Best Retro & Vintage Headphones (Updated 2020)

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The retro & vintage headphones are always and will be trending icon and are one of the must-have devices for people who dig the 60’s vibe, other headphones just look old after being in the market for a while but retro or vintage ones are evergreens.

These are classics that are always fashionable. It is perfect for men and women of all ages and it will always have given a special place in the audio equipment industry. The features may have an upgrade through technology over the years, but the style remains unchanged.

There are various design factors which are considered while designing the retro style headphones some of these include leather and metallic parts. Some even have wooden material implemented into its body.

These retro & vintage headphones aren’t an “old school” product necessarily, they have also evolved and adapted to the needs of the current market requirements, like audio quality and additional features of looking and staying vintage is a bonus.

Thinks you need to look out for

If you are looking for headphones that are “evergreen” and “old school headphones” with a vintage vibe, then definitely, you should look for some of the factors which include the following:


Comfort is the most necessary. They should have a very good padded ear cups and an adjustable headband so that you can have maximum comfort with a secure fit.  There are some which are made of metal but they are quite heavy, it is preferable to choose the light ones unless it would be used occasionally. The velour earcups can be added as desired for additional comfort.


The best retro & vintage headphones must be made with high-quality materials that are durable enough to last for years even if used regularly. In a true sense of this, as we have seen with the equipment passed onto us by our grandparents, which works perfectly well even after decades of usage. Although in this era it is sometimes difficult to get the same quality but not impossible.

Design and looks

The best retro & vintage headphones usually have metallic and leather material used in its design, some even use the wood material to give it a more tough look. There’s always this classic vibe in each pair that makes it feel like it was created decades ago but while using them, you’ll still get the comforts and benefits of any modern headphones can offer.

Performance to look out for

It should have superior audio quality, optimum and durable built quality. The sound must be clear, rich and crisp (we prefer flat, but again it is subjective and much like “Salt to taste” type). Since some are made of wood, the wood material used in the sound chamber enhances the acoustics. It only must look like old but should provide quality that’s comparable to the modern ones that are meant to produce high definition audio.

Now that being said, here is a list of handpicked headphones that bring back the retro vibe just like that and help you flaunt that all-time classic flare where ever you go.

1. Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood Headphones

The Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood Headphones will most likely be your first choice if you are a person who loves hardcore retro. It is available in four variation/shades of wood on its ear cups along loveable colored headband to match with the wood, it has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars given by a majority of its users. Least we could say about the style, that it is indeed rocking!


Performance & specs

  • It has excellent audio quality with enhanced bass which is unbelievable for price range offered.
  • It comes with two cords – one with an in-line microphone and another one without.
  • The microphone comes with a control too so you can answer or end calls, control your music, etc.
  • Very comfortable with a quality padding that does well in noise cancelation too, the Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood Headphones’ headband has an adjustable as well as a secure fit.
  • It is compatible with all music devices with a 3.5mm jack, including music players, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops and more.


The symphonized wraith premium genuine wood headphones is an excellent choice to go for if you are looking modern features in a retro design all at a convenient price range.

2. Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Headphones

At first glance, it seems like it belonged to an air force pilots but looks very tough and vintage. While it isn’t the cheapest one you’ll find on the market, it can give you unparallel audio quality. Some review from actual owners of the pair specified that the sound quality is supreme than the expensive ones!  Frequency response is at 10 to 25,000 Hz. It produces such a natural and rich sound with a crystal clear bass. It has been rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars by its users.


Performance and specs

  • These headphones are very comfortable to wear, thanks to its cushioned ear cups and adjustable headband.
  • They are quite heavy, if you only listen to your music on headphones for a few hours per day, then it is not that much recommended.
  • The bright side about its heavy weight is that you know that this is a stable, very durable and not a cheap pair of headphones you can buy in a fest.
  • It is Compatible with the majority of music devices, the Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Headphones come with a 10-foot cord and a 0.25-inch plug. It also already includes microphone mount hardware in the package.


