplifier and ultra-dynamic full-range speakers with excellent sound quality
  • The dedicated fine adjustment knob
  • SSB: USB and LSB
  • Adjusting SSB to 10 Hz or 1 kHz
  • Selection of SSB bandwidth: 4, 3, 2.3, 1.2 or 0.5kHz
  • Line output audio connector
  • The diversity of hidden works
Frequency range:
  • FM: 64-108 MHz, 87-108 MHz, 87.5-108 MHz (Tuning Phase 10 kHz or 100KHZ)
  • MW (AM): 520-1710 KH, 522-1620 KHz (tuning phase 1 kHz, 9 kHz or 10 kHz)
  • LW: 100-519 KHz (phase 1kHz or 9kHz tuning)
  • SW: 1711-2 99 99KHZ (phase 1kHz or 5kHz tuning)
Adjustment methods:
  • Manual tuning and fine tuning
  • Automatic scanning adjustment
  • Automatic Adjustment Storage (ATS)
  • Direct input on the keyboard
Original Features:
  • 3050 station memories, divided into 25 pages
  • Automatic classification memory
  • Clock (24-hour format)
  • Radio alarm, snooze and sleep timer
  • LCD backlight ON / OFF switch
  • FM / SW antenna connector
  • Stereo headphone jack (3.5 mm)
  • 3 W speaker (4 ohms)
  • Built-in battery charge
  • Mini USB DC 5V socket, ≥ 500 MA
  • 1 x 18650 powered by a lithium battery
  • FM (S / N = 30 dB) <3 UV
  • MW (S / N = 26 dB) <1 MV / M
  • LW (S / N = 26 dB) <3 mV / M
  • SW (S / N = 26 dB) <20uV
  • SSB (s / n = 10 dB) <1uV
  • FM> 60 dB (± 150kHz)
  • MW / LW> 50 dB (BW = 9 kHz)
  • SW> 50 dB (BW = 9 kHz)
  • SSB> 50 dB (BW = 4 kHz)
The following items are included in the package:
  • Radio PL-880 (English version); 8820 firmware version
  • 1 x 18650 lithium battery
  • Safety bags
  • stereo headphones
  • Antenna cable Tecsun AN-06 FM / SW
  • Tecsun USB wall charger (type one plug)
  • World map of Amateur Radio
  • Manual in English
Pros Cons
Excellent quality selectivity and sensitivity Good for limited budget only
Amazing choice of accessories
Rechargeable high-capacity batter
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#2 – Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Solar Power, Dynamo Crank, Wind up Emergency AM/FM/SW/NOAA


Kato Electronics, Inc. which is the next generation Voyager KA500. Is it an emergency radio. Based on the highly acclaimed emergency radio KA007 and KA2009. There are some significant improvements to this. Water-resistant designs, splash-proof housing and cushioning rubber handles make simultaneous models for use in large-scale operations and functional improvements in emergency situations or in adverse environmental conditions.

The KA500 receives a wide range of broadcasts including AM, FM, shortwave and seven NOAA weather stations. Seven weather channels have been preprogrammed and counted from 1 to 7. You can tune these stations easily and easily by turning on the switch, and do not need to guess. Apart from this, the NOAA Alert feature allows you to automatically turn on the radio to configure the wizard in standby mode and receive an emergency broadcast in case of severe weather in your reception area.

The radio has a built-in rechargeable Ni-MI battery pack that will operate the radio for more than 12 hours if fully charged. These batteries can be charged with a hand crank, solar energy (180-degree adjustable solar panel), AC adapter (not included) or an external USB power supply such as computers (not including USB cable). In addition, the radio can be operated in an old way with AA batteries (not included).

Through the Kaito KA500 USB port, you can charge MP3 phones or iPod phones such as cell phones and small electronic devices. Just connect your device to the radio and use the hand crank, solar panel or optional AC adapter to charge it.

This rich radio function includes a five-LED adjustable reading lamp, an inbuilt long life LED flashlight and an emergency red flashing light. Its big adjustment facilitates knobs and function button operation. And the large dynamic speaker provides crystal clear sound in a small, lightweight package.

Accessories included:
  • Headphone
  • USB cable
  • Emergency Radio with 5-way power supply: AC, battery, crank, solar, computer
  • 7 Pre-programmed NOAA Weather Channel with AM / FM / Shortwave Radio and Alert
  • 180-degree adjustable solar panels
  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof Rubber housing + 5 LED reading lamp + flashlight
  • FM: 88 – 108 MHz
  • AM (MW): 530 -1710 kHz
  • NOAA time: 162.400 / 162.425 / 162.450 / 162.475 / 162.50 / 162.525 / 162.55 (constant band)
  • SW1: 3.20- 8.00 MHz
  • SW2: 9.00 A 22.00 MHz
  • It has a best shortwave radio receiver
  • Output power: maximum power of 200 MW with integrated loudspeaker
  • Headset Jack: 3.5mm
  • External DC power supply plug: 6 mm (positive centre)

Power supply: 4.5-6.0 V DC power. For the shortwave reception, it is recommended to use the built-in NI-MI battery or AA batteries because the AC adapter generates noise which will interfere with the reception.

  • Sensitivity
  • FM ≤ 20uV
  • MW ≤ 2.5 MV
  • SW ≤ 30uV
  • Rechargeable battery: 3 ni-mH600 MAh battery
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
Pros Cons
5-LED lamp for reading Battery may be small in certain situations
Durable design
7 weather NOAA channels

#3 – Tecsun PL-360 Digital PLL Portable AM/FM Shortwave Radio with DSP, Black


Tecsun PL-360 is a portable digital shortwave AM / FM radio and one of the best portable shortwave radio. This synthetic PLL receiver captures detailed broadcasts including AM, FM, and shortwave. To tune to a station you can use the following four one method: Tuning knob, memory, and exclusive tuning ETM (easy adjustment mode) Tecsun ATS. Unlike ATS, ETM offers a complete scan of all the welcome frequencies without taking the memory space, provides easy access to all local stations, ideal for travel. A total of 450 memories are available to tune into your favorite stations. Another unique feature of PL-360 is its external antenna high sensitivity ferrite, which greatly enhances AM radio reception, ideal for long distance or AM stations with weak signals.

With DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology, PL-360 provides you with an outstanding listing experience with exceptional clarity and high voice quality.

Frequency Coverage:
  • FM: 87-108 MHz
  • AM: 520-1710
  • SW: 2300-21950 kHz
Accessories include:
  • Stereo headphones
  • External AM Antenna
  • Soft antenna
  • Travel bag
  • User’s manual in English
Pros Cons
Alarm Clock Battery is not good for demanding people
Battery Charger

#4 – C Crane CC Skywave AM, FM, Shortwave, Weather and Airband Portable Travel Radio with Clock and Alarm


CC Sky Wave opens an amazing radio world at home or on the way. It has an intuitive design, so it is easy to use and has a great display. Excellent AM reception for such small portable radios. Great ability to reduce signal interference Short-wave global coverage of 2.3-26.1 MHz.

NOAA Weather Station with Alert so that you can be warned with local weather warnings. Aviation/air band allows you to listen to nearby traffic controllers. Excellent sound for such a small speaker Perfect shape to hide any car-on accessories in internal cracks.

Standard work:
  • Clear and enjoyable audio for size
  • 400 memory presents, a direct input keyboard,
  • Automatic scanning
  • LCD screen current Curved volume knob
  • 12/24 hour format clock
  • Auto-off timer stereo headphone jack
  • Back folding stand
  • Battery meter
  • Signal meter
  • Lock switch
  • 5W Built-in speaker Headphones and cases were included

9/10 kHz selectable adjustment step Run approximately 60-70 hours in a moderate amount (2) AA batteries (not included) or alternate AC adapter can be operated. When traveling, change the airline’s program P, without battery 5.5 ounces never heard and the problems may be stunning. Listen to the control towers Entertainment and information.

It is as simple as having Skywave to find an active frequency. The best is usually the frequency vs. Knowledge is the approach used for the landing. It can also learn more about the search. “For example, to find information and aviation radio on the web.

If you live near a small airport, you can ask for a frequency by a local pilot or check the name of the “normal frequency of traffic advice” and airport name. English is the standard language used in aviation at all airports in the world.

  • Small light AM / FM / shortwave/weather / air-band travel alarm with alarm
  • LCD screen, volume rotary knob, stereo headphone jack, timer
  • 400 memory presets, a direct input keyboard, auto scan adjustment, signal meter
  • Run around. A medium volume can be operated with 60-70 hours (2) AA batteries (not included) or by an optional AC adapter
  • Includes headphones, case carrying and backing support folding. 1-year warranty
Pros Cons
Lightweight and small Audiophiles should not buy
Bright LCD Display

#5 – Sangean ATS-909X BK AM/FM/LW/SW World Band Receiver – Black


The ‘new’ and much better synthesized ATS-909 X receiver is the head of the World Band FM-Stereo / LW / AM / SW / AUX PLL synthesized SANGEAN SANGEAN receiver line. It provides performance and features which are usually found in the most expensive table communications receivers in a very compact and elegant package. So, we can also consider Sangean ATS-909X as a good option.

Standard Work:
  • For monitoring the running professionals
  • The ATS-9 9X is the ideal choice
  • With long wave
  • Medium wave
  • Shortwave
  • Three programmable activation timer available AM / FM broadband coverage
  • The clock is displayed even when the radio is tuned and stored within 42 hours of the world.
  • New rising LCD includes a new bright white LED (high brightness)
  • Signal strength and battery life indicator
  • AM Wide / narrow filter
  • mono / stereo FM selector
  • SSB (single sideband): USB / LSB 40Hz / step tuning
  • AM RF gain control And the amazing ease of operation
  • ATS-9 9X406 provides memory channels

So that you can store all your favorite stations, even if they are shortwave, local AM broadcasting or FM public service frequencies. Wherever you go, take ATS-9 9X and stay with the action! Comes in the form of standard (digital signal processing) with the DSP unit and it has many features that can improve the reception significantly through better interference rejection.

For the name of ATS-9 9X station, FM RDS / RBDS will display FM RDS / RBDS with the work of PS, PTE, RT and CT and this service will be the clock time in available areas.

For daily portable operation, use four “AA” batteries (not included). For operation from your home, choose the supplied AC-AC power adapter.

  • 406 present memory station
  • Automatic scanning ATS (Auto tuning system)
  • Five tuning methods: Direct frequency tuning, automatic scanning, manual adjustment, memory recovery, and rotary tuning
  • Large LCD screen with bright LED backlight. The display area of the screen: 3.33 x 1.95 inch
  • Automatically search for the most powerful signal station within the SW station pages
Pros Cons
The large screen of LCD You will need a separate antenna
Numerous tuning methods
Excellent backlight for LED


We have reached at bottom of our 5 best shortwave radio under $500. Hope you have liked our collection of best shortwave radios but we would like to conclude that it’s not only the functionality of shortwave radio but the size and their overall appearance also matter. So, before making your purchase check all the aspects like appearance, performance, and suitability with your specific demand of shortwave radios.

Till next time – Aye Aye captain!

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  1. I’m looking for a medium sized table top shortwave radio . It should have the features of your #1 choice the Tecsun PL880. A transistor size will not do.

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