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When it comes to the world of speakers, people have different tastes, such as modern and retro. Over the past decade, the trend of speakers has been shifting from minimalist and modern to vintage, and retro Bluetooth speakers have gained popularity. This shift cannot be attributed to a single factor, but it can be traced to the re-emergence of numerous classic rock bands and the shading of several cultural icons.

Anciently like the modern world, music has been a human expression, and even our forefathers have a passion for music. To say but the least, music is a force to reckon with, and it transcends culture and time. As a matter of fact, music is the only language understood by all, even when the words in the music are foreign.

In the recent past, the demand for vintage items has been on the rise, and retro Bluetooth speakers are no exception. Speaking of vintage speakers, the internal parts are made with modern technology but the outer box in designed with a vintage look. Owning a retro Bluetooth speaker is the best way to enjoy contemporary music in a traditional manner. It makes it fun listening to old school albums among other ancient musical masterpieces.

The only thing that puts the retro Bluetooth speakers in their class is their vintage look. The vintage design is loved because it came on the rise when rock and roll, grunge and punk music were top on the airwaves in those days. So by using retro speakers, it helps to set the tone for those days. Best vintage is an all-time favorite for many music lovers.

A vintage speaker adds style and character, and it can go a long way to enhance the décor of any room. Their design of retro handles, buttons, and switches are user-friendly, and they can say something about your taste for music.

Some of the reasons as to why you should choose a retro Bluetooth speaker include:

  • Bluetooth connection eliminates wire connections. When there are so many wires connected, they increase the risk of tripping and falling. Having a retro Bluetooth speaker does away such risks and makes playing music from any device effortless and fan.
  • It is trendy. It takes you a few decades back into the old school fashion of listening to music.

What to Look For in a Vintage Speaker

When you want to buy a vintage speaker, take the following tips into consideration:

1. Model

Retro speakers come in a wide range of models. Besides the iconic image of the speaker, you need to go for a model that comes with all the features that meet your music needs. There are some models that are showcased as having both AM and FM frequencies, but in real life, only one is working. For this reason, you need to go for a model that has what you are looking for.

2. Stream 

If you are looking for a speaker with a stream, then ensure that it has Bluetooth. Ensure that it is truly wireless and not just the radio. Also, the Bluetooth should be as recent as possible such it can pair with many devices.

3. Drivers

It is paramount to go for a speaker that has decent drivers. The type of drivers used on the speaker will determine the audio quality that you will get. It is advisable to go for a stereo sound which has different I/O options.

4. Battery Life

If you intend to be traveling with your vintage speaker, then you need to consider the battery. It should be durable and easy to recharge. Also, if you do not have an AC to power the speaker, then the life of the battery is a critical factor to consider.

5. Cost 

Just like when buying anything, it is essential to consider the cost of the vintage speaker that you want to buy. Fortunately, there are several options for retro speakers in the market to choose from, so it will be easy to find a speaker that suits your budget.

6. Features 

The retro speakers come with a variety of features. Some of the standard features to consider include the following AM/FM radio frequencies, turntables, Bluetooth connectivity, among others.

7. Audio 

It will be very foolish not to consider the audio quality of the speaker you are buying. The best vintage Bluetooth speaker should have excellent sound output. However, you should avoid treble crass and boomy lows.

Retro Speakers OR Normal Speakers, Which one’s are Better?

Retro speakers are just like normal speakers in terms of internal design only that they are designed with an antique look. So they can be judged under similar parameters just like standard speakers.

The retro speakers that we have included in this write-up have the best audio quality, and they do not have distortion problems. While the significant emphasis is placed on the external of the retro speakers, we have endeavored to take sound quality into consideration.

Generally speaking, retro speakers may or may not be better than standard speakers. There are some of the best vintage speakers that are better than normal speakers, while other models are not. For instance, vintage speakers such as Marshall Acton are way better than the normal speakers. However, others such as Pyle are not any better in terms of sound quality but have only an impressive vintage design.

Which are the Best Retro Bluetooth Speakers in the Market Today?

Although there are many models of retro speakers in the market, all of them cannot be good. In this post, we have selected some of the best speakers that not only sing excellently but also look great. The following are some of the best vintage speakers:

1. Marshall Acton M-ACCS 10127 Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker comes with a classic design which helps to set it apart from the crowd. The manufactures have succeeded to maintain the old school vintage design, which helps to make the music playing not only pure but simple as the old school music itself.

Although it has a retro design, the features are up to date and they are ideal for modern-day music. It comes with both sound and look quality. It has four elevation stands which help the speaker to stand above the ground.

The front part of the speaker is designed with a glazing grille with the brand “Marshall” branded over it. The rest of the body is covered with soft vinyl material.

On top of the speaker, there are knobs and buttons for operating the speaker. It comes with three knobs which are used for controlling treble, bass and volume levels. Besides using the Bluetooth, it can also be connected with the help of wires.

The audio quality of this speaker is outstanding. It is fixed with a four-inch woofer and two 0.75 inch tweeters. The sound it produces is worth every penny that you will spend on it. It is also refined enough to make the music come alive. The audio is warm enough to light up a big room.