The Koss Pro-4AA studio quality headphones are best in class for its audio quality but however, the features offered comes with a price tag which is in range it is good to go with.

3. Panasonic Retro Over-the-Ear Stereo Monitor Headphones RP-HTX7-C1

If you’re in search of the best retro & vintage headphones, you’ll be amazed to know that there are so many to choose in all price ranges but Headphones RP-HTX7-C1 is one such. It looks as retro and vintage as it can get and has great overall features that will make it very delightful to use. It is available in many varieties of colors like the white and cream which are the ones look even more retro in style. It has an impressive average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.


Performance and specs

The Panasonic Retro Over-the-Ear Stereo Monitor Headphones RP-HTX7-C1 is one of the popular products because it is rugged and lasts long even for daily casual use.

It is comfortable to wear, thanks to its cushioned ear cups and adjustable headband.

It is also lightweight weighing around only 5.4 ounces.

It comes with a single-sided 3.9-foot cord. While there is no microphone on these headphones, it is compatible with most all music devices with a 3.5mm jack including smartphones, tablets, etc.

The dynamic and true-to-life sound it offers is thanks to the large 40mm neodymium driver units built within the headphones. For great value for your money, you can’t go wrong with the Panasonic Retro Over-the-Ear Stereo Monitor Headphones RP-HTX7-C1.


As a reputable brand when it comes to electronics, audio, and video equipment, Panasonic has gained the respect of many through the years, this Retro Over-the-Ear Stereo Monitor Headphones RP-HTX7-C1 offers amazing sound quality that’s clear, rich and natural for the best price possible

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4. California Headphone Company On-Ear Metal and Leather Headphones

For just, a slightly higher price range compared to the first three pairs on this list, the California Headphone Company On-Ear Metal and Leather Headphones is on top of ours. This pair of headphones provides an impressively good looking and sounding simultaneous. Many reviewed these headphones with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. From its looks to its features, you’re definitely getting more than what you pay for.


Performance and specs

  • It is ultra durable as well as each pair features an authentic metal construction and a leather headband with high-quality stitching. they come along with a 3.9-foot cord with duo-jack technology
  • It comes with an ultra-durable knitted cord.
  • Frequency response is at 20 to 20,000 Hz with 50 variable impedance.
  • These headphones are built with 40mm titanium drivers that make the audio quality clear and natural with just the right amount of bass. If you’re looking for a pair that will make every dollar spent worth it, the California Headphone Company On-Ear Metal and Leather Headphones will be a great choice.


The retro style of these headphones makes them highly irresistible. It’s lightweight and very comfortable to wear on daily purpose if you’re looking for a pair that will make every dollar spent worth it, the California Headphone Company On-Ear Metal and Leather Headphones will be a great choice.

5. EarPollution ThrowBax Headphones

This pair of headphones sells at a very affordable price but the features it can offer is much cheap. It has extra-large 40mm neodymium drivers that give you very smooth and crisp sound and vocals with a super deep bass and uninterrupted highs. Frequency range is at 20 Hz to 20 kHz and impedance around 32 ohms. It comes with a 1.2-meter cord as well. It is rated with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars by very satisfied customers


Performance and specs

  • It has a noise cancellation which is quite impressive on this pair. You can enjoy the music more and worry less about background noise.
  • The Ear Pollution Throw Bax Headphones are compatible majorly with portable music and mobile devices that feature a 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • One of the most affordable headphones you’ll find in the market.

6. I-MEGO Headphones, Throne Poison, Leather Headband and Soft Pouch

The I-MEGO Headphones got that retro microphone to look with its shiny finish on its ear cup and a striped design. Its groovy vintage design makes this pair of headphones most sorted after in the market. You can feel that it’s truly stylish and classy if you have this pair on your ears. More than its fashionable looks, the I-MEGO Headphones can produce the very good audio quality that produces crystal clear and natural with deep bass. You can listen to any type of music and get the same level of satisfaction with each one as these headphones can give you the listening pleasure, the same way as you would from any expensive pairs.


