Best Noise Cancelling Headphones and Earbuds for Sleeping


A good night sleep is important and very essential to our physical and emotional well-being. But it is very difficult to achieve that in a noisy environment. Using headphones/ear buds was discovered to be the best remedy to sleeping comfortably in a noisy environment. In as much as silence is very golden at night, especially when your partner prefers complete silence at night, listening to music on bed is the perfect way to wash off stress after a long day.

Noise cancellation headphones and ear buds helps in suppressing outside noise from  noisy neighbors or snoring partner, it brings relief from unwanted external noise and have a great sound quality. It allows one to fell more relaxed by lowering the heart rate during the few minutes before sleep.

Most noise cancellation headphones and ear buds are not designed for sleeping as they may cause discomfort and night sleeping breaks. Others require a specific sleeping position i.e. the same sleeping position throughout the night.

But due to the continuous evolution of technology, there is a wide range of styles and design of headphones specifically designed for sleeping in the market.

We reviewed the favorite and best headphones and ear buds for sleeping and will be guiding you through a well researched information that will lead you intothe store with a preference and with all the questions answered that you might have in mind.



They are headband sleeping headphones, extremely comfortable and the best. Acoustic sheep sleep phones offers two products: Sleep Phone classic sleep headphones and Sleep Phone wireless headphones.

Both the products offer the same quality of service, they only differ in design, while one is wired the other is wireless and they also differ in price. Acoustic Sleep Phone provides a little extra warmth on cold winter days and nights mainly designed to be used on bed. Materials are made up of fleece making it incredibly soft and hypoallergenic.


  • Flat looking headphones embedded inside with good sound quality.
  • Block out noise and snoring
  • Comfortable for side sleepers
  • Speakers are removable and headband washable
  • Flat speakers are comfortable to lie on for extended periods and have an eye mask


  • Very expensive
  • They don’t offer perfect sound isolation
  • Acoustic sleep phone are one of the best sleeping headphones money can buy


One of the best fabric sleep headphones with flat and thin speakers. Its internal material is a cool mesh which helps prevent overheating. It comes in many designs and sizes and so you could find some that will suit people of different ages. This ear phone is one of the most trending ear phones in the market.


  • Cord is braided and quite sturdy can take almost any kind of wear and tear
  • They are light weight and effectively blocks light when pulled over the eye
  • Affordable as it is not too expensive.
  • Head bands are washable and speakers are removable for cleaning and also adjustable
  • Packaging comes with warranty card and one soft and thin textile travel bag


  • No excellent sound quality
  • Comes in only one size which might be a problem to people with larger heads


These headphones are the world thinnest on-ear headphones designed for sleeping. The manufacturers of this headphone have continuously put forth new versions and the three most common versions include Bedphone wired, which has a wire and Bedphone wireless and Bedphone versaFit which are both wireless headphones.



  • Effectively block out noise and offer full range sound
  • Comfortable regardless of sleeper position or ear shape
  • Have soft foam-covering designed to allow earphone lie flat on the ear
  • They are completely wire-less


  • Can cause some ear pains

This headphone pack comes with a complementary eye mask, USB charging cable, carry pouch for travel and set of replacement foams.


These are headphones not only made for sleeping but also for our everyday activities. It consists of a head band with removable speakers and it ideal for people who find it difficult to fall asleep. It also has a micro-fleece within that provide warmth that can keep you warm during cold winter both day and night.



  • They are very durable
  • It design allows speakers to be positioned so they don’t dig into your ears and they are also adjustable for your fit.
  • Noise isolation is quite good.
  • Has pleasant sound
  • It washable


  • Speakers can shift and cause mild pains
  • Completely made of plastic and are a bit bumpy


Panasonic Rp-Hs46e-K Slim Clips On is a great headphone that could be used for other activities other than sleeping. They are highly portable, leak no sound and block a great amount of noise at the same time. They are also comfortable to lie on due to the soft foam covering that they feature.


  • They have hooks that lock the earpieces in your ear without hurting you
  • It has good sound quality
  • Blocks great amount of noise and leaks no sound


  • Do not come in a Carrington bag
  • Sound quality not too perfect



Since the turn of the year 2023, no other ear bud rates as high as this ear bud. It is a product of valuable craftsmanship. They are not meant for playing back music but designed with one purpose to offer ultimate noise-cancelling experience for sleeping.

QuiteOn could block both high frequency sound like a party next door and low-pitched sound like a snoring loved one.


  • They are light and have very portable chargers
  • Noise cancelling function can be deactivated and activated back
  • Has a carrying bag


  • It is quite very expensive


Bose is known to be one of the best producers of noise cancelling ear buds. It comes pre-loaded with 10 soothing sound tracks to turn out distractions that keep you awake. It also has an App for Android and IOS to help you choose sleep track, control volume, and also set alarms to wake you up without disturbing your partner next to you.


  • Comfortable for even side sleepers
  • Helps improve sleep as they are the best wireless noise-masking ear buds
  • Have thinner ear tips that are soft and flexible
  • Preserve sounds quality while protecting your ear
  • Have options of completely blocking out sound or letting a hint of sound in especially when you have kids or stay alone to be alert


  • Limited choice to sound
  • Expensive but worth it

3. SHURE SE215-K

Shure SE215-K does not technically cancel out noise but they are good sound isolators. Packaging come with six (6) pairs of ear tips made from different sizes and different materials, a user manual and a zippered sturdy carry case.



  • Comes both wireless and wired
  • Has an efficient sound isolating technology
  • Light weighed and comfortable
  • Cable is detachable but we’ll built
  • Sound is pleasant for both casual and professional use


  • Lack control pad
  • When ear tips are removed they lose isolating ability to noise


Maxrock isolate a great amount of noise. They are small and extremely light, wired and deliver very good sound. It is cheap and affordable and comes in silicone carrying bag.


