Best Battery Powered Bass Amps

Having a big amplifier is perfect for practice and performing gigs but it is not ideal for plug and play situations. Instead, you need the best battery powered bass amps that give you the freedom to play on the go such as when there is a power blackout, on a road trip, or simply outdoors.

On the other hand, even if you have a continuous power supply, a big amp will not give you the convenience of playing whenever you get an inspiration to go outdoors and perform. A portable battery-powered amp is ideal whenever you want to busk, rehearse, or simply jamming.

If you are an acoustic guitar player, you know the importance of being free to play without entangling wires. Also, when you want to play outdoors without the disturbance of reflected sounds. An acoustic guitar plays well when the amplifier has a power of 1 watt, therefore, playing on a battery-powered amp can make a whole difference.

The bass response is synonymous with the size of the amp and power. Although battery-powered bass amps have limitations with the best battery powered bass amp, you can still achieve good play whenever your heart desires to play.

Whatever your skill level, you can find battery-powered bass amps handy more especially when you want to practice or performing on a small gig. Therefore, irrespective of your level of skill, you can find the best battery powered bass amps that will suit your playing needs.

The amps that we have included in our list today were selected from the numerous varieties on the market based on their durability, size, weight, reliability, portability, and ability to be powered by a battery. Most importantly, we give audio quality the number one priority to ensure that whether you are using the amp for personal practice or jamming at a low volume, you will get a satisfying sound.

To make your choice easier, we now bring you a list of the top-notch amps of 2020. Read on to find out:

Things to Consider – When Buying a Battery Powered Bass Amp

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When you want to buy a battery-powered bass amplifier, there are some salient features that you should look for. Here are some of them:

Speaker Size

The size of the speaker has a direct impact on the tone it produces. The smaller the speaker size, the more focused and brighter the sound while bigger speakers produce more fuller and warmer audio. 

The depth of tone the speaker produces is affected by the speaker size. Therefore, when buying an amp it is paramount to consider the size.

Equally important, the size of the speaker affects the weight of the speaker. Therefore, consider the size of the speaker when buying an amp.


As already mentioned above, the size of the speaker has a direct effect on the weight. But generally speaking, battery powered speakers are smaller and lighter and therefore portable.

It is crucial to consider how portable you would like the speaker to be before you buy it. For instance, if you are a travelling musician, find an amp that is suitable for your performing needs.

Battery lifespan

The more the features an amp has, the more the power rating. This in turn affects the battery lifespan. An amp with more effects, the shorter the lifespan of the battery. Also, the louder the amp, the shorter the battery lifespan.

In addition to that, the type and number of batteries the amp uses, it will affect the lifespan of the battery.

However, the bigger the batteries and the more the batteries, the speaker will become heavier. Such a model is not ideal for travelling.

Amp modelling and Effects

Most if the battery powered amps available in the market today come with inbuilt effects and models. However, the effects are a bit limited as compared to their bigger models.

When choosing an amp, ensure you take into consideration the kind of effects that will be suitable for your playing needs. Remember that the fewer the effects and models, the longer the battery will last. Therefore, choose only those effects that are basic to your guitar playing.

Best Battery Powered Bass Amps

1. Blackstar Fly3 Combo Amp

The Blackstar Fly3 Combo Amp is a guitar battery powered amp that is meant for practice. If you are a bass guitarist and you are looking for a portable bass amp, look no further than this perfect amp.

In terms of size, the Blackstar Fly3 Combo Amp is small but it is versatile in its applications. It comes with onboard effects which makes it very creative on how you can use it.

Apart from that, the Blackstar Fly3 Combo Amp comes with an emulated tape delay which you can manipulate to stimulate the reverb. In addition to that, it also comes with onboard overdrive and an infinite shape feature control.

The infinite shape feature control is meant to help control different tones of the amp. Therefore, whatever kind of music you are playing, you can use the ISF control to adjust the tone to suit your playing needs.

What’s more, the Blackstar Fly3 Combo Amp is powered by 3 watts and when you play at lower tones, the battery can last up to 50 hours. It uses 6 size AA batteries or if you wish you can power it by a DC.

There are control functions which you can use to control delay time, overdrive, volume, delay level, gain and EQ.

The Blackstar Fly3 Combo Amp is lightweight and portable and there are headphone and external speaker extension outputs.


  • Amazing tone
  • Despite its small size, it has a big sound 
  • Onboard effects
  • Can act as a speaker for a laptop
  • Small size
  • 50-hour battery
  • Portable


  • The quality controls are wanting
  • Breaks down easily

2. Roland Micro Cube Bass RX

One of the most popular brands in the amplifier market is Roland. One of their famous and most liked products is the Roland Micro Cube Bass RX. It stands out for its portability, reliability and pocket-friendly price.

The Roland Micro Cube Bass RX is lightweight and portable and very convenient. In our list today, this is the best portable bass amp thanks to the attached handle for easy carrying.

Despite its small size, the Roland Micro Cube Bass RX has an astonishing bass tone which you will find truly satisfying. It is made with 4 unique speaker configurations which produce a thick, and big sound even at low volume.

The most amazing thing about the Roland Micro Cube Bass RX, you will not break a bank to own this bass amp.

In addition to the good tone it produces, this amp comes with 8 inbuilt boss technology COSM amps. Also, there are 6 digital effects, a chromatic tuner and a 3-band EQ.

That’s not all; the Roland Micro Cube Bass RX comes with reverb effects which make the amp sound bigger as compared to its small size. There is also a stereo chorus which makes it’s sound impressive.

