8 Best Golf cart Bluetooth speakers

Welcome our golfing buddy! As you have landed here, we are pretty sure that you love music as much as you love golf. Yippie, we do too!! We see music as an excellent way to improve your ability to perform in any area, whether it’s while working out at the gym, running in the open, doing meditation or otherwise. People have wisely used the power of music to alleviate their game and performance at many levels. Therefore, we thought it is crucial for us to do some research and see the applicability of the same in the game of golf. So let’s Golf it up!

Today we have listed down a complete knowledge guide as in, what all factors to look for while selecting the wireless speaker and how to choose the Best golf cart Bluetooth speakers (which can be used with your ATV, boat, jet ski as well, therefore we have categorically mentioned the waterproof speakers too in our list) and also listed a few of the Best Golf Cart wireless speakers currently in the market for you to buy, preferably from

As those long sessions and the vast field could become monotonous at times and you would like to rejuvenate yourself and keep your spirits high during the game, or just sitting lazy around your cart and enjoying a sip or two right in the middle of the lush green field, so without wasting any more, time lets dig into the core.


So here is the quick list for the impatient ones:

Best Speakers


Latest Price Check

Bluetooth Speaker System by Celtic Blu
GolfJams Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers
BOOM Swimmer DUO
NOAM NUTV5 – Marine Bluetooth ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Speakers Stereo System
OontZ Angle 3XL ULTRA
BOSS Audio ATV20 Golf cart, ATV and Jetski speaker
Rocktech Bluetooth Speaker


For the detailed review of each and every golf cart/ATV speaker listed above, please read till the end.

#1 FUGOO Tough XL


FUGOO Tough XL_audiowavegeek 


Top features and Specs

Loud and clear sound, brilliant mid and bass makes this a must-have companion for your golf cart. 4 tweeters, 2 mid/sub drivers, 2 passive radiators make a killer speaker system for the outdoors. Whether it is mounted on a golf cart or your ATV, it has the capability to rock them all.

User review

Brilliant sounding pair with great waterproofing capabilities, stereo effect and good soundstage for its size and use. When you are outdoors, you need a pair which could last long and here also FUGOO tough XL excels!

The unit is built like a tank and is extremely durable, which is a must-have for an outdoor speaker.

It provides very range and the connectivity is very easy too. The battery doesn’t drain out too quickly but doesn’t last as much as the company claims it will. If you play at loud volume levels, the battery could drain out quickly. You can estimate around 6 hours of playback time with a mix of playing at very loud and moderate volume levels. Which is equivalent to or better than most of the contenders.

  • Big drivers, loud sound
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy built
  • It floats (yay) – waterproof
  • Heavy
  • The sound may scatter a bit a very high levels


#2 Bluetooth Speaker System by Celtic Blu


Bluetooth Speaker System by Celtic Blu_audiowavegeek


Top features and Specs

It is another clear winner here and mostly because of the 360-degree sound producing capability with 16 watts of monstrous power.

Big battery pack gives it an extended life outdoors, cylindrical shape helps it fit like a bottle in your golf cart. Inbuilt FM radio and 3.5mm jack provide you with extended connectivity options. The unit is waterproof and you can even use it as a power bank and charge your mobile phones with it.

User review

On the sound quality benchmark, it produces a very clear and crisp sound (still let’s not compare it with studio monitors), the speaker is convenient to connect and use. The convenience is further extended as you can fit it into the bike bottle holder at any height you like and enjoy your music.

The inclusion of the auxiliary remote controller is a great addition while you are riding your golf cart, bicycle or your ATV. You can access the controls, easily place next to your handlebar or steering.

Did we tell you! The company claims lifetime replacement – really? This deal couldn’t be better with all this at the offer.

  • Loud and clear sound
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Solid built
  • Power bank
  • Not compact
  • A bit heavy to carry around


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#3 GolfJams Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers


Top features and Specs

Guys at Golfjams went a step ahead and produced these Bluetooth speakers for golf cart especially.

Under the hood is 5 watts (x 2 drivers) of power, which adequate but not earth-shaking. But the coolest feature is the attachment options you get with these speakers to your golf cart and not only this – it comes with a mobile phone holder attached to it so that you can plug in your smartphone on the other side of the speaker for a convenient operation.

It also supports NFC, SIRI and android voice calls, comes with Bluetooth version 4 which helps produce high fidelity sound with better connectivity.

It also has thermal sensors, which automatically turns up the inbuilt light in the buttons to glow at night making it convenient to use when it gets dark outside – clever huh! 

User review

With small nifty features like glow in dark buttons, NFC, SIRI, multiple attachment options for connecting speakers and smartphone absolutely enhances the user experience. 

  • Better power management
  • Excellent peripheral attachment options
  • Bluetooth v4 for better range and high-fidelity sound
  • Ok-ish sound drivers
  • Battery playback is decent (based on 22 hours as claimed by the company)

#4 BOOM Swimmer DUO

 Polk Audio BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker


Top features and Specs

Golfing or swimming, Yes – we know this article is about golf cart speakers, but we can’t resist putting this one on the list as this is a rocker from POLK Audio. We all know that Polk Audio manufactures amazing sounding products. There is no exception with the Boom Swimmer Duo too, these are versatile speakers and if club it with one more unit and pair it with each other, you will get a true stereo sound which will create an amazing soundstage to blow you, the left will act as a true left speaker and right as a true right, giving you real stereo sound. Awesome isn’t it!

User review

Ergonomic design to mount it on a tube, pole cart etc. easily. You can loop its tail around anything for a secure mount. Moreover, you can remove its tail and attach the suction cup provided along with the unit, to be used on a flat surface.

