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For some people, motorcycling comes to them as the hobby that they always wanted to indulge into and have that feeling of freedom with the wind gushing around on the open roads. In most developing countries, motorcycling is rarely seen out of the context of being a basic means of transport that can be affordable to all hence, it features potential of being an adventure vessel, a lifestyle, a mean to live your life to the fullest.

Motorcycles are totally perceived as an affluent product and it usually draw users into a sort of fellowship or a shared community.

Well, we will narrow this article to motorcycle users that are fun, adventurers and lovers of music or good sound with a strong vibe.

What can be more appealing when you are in an open road, cruising along great terrains with lovely viewpoints, moving with that is your favorite playlist or soundtrack? Motorcycle speakers come in different models with different functions. For a great ride, regardless of your ride, you would want a speaker that would give a fantastic sound output at a nominal price.

Here is how we would help you make an informed decision when you want to purchase a pair of motorcycle speakers.



The JBL Cruise Bluetooth Handlebar Speakers are very unique motorcycle speakers that comes with mirror integration, which makes installation easy. This model of motorcycle speakers is designed with 100% IPX 5 water proof materials. It generates a 2 x 20 Watts and it connects seamlessly with its inbuilt Bluetooth chip.

Great sound is guaranteed regardless, if you are in a noisy environment or at high speeds.

Special features
  • Bluetooth : yes
  • 5″ Handlebar Mount Speakers (pair)
  • Built-in Bluetooth Streaming
  • Mirror Integration Mount
  • IPX5 Waterproof Rating

It allows you to stream music wirelessly and provision was made to keep it charged with the availability of the integrated USB port.

  • Wireless bluetooth streaming
  • USB charge out
  • Mirror integration mount
  • Size-able buttons
  • Easy to mount
  • Average sound output
  • Easy to mount on select motorcycles

2. WinllyAT Bluetooth Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The WinllyAT is a well-known handlebar speaker for Motorcycle riders. It is a single unit speaker device designed like a cylinder. It has IPX4 waterproof standard and is built to produce optimum performance in all kinds of terrain or weather conditions.

The WinnllyAT is best suited for adventure sports and long trips. It Inter-fuses rough construction with great audio performance.  This speaker can easily be mounted on UTV, ATV, Motorcycle, Scooter, Jet-ski and a boat.

Special features
  • IP4 Water Resisitant
  • MP3/WMA: Yes
  • Support TF/USB/AUX-IN :Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • FM radio : Yes
  • High fidelity, Stereo circuit design
  • Output power: 2x7W (For 12V power supply)
  • USB Port: Yes
  • Weight: 1.3pounds

With the WinllyAT, you can play your songs wirelessly via Bluetooth. It has been designed to accommodate all Bluetooth-enabled devices including smart phones, ipods and tablets.

There is an AUX in jack for this speaker that is compatible with AUX output for most devices like MP3 players and CD players.

  • Good sound quality and clarity
  • FM radio
  • Durability
  • Easy to install
  • Non-distinctive buttons
  • Poor description on wiring
  • Easy to install on select motorcycles

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 3. GoldenHawk Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

If there is a handlebar speaker that is unique, versatile and with great features, the GoldenHawk motorcycle speaker system fits it. It comes with an IP56-rated water-resistant device and sold in pairs. It has a bullet shape 3 inch speaker and a black satin outlook.

This speaker has an inbuilt amplifier that enables the production of exceptional sound output It has multiple mounting position options and it has an inbuilt clamps that can fit bars as wide as 7-8 inches in diameters.  The base of the speaker has an option where it enables you to achieve a 360 degree rotation and has a user friendly power cord that makes installation quite easy.

Special features
  • USB, Bluetooth : Yes
  • FM radio : Yes
  • Weight -2pounds
  • Wireless connection up to 15 metres
  • Compatibility with IOS and android devices
  • Aluminum alloy shield

The GoldenHawk motorcycle handlebar speaker has an extended antenna for its FM radio. With its bluetooth technology that it compatible with all IOS and android devices, you can send audio files to the speakers seamlessly and it has a transmission range of 15 metres. This speaker is built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and terrain

  • Great sound output
  • Compatibility with IOS and android devices
  • Inbuilt FM radio
  • Easy to install
  • Alarm system
  • affordable
  • Slow responsive keypads
  • Complex control interface


This speaker comes with dimensions of 4 inches by 4.5 inches by 4 inches. This speaker would give a perfect fit once mounted on your motorcycle. This is a waterproof model and as such all internal and external components has been secured to protect it against rain ruin or dust.

Special features
  • Weight- 5pounds
  • Colour: Black
  • Max power: 1000 watts
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • AuxIN : Yes
  • Speakers : 4

The Boss Audio MC470B is a speaker designed with great sound performance and flexible mounting options. It is compatible with bluetooth enabled devices which allows you to stream songs wirelessly and on the go.

  • Bluetooth
  • Easy to install
  • Clear loud sound output even at great speed.
  • Mounting options
  • No switch button for amp
  • Distorted sound over a long period

5. Aileap High Performance 5 Inches Waterproof Motorcycle Speaker

Outstanding and exceptional.

These are the two words one can use to summarize what the Aileap High Performance Motorcycle Speaker is.

This speaker contains a pair of 5-inch extra-large wireless bullet speakers with an integrated 2-channel 600W Class D amplifier. Aileap High Performance speaker is dependable, strong and designed to withstand any weather condition or elements. The speaker is a 4 inch master craft that gives loud and electrifying sounds with crisp vocals and a deep bass. They are quite big hence, not suitable for scooters or small bikes.