The Roland Micro Cube Bass RX is powered by size AA batteries which makes it very convenient and portable.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powered by size AA batteries
  • Comes with reverb effects
  • Good quality tone
  • Comes with 4 speaker bass combo
  • Flexible in its use
  • Reliable
  • Affordable


  • None to note

3. Yamaha THR5A Combo Amp

Are you an acoustic guitar player and you are looking for a bass amp? The Yamaha THR5A Combo Amp is an acoustic-focused battery powered bass amp.

What makes the Yamaha THR5A Combo Amp stand apart is that it comes with a mic model as opposed to the other amps that have varying amps.

If your guitar produces a brittle sound when you play it and amplify via other amps, the Yamaha THR5A Combo Amp will take care of them problem once and for all. This amp is known to produce a near natural sound when amplified.

What’s more, the Yamaha THR5A Combo Amp comes with knobs on the top side which are meant for various controls. You can adjust the various effects to achieve a sound that suits your playing needs.

Apart from that, this amp is lightweight and highly portable. It comes with a handle on the top side for easy carrying from one place to another.

The Yamaha THR5A Combo Amp is powered by 8 size AA batteries. The batteries can produce 10 watts of power and they can last between 6 and 7 hours. Also, it can be powered directly by a DC.

The controls available can be used to control the following functions tuner/tap, mic type, effect, tone, gain/blend, volume, master and delay/ reverb.

Besides that, the input methods are USB and AUX port while the output methods are headphones.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ideal for acoustic guitar playing
  • Uses mics
  • Has a headphone port
  • Big sound 
  • Various controls available 
  • Small in size
  • Powered by size AA batteries


  • The battery lifespan is wanting
  • Lacks XLR for live use

4. Pignose 7-300 HOG-30

The Pignose 7-300 HOG-30 is a battery or AC powered bass amp. It is a simple and straightforward amp that comes with a 3-band EQ controls. Apart from that, there is a master volume control.

The Pignose 7-300 HOG-30 can produce 30 watts which makes it ideal for practice or small venue gigs.

What makes this amp to stand apart from the rest is its simple controls which makes it user-friendly. In terms of design, the Pignose 7-300 HOG-30 has a vintage design which makes many people love it the more.

Also, the amp is flexible in its tonal effects. There are effects for acoustic guitars, pedal effects and keyboard effects.

If you would like to boost the bass response, the Pignose 7-300 HOG-30 comes with a Funk bass switch which adds a little oomph and depth.

Another outstanding feature about the Pignose 7-300 HOG-30 is the rechargeable battery which when plugged in charges up to 28 lbs of amp power.

Most importantly, the amp is appropriately priced so you will not leave any dent in your pocket when you purchase it.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a funk bass button to increase bass response
  • Vintage design
  • Easy to use
  • 3-band EQ
  • Battery powered
  • Flexible in its use


  • None to note

5. Roland Cube Street

Are you a travelling musician and you are looking for a bass amp for on the go performance? Roland presents you with the Roland Cube Street which is specifically designed for outdoor performance.

However, although Roland Cube Street is meant for performing musicians, it can also be used for practice or even as a home amp. You can use it both with vocals and guitar.

The Roland Cube Street amp comes with XLR for mics and channels dedicated for guitar use. There are 5 different channels which include jazz chorus, acoustic guitar stimulator among others.

What’s more, the channels come with separate EQ controls. Also, there are different output levels for each channel. In addition to that, the channel for the microphone features a bass and treble EQ controls.

The Roland Cube Street is powered by 5 size AA batteries which together produce 5 watts and can last up to 15 hours.

The various controls available include delay/reverb, volume, tuner, channel selector, treble, bass, gain, effects, guitar volume, type and guitar middle. The various output options available are headphone while the inputs are AUX and XLR.


  • Rugged
  • Loud
  • Ideal for street performance
  • Has a headphone input
  • Various controls
  • 15-hour battery


  • Lacks bass response

6. VOX Bass Combo Amplifier

The VOX Bass Combo Amplifier stands out for its portability. It weighs only 14 lbs which makes it highly portable and you can carry it with you whenever you wish.

Apart from that, the VOX Bass Combo Amplifier is user-friendly and it does not have many complicated effects to adjust.

This amp is ideal for both learners and professional users. Despite its small size, it produces a clean tone which makes it ideal for home and outdoor playing.

In terms of volume, the VOX Bass Combo Amplifier is not very loud which makes it ideal for private practice. Another thing about this amp is that it is affordable so you will not have to break a bank to own it.

That’s not all, there are 3 various sounds. You can either choose the scoop, flat or normal sounds. These sounds are ideal for various music genres.

Besides that, the VOX Bass Combo Amplifier comes with 5 different effects which are reverb, delay, chorus among others. There are also 81 rhythm patterns with 9 variations and 9 genres.

The VOX Bass Combo Amplifier is powered by 6 size AA batteries which produce about 2 watts of power. The batteries have a life span of 20 hours.


  • Lightweight 
  • Portable
  • Battery-powered
  • Impressive battery life
  • Various effects
  • Impressive tone
  • Affordable
  • 3 sound types
  • Easy to use


  • None to note

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As a bassist in 2020, you do not have to lug around big amp speakers when you have the option of pulling a classy, lightweight, and functional battery-powered bass amp. Whether you are a professional or a learner, there is a bass amp that will suit your playing needs.

Whatever bass amp that you will choose from the list above, one thing is sure, you will be satisfied with the tone it will give you. However, we would like to recommend the Roland Micro Cube Bass RX if you are looking for an amp to play at low volumes. On the other hand, if you are a traveling musician, then we recommend the Roland Cube Street which is specifically designed for outdoor performance.

There are various factors also that you should take into consideration when purchasing a bass amp. It is our sincere hope that you have found help from our post on the best battery powered bass amps. Either way, enjoy your shopping and feel the power of music.

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