  • It can be used either in wired or Bluetooth mode
  • Has a simple retro design
  • The sound quality is warm
  • Has knobs and buttons for control of play


  • The Bluetooth connection is not very stable; it can drop sometimes

2. Retro Wireless Bluetooth Radio Speaker

This retro speaker model is designed with old school different patterns and shades. It has a design that will add to the interior décor of any room. The cutting edge of this speaker is its Bluetooth connectivity.

Besides that, it comes with USB drive glimmer and an SD memory card. All these options give you a flexible means of playing your music. The USB port has a double drive which you can also use to charge other devices.

Apart from that, it also comes with a 3.5 mm jack which you can use to connect it with turntable and the interface with the outside speaker. It also comes with old fashioned dials which add to its looks.

The audio quality of this speaker is exceptional. Also, it is both AM and FM radio frequency enabled.


  • It has an outstanding vintage design
  • Comes with USB and SD slots
  • A 3.5 mm jack for connection to an outside speaker
  • Enabled with both AM and FM radio frequencies
  • Sound quality is excellent
  • Bluetooth ability 


  • None was found

3. Qoosea Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

It comes with an amazing and exceptional design that is meant to complement any interior décor of a room. It is made of real mahogany timber while others are made of cherry wood. The speaker is handcrafted all over to ensure that every curve and nook is perfect.

It is battery-powered, and the battery is compact, which makes the speaker very portable. The battery life is between 7 and 10 hours of nonstop music playing. The life of the battery is determined by the volume you use to play the music among other elements.

It has a Bluetooth connection that is stable and connects flawlessly. Apart from that, it is an FM radio enabled. Other features include an AUX and TF.

On the front side of the speaker, it has slots cut out for the speaker, which looks like graph bars. It gives the speaker a vintage design. Besides that, it has buttons and knobs for controlling. The buttons are for volume, frequency adjustment, and turning button.

It uses well-designed drivers which enhance the sound quality. The sound it produces is warm and can comfortably cover a large room.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Made of all wood and handcrafted to give it a vintage look
  • High-quality make and very durable
  • The drivers are well designed
  • The batter life is good
  • FM radio
  • Stable Bluetooth connection


  • None was found

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4. Pyle PTCD54UD Bluetooth Vintage Turntable Speaker

This vintage Bluetooth turntable speaker is a combination of a speaker, turntable, radio and CD player. It is designed with an antique metal design, and it has a meticulous finish. Besides that, it is designed with analog buttons which make it stand out as a retro speaker.

It is made to resemble a small attaché case which can be opened on the top to the turntable. The front part of the speaker houses all the control buttons and knobs. In addition to that, it comes with a remote control which you can use to control how it plays from a distance.

It has Bluetooth which can pair with different devices. Apart from the CD player, it also comes with a cassette player. Also, it has a USB port where you can either play external music or charge other devices. Additionally, it supports both AM and FM radios. Another outstanding feature is an AUX where you can insert the headphones and listen to your favorite music privately.

The audio quality of this speaker is satisfactory. The sound is a combination of warmth and fun which is ideal for people of all ages. The radios play very clearly.


  • It comes with a headphone jack port
  • The sound is warm 
  • It has a radio
  • Has both cassette and CD players
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Has a turntable


  • The turntable can skip modern vinyl records

5. TEWELL Bookshelf Speaker, Retrorock 24W

This retro speaker is designed to be used as a bookshelf speaker. It is made of wood with a classic woven grille. Also, it has retro-designed switches. It has a vintage look which conveniently enhances the décor of any room where it will be placed.

It comes with double drivers have been excellent tuned to give you the best sound quality. The sound is distortion-free even when playing at the maximum volume. Most importantly, it has a punchy bass which is unbeaten by most retro speakers in the market today.

It connects via Bluetooth which is very stable and does not break. It uses 24 watts of power even when playing at the maximum volume.


  • It has a retro design with a bookshelf model
  • The Bluetooth connection is stable
  • It also connects via the auxiliary connection
  • The sound quality is outstanding
  • Punchy and better bass than most speakers
  • The drivers are fine-tuned


  • Lacks the tone control button
  • The bass lacks the mid-range frequency
  • In the mid-range volume, there are some sound distortions

6. Vintage Retro: Philips ORD100R/37 Radio with 30-pin Charger Speaker

This is an iconic retro speaker. It comes with a contemporary design that makes it stand out from the crowd. The design is an excellent addition to your home décor. It has a dock which is customized to charge other devices such as iPods and iPhone. You can connect other devices via the line-in.

It has a medium size, and it is powered by electricity, and it is connected via a cable. On the front side of the speaker, it has a digital clock. Besides that, it has a dock and other controls. The digital clock is designed to automatically synch with the device that you connect to the speaker. The clock will display the time.

Besides that, it has an AM and FM radio. It also comes with a wire antenna which you can straighten to better radio reception.

In terms of sound quality, Philips is well known for its quality sound. The sound is well-balanced and warm. Most importantly, it has a punchy bass. Besides that, the speaker comes with a Homestudio app which you can use to control the speaker play remotely. However, according to most customers, the app is buggy, so it not advisable to install it once you buy this speaker.


  • It has an appealing design
  • Comes with a dock which also acts as the charging port
  • Has a wire antenna for better radio reception
  • Has FM and AM radio frequencies
  • The audio quality is warm and outstanding
  • Has a punchy bass accompaniment
  • The dock fits with any iPod or iPhone device


  • The Homesstudio app is buggy when installing

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