Special features
  • Input voltage:DC 10-16V
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Weight 1.76pounds
  • Switch button : Yes
  • Remote”: yes
  • Chrome coated speakers

This speaker comes with a Class D amplifier which is responsible for the wonderful sound it produces. It may please you to know that they are a better version of the traditional Class A/B amplifier as it uses less power while giving out more.  Aside from its compatibility with bluetooth enabled devices which eliminates the tedious cable work and simplifies connection it also has a SAE power cable that provides fast and simple power activation.

  • Great sound quality
  • Chrome coated speakers
  • 360 rotation option
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • On and off switch: : Yes
  • Easy installation
  • Poor description of its usage
  • No control mechanism for the speakers

6. Kicker 40PSM Handlebar Speakers

The kicker 40PSM34 is a popular motorcycle audio device. It is a waterproof device sold In pairs. Aside from being able to mount this device on your motorcycle handlebar or an adjustable roll cage, you can easily install it on boats, yachts and jet skis.

Regardless of how rough or harsh the weather conditions maybe, you can be sure that this device is truly fortified against it.

Special features
  • Weight – 4.4pounds
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Chrome coated enclosures
  • Recommended power – 50watts
  • Dimension – 10 X 10X 10 inches
  • AUX – Yes
  • Bluetooth – Yes
  • In-built amp – NO

The kicker has wired connectivity and It is compatible with any type of smart phone, MP3 players and tablets.

The speakers were designed in such a unique way that it fits perfectly with most motorcycle handlebars. However, it doesn’t come with an inbuilt amp hence, if you are a lover of  loud music, you will need to connect it to a separate amp.

  • Waterproof
  • Clear sound
  • Sufficient wiring kit
  • Highly priced


1 JBL CRUISE 0.77 12×20 W YES Yes Yes amazon-buy-now-300x125
2 WinllyAT 1.3 2 x 7 W Yes Yes Yes amazon-buy-now-300x125
3 GoldenHawk 2 No Yes Yes Yes amazon-buy-now-300x125
4 BOSS AUDIO MC470B 5 12V Yes Yes Yes amazon-buy-now-300x125
5 Aileap High Perform 5 1.76 10-16 V Yes Yes Yes amazon-buy-now-300x125
6 Kicker 40PSM 4.4 50 W Yes Yes Yes amazon-buy-now-300x125


OUR TOP 3 MOTORCYCLE HANDBAR SPEAKERS ARE (Based on Versatility, Durability and Sound output)

  1. Kicker 40PSM
  2. JBL cruise
  3. Boss Audio MC470B




For most motorcycle riders that enjoy having speakers mounted on their rides, one primary motivation is to stand gain the best entertainment value out of there ride. The entertainment via sound output, the versatility, adjustable features are amongst other things.

Here is a list of what you should consider when you have decided to make a motorcycle handlebar

  1. Speaker Type: There are many types of speakers available to motorcycle riders. We have speakers like; the helmet speaker, handlebar speakers and Bluetooth speakers

The speaker that best suit your lifestyle or convenience may end up being your choice For most of these speakers, installation comes with little or no difficulty and most often than not provide optimal performance

Some come with in-built amp while others don’t. Also, others that can pair with Bluetooth enabled devices

  1. Compatibility: Getting the full knowledge of the dimensions of your handlebar and the capacity of your battery is very important in deciding the right speaker to purchase

For most buyers, we would advise you know your bike in and out as this will always be a subconscious guide as you decide to purchase a handle bar speaker because nothing could be more frustrating than getting or ordering for your speaker only you realize upon installation that it is not compatible with your motorcycle

  1. Sound output: This is like one major reason why anybody would want to get a motorcycle speaker in the first place. We have many manufacturers advertising their product as the best in terms of sound output but you can only confirm their claim after using it. A good knowledge of the components used in making the speaker would influence you in purchasing the right project as well as your own style as the sound preference for a jazz lover would different the person who loves rap music.


  1. Versatility: A Motorcycle is a choice of vehicle that its users choose because of it maneuvering abilities. For most motorcycle, users they own and would always prefer a speaker as versatile like the motorcycle they use. They would want a situation where ‘if my bike can pass through dirt, mud and rough terrains, so should my speaker’ Taking this in mind and also checking for waterproof features and a well-protected enclosure should guide you in getting the right speaker for your motorcycle.


  1. Wattage: This is also something to consider before purchasing a motorcycle speaker. It is like a gauge that gives you a good picture about the strength of the speakers. Better put, the higher the wattage, the better the sound quality. Knowledge of the wattage for the speaker you want to buy and your environment and touch points would help in deciding the best speaker for you. Suffice it to say that if you stay in a noisy environment, you may want a speaker with a high wattage. If in a quiet environment, you may want to get a speaker with low wattage.



With a motorcycle speaker, you get to listen to traffic sound which keeps you aware of your environment.

You stay focus and know the vehicles around you. If you make use of headphones or earpiece with loud music on it affect you in making the right judgment when you want to

If you want to enjoy music while riding, motorcycle speakers might be the best option as far as your safety is concerned.

Hearing Loss

For motorcycle riders that use headphones, chances are you will set the volume high for quality sounds. This would likely affect your hearing ability.

Many media players hit the number with the volume set at 75%. With motorcycle speakers, the sound is mostly dissipated to the environment. Thus, your risk for hearing loss is reduced compared to loud enclosed music from headphones.

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