Performance and specs

  • It has a metallic finish on the ear cups and real leather headband that gives it such a retro feel.
  • The I-MEGO signature stitching makes the headband look even more vintage.
  • Very comfortable to wear even for hours on end, the I-MEGO Headphones are made with super durable yet lightweight materials.
  • This is expected it to last for years even with daily use.
  • The ear pads are made with premium memory foam so you get pillow-soft comfort that won’t make your ears feel tired at all. T
  • he headphones also feature an integrated one-button microphone that you can use to make and receive calls and to control the music you’re listening to.


Not the cheap price available in the market or on this list but still worth every dollar you spend for it.

7. August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

The leather headband and the metal headband adjuster give the August EP634 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones a very retro look. Its features are not at all vintage though. In fact, this pair is as modern and advanced as headphones can get as it is wireless can connect via Bluetooth v3.0.

It comes with a built-in microphone too so you can use it for hands-free calling as well. The internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery of the August EP634 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones can last for up to 16 hours of music playback. The headphones also come with playback and call controls so you don’t have to reach to your smartphone or music player at all when you want to answer or end calls, skip, pause or play a track.


Performance and specs

  • The August EP650 BluetoothWireless Stereo Headphones has detachable 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Bluetooth feature will only work on your Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • The detachable cable may be used on other non-Bluetooth devices including your music players and more. this cable comes useful as you can continue enjoying your music even when the battery already runs out.


Aside from being a very attractive looking pair, the Wireless Stereo Headphones are trustable. It is one of the best retro & vintage headphones are tough enough to last in daily/casual use.

It is also very comfortable to wear with the ear cups are padded with adjustable headband. It has quite an economical price taking its wireless feature into consideration; the August EP634 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones are definitely great value for your money for the feature provided.

8. OKCSC® Stereo Super Bass Retro-Vintage Style On-Ear Headphones

This being a new product in the market, is actively gaining the attention of music enthusiasts drastically, it is none other than the OKCSC® Stereo Super Bass Retro-Vintage Style Noise Isolation Enhanced On-Ear Headphones a retro idle that sets a reference/benchmark for how a real old schooler should look like.

It is assured to say that this is a superior pair of headphones that you will fall in love with. The ear cups of this headphone are made with African Sapele, a wood that resists corrosion and is anti-termite. It comes in a lustrous finish along with a true retro and vintage vibe, these headphones are literally made of wood as you can actually smell the wood scent right of it.


Performance and specs

  • An open-back pair of headphones, its adjustable headband is made with food-grade stainless material that gives it a unique design, its guarantee of toughness as they were designed by keeping in all factors.
  • The use UE900 wire material for its 1-2-meter cable is made with monocrystal copper, twisted and unknotted to keep in shape along with providing durability.
  • The ear cup is made with high-density sponge combined with biologic protein for providing extra comfort for the ear.


Both the best retro & vintage headphones are made exceptionally good and peculiar retro design which is impressive. It’s up to your choice on what basis, which one you would select. Both are assuring when it comes to sound quality. You’re getting a very crisp, natural and a clear sound from these powerful headphones, if you are comfortable in experimenting or looking for something new then this is definitely worth checking out.


Best Retro & Vintage Headphones_audiowavegeek

The retro and vintage theme (say it be for any product or device) must be bought only if you really want it, not for just impressing others.

As it gives out a highlighted statement of your personality, if you choose them just for the joy of buying you’ll soon start regretting for wasting your money and end up with a device you hesitate about, so in order provide you with a clear picture of how it has a retro and vintage headphones, its functionality, its features and the vibe of outlook or simply to show you get when you are buying, is specified in the above article for your guidance hope it helps and hell yea for the old school.

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