They are loud enough for the small form factor, kudos to Polk for using high-quality drivers. It produces decent bass with the tail attached but bass enhances as soon as you replace the tail with the suction cup and stick the speaker to a clean and flat surface.

  • Not too loud (pairing two speakers resolves it)
  • Less bass with tail on

#5 NOAM NUTV5 – Marine Bluetooth ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Speakers 

 NOAM NUTV5 - Marine Bluetooth ATV:Golf Cart:UTV


Top features and Specs

Do you want to turn your golf cart into a mobile discotheque, Oh boy! This is the setup for you. It comes with a controller, a 4-channel amplifier, 5.25” N5 speakers and 3” passive radiators.

The 3” passive radiators convert wasted energy into low-frequency sound thus giving it a feel of the much bigger speaker system and therefore producing excellent bass.

The inclusion of an amplifier in itself is an indicator that you will get excellent and balanced sound out of the speakers. Quick mount clamps and attachments, makes it easy to mount and adjust the directions as per your requirement.

User review

Clear and clean sound at any volume level (thanks to the external amplifier). Easy to mount on the vehicle and if you can afford to club the subwoofer, you have one killer of a system mounted on your golf cart – celebrate your birdie! Fuller bass and high, one of the best compact system in this price range.

  • Excellent sound (HIGHs and LOWs)
  • Fuller bass (with optional Sub)
  • Compact for the sheer sound you get
  • Slightly expensive when compared to the portable Bluetooth speakers

#6 OontZ Angle 3XL ULTRA

 OontZ Angle 3XL ULTRA - Portable Bluetooth


Top features and Specs

Oontz Bluetooth speakers have always been a hit with the outdoorsy people and were very impressive in the price segment. OontZ Angle 3XL ULTRA is no exception to this and is brilliant as rest of the lineup. With IPX5 rating, it can withstand minor splashes and water spray but do not try to submerge it by any means, it is not completely waterproof, or else you are going to be left with a very big paperweight. It provides good bass, thanks to its size. 

User review

It has more bass response and is louder compared to the Angle 3XL, only thing is you have crank the volume more than 50% at least. In case you are facing some issues with the connectivity or sound with the angle 3XL ultra, you can update the firmware and hopefully (if it is not hardware related) it will get resolved. The Bluetooth connectivity is brilliant and connects without raising an eye. Highs and Mids production is very good in comparison to the Lows and is commendable for a speaker of this size.

  • Good HIGH and MID, decent Low at low volume, very good at high volumes
  • Three passive radiators, four drivers and an amplifier results in a great sounding speaker
  • Tough built would definitely last long
  • Some complaints of auto volume change (firmware upgrade resolves it)
  • Big and heavy to carry around

#7 BOSS Audio ATV20 Golf cart, ATV, and Jetski speaker



Top features and Specs

Do you want a powerhouse of a speaker, a personal discotheque? Look no further, BOSS has been a favorite music equipment for outdoorsy people since long. Available in 6.5 and 8 inches with or without RGB lights. Equipped with 450 W class A/B amplifier. Heavy-duty mounting straps for better grip. Comes with Aux Input and Bluetooth Multi-Function Remote Control. You can choose between 450 Watts and 700 Watts options. Sounds full and great, loud enough to be heard while driving not only a golf cart but also crazy sounding ATV, UTV and Jet Ski.

User review

Brilliant sounding speakers with a perfect balance between mids, highs, and lows. The fear of it being stolen is high as the mounts are Velcro. Although the finish is fine but fades away after a few months of usage. The material quality is okayish if not great, BOSS could have made it better considering it is meant to be used in the extreme conditions, however for a golf cart it is going to be a perfect companion for long, very long.

  • Decent built (could have been better, ATV20 is fine thou)
  • Easy and quick mounting with the straps
  • Excellent sounding speaker at this price range
  • Slight distortion at high volumes, above 80% (placed close to you, will not require to put on the max volume)
  • Need to be mounted properly as it may wobble if mounted using only one strap
  • Finish is okayish

#8 Rocktech Bluetooth SpeakerROCKTECH Sport Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0

amazon-buy-now-300x125 Top features and Specs

Rocktech is a solid guy! If we can say so. This unit is water resistant and is sand proof (that’s kind of cool) and comes with a Bluetooth connectivity 4.0 with a range of 10 meters which is good and not exceptional and in-line with the current generation feature set! But the good part is the inbuilt microphone for hands-free calling.

User review

They are LOUD, yes that what has been realized by many of the user and the great part is that due to the presence of 3600 mah battery this bad boy has the ability to charge your mobile device as well. Although you should not expect very clear sound at the high volumes (alert – these are No studio monitors), having said that they work wonderfully well outside. The Bluetooth connection is easy to connect and lets you know if the speakers are running on low battery with an audible message. The great plus for all your bathroom singers out there – they will not crap out on you if you use them during your shower session! Still, be reminded of the fact that they are not completely waterproof but water resistant, so play safe or rather dry!

  • Solid built
  • 10 meters Bluetooth connection
  • Loud enough with less distortion
  • Water resistant
  • Mounting options are not readily available (although you can mount them with bands and clamps)


So, we tried to list down the market-leading Bluetooth speakers for Golf carts currently available in the market for you to buy. We have tried to capture the best of the information on these products and will try to update the list soon we hear about a new, trustworthy and feature-rich Bluetooth speaker in the market.

We really like the Celtic Blu and Golfjams golf cart for the sheer ease of use, handlebar mounted controls and user experience and Fugoo TOUGH XL for the solid build quality and sound that it delivers. If we have to choose out of the list mentioned above we would have gone with either of these, however, you can choose as per your budget and mounting requirement!

Till the next time – Happy listening and Happy Golfing! Enjoy!

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