  • They don’t hurt your ears at night
  • Very durable and affordable
  • Audio content are controllable
  • Made from antibacterial silicone that protects you from all kind of ear infections


  • Ear tips come in only one size and you can’t buy ear tips of different sizes for the ear buds


These buds are great and less expensive when compared to other noise cancelling ear buds. It is packed with an airplane adapter, a short USB charging cable, two spare ear hooks for extra stability where needed and a soft carrying bag. It also comes with a spare ear tip of different sizes and they are safely tucked in with a protective foam.



  • Very comfortable, small and light weight
  • Nice and pleasant sound
  • If ANC is added it become more attractive
  • Uses noise cancelling technology


  • Bass is a bit mudded
  • Not perfectly detailed not clear


Despite the comfort headphones and ear buds gives and how it aid sleeping it has some advantages and disadvantages we will be discussing bellow:

  • Provides comfort during sleep.
  • Ear buds provide better sound quality and better sound cancellation because they go inside your ear canal.
  • They are extremely comfortable due to their small sizes, less weight and make-up of soft materials.
  • You can use them at your own convenience i.e. to listen to anything you wish without disturbing the person next to you.
  • Excessive use can lead to tinnitus—a medical condition of buzzing in your ears and sometimes hearing loss. But this can be controlled by taking care of loudness and using them only when necessary.
  • Some headphones and ear buds have cable that limits your movement on bed while sleeping, because as you turn it will wrap round your neck during sleep. This could lead to the falling of your device or player to the ground and consequent damage.



Some people do not like the use of headphones and ear buds while sleeping; there are other ways of making sleeping better and more comfortable. They include:

  • Using Sleeping Pillows Speakers

Some pillows have in-built speakers and they don’t sound too loud like headphones and ear buds and are not directly inserted into your ears. These could be great alternatives to phones and buds.

  • Using Earplugs

These plugs are highly effective to shut out noise neighbors and snoring partners. They are soft and adjust nicely to your ears.

  • Using White Noise Generators

White noise generators are used by people who hate silence when they want to fall asleep. They have different sounds to help you feel comfortable.


There are some differences that would advise you on some of the considerations listed below:

  • Type

There are different types of headphones and not all of them are designed for sleeping purposes. Ensure that you are purchasing a headphone for sleep and the products above are sufficient options for you.

  • Style

Some of these products have head bands while others don’t. Headbands are ideal for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Also, take your sleeping position style into account when buying a headphone or an ear bud.

  • Sound Quality

Consider how clear the audio is and how well it blocks out external noise. Headphone provides the best experience for this but might not be comfortable for all.

  • Noise Cancelling

Noise cancelling can be passive i.e. sound waves are physically blocked from the ear; almost all ear buds are passive or active which uses electronic signals to get rid of sounds. Active noise cancelling is the most effective way to experience quite.

  • Wireless or Wired

Wireless models are more comfortable. Wired models can be problematic because the cord can tangle.

  • Battery Life

You will need to consider the battery life. You will want an headphone or ear bud that will last through the night, especially if you are an audiophile sleeper.

Also check the brands, for number of hours you can listen to audio before charging them.

  • Pricing

Always ensure that your choice fits conveniently with your budget strength. It is wise to purchase a headphone or ear buds within your purchasing strength.


– Are these the only headphones and ear buds?

No! There are many headphones and ear buds out there, from numerous brand manufacturers. What we have done is to bring you up to speed with the latest and best product currently available. The selected headphones and ear buds are the not the only ones out there but the best ones amongst the many.

– Where is the best place to buy them?

You can get these anywhere nowadays. However, we have provided you with the US Amazon links for these products. We recommend Amazon because they have got the widest selection, reviews, alternatives and ratings.

– What is ANC?

It means Active noise cancellation or control,a very important and desired feature use in music headsets to minimise other sounds. Many headsets now boast of ANC,but not all of them are created equal. ANC is all about generating “soundproof” that mirrors and cancels background noise or ambient noise.

Technically it means destructive interference(superposition of waves resulting in a combined wave with zero amplitude) meaning it can reduce frequency of noise and make a sound quieter.In a perfect world,ANC should result in a completely noise-free experience for the anyone wearing the headset,unfortunately We don’t live in a perfect world.

– How headphones and earbuds helps you sleep?

Headphones and ear buds help you to sleep by blocking external unpleasant sounds and noise. They further allow you to play your favorite playlist in such a way that you get lost into the world of dreams and prepare your body for the next day or activity. They are also light and comfortable, and help you sleep with less sleeping motions.

– Headphones vs earbuds :WHICH IS BETTER?

Ear buds sound better being inserted into your ear canal and you feel the sound in your head, by sealing your ear enabling better sound isolation. However, there are headphones designed specifically for sleeping. These headphones are comfortable, and they don’t cause much pressure to your ears. Some even come with head bands that make them versatile for both sleeping and other activities like jogging. However, they isolate less sound when compared to ear buds.

The above listed noise cancellation headphones and ear buds are good and recommended—although it all depends on your taste and which if them you find more comfortable.


Being able to get a peaceful night sleep with the aid of headphones and ear buds is a luxury that anyone thankful can afford because our world is loud and hectic place. From the carefully selected headphones and ear buds above you will fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

Going wireless is the best route for any product that is worn during Sleep sessions without worrying of tangled cords. Whatever choose you make of the listed above it helps you relax and make you have a comfortable night rest away from noise that keeps you awake.

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