Best 6×9 speakers without an Amp (Updated for 2021)


Speakers, not just any other but 6×9 has always been a craze with car audiophiles (if they exist). The car speakers allow you to listen to the audio with more intensity, for this reason, when using them you have the possibility to have more fun when you drive. If you want to make sure that these devices emit the sounds with high volume, it is necessary that you pay attention to the power offered by each model. Here we have described in a clear manner how to choose the best 6×9 speakers without an amp for a better experience and space-saving. In addition, you must ensure that they offer clear audios so that you better appreciate the sound effects.

In this sense, to help you select the right product we present some models that might interest you due to its features, among which are the Pioneer TS-A6996R speakers, which have a maximum power of 600 W and have the ability to emit deeper bass, thanks to its mica and multilayer matrix cone. On the other hand, you can take into account the Kenwood KFC-6995PS, a three-way speaker system, capable of emitting clear sounds and with a power of 360 W.

Our Top Pick

Pioneer TS-A6996R a-Series

What are Best 6×9 speakers without AMP

If you are looking for best 6×9 speakers without AMP or 6×9 speakers with deep bass, It is necessary that before making a product comparison you make sure you know very well the different characteristics of this type of equipment, because only in this way will you be able to choose a model that suits your style.

How to buy best 6×9 car speakers

One of the most important aspects to review is the level of power that these devices offer you. You must consider that the higher this is, the greater the force that the equipment will have when emitting the sounds.

However, the power level can influence the price of the equipment, so if it is too high, it is probably expensive too. If you do not have a lot of budgets you can choose less powerful speakers that can deliver clear and distortion-free audio.

Also, you should also consider that the speakers usually have different numbers of tracks. There are models that are three-way coaxial and have the ability to emit good quality audios that will be able to be appreciated clearly regardless of whether the sound range is medium or low.

There are also 4-way coaxial speakers, these are a low and medium range, also have two tweeters, for this reason, they are suitable for transmitting better sound at high frequencies.

Likewise, it is necessary that you check the quality of the equipment, because it is important that they are made of quality materials, in this way you can make sure to use them for several years.

On the other hand, you must consider that to make the proper installation of the speakers it is necessary that you have an acoustic box, which will help to improve the quality of the audio emitted by this equipment and, in addition, will be able to protect them.

Below, you will find several best 6×9 speakers in the world that might interest you, due to the quality they have and the sound they offer to users who have already acquired them.

Types of 6×9 Speakers

There are 3 major types of 6×9 car speakers. They are:

  1. 6×9 Three-way speaker
  2. 6×9 two-way speaker
  3. 6×9 single speaker
  • 6×9 three-way speakers are a kind of speaker that comes with two various sizes of tweeters. They have the ability to produce ultra-high frequencies. If you are looking for 6×9 speakers with the best clear, crisp, and detailed audio quality, then consider the three-way speakers.
  • 6×9 two-way speakers on the other hand come as two speakers that are joined into a single speaker. They usually have an extra tweeter on the front on top of the cone speaker. This helps to produce high sound frequencies. The additional tweeter serves to produce better sound quality. The two-way speaker is ideal for most cars.
  • 6×9 single speaker is a mid-range speaker with an embedded woofer for extra bass. However, this type of speaker produce only the high frequency sound. The single speakers are ideal if you want to upgrade your car speakers so that you can enjoy a more fuller bass quality, then the 6×9 single speakers is all you need.

Why 6×9 Speakers?

The following are some of the benefits that you will get from the 6×9 speakers.

  • They are easy to install
  • Have a compact design
  • Come in a variety of options.
  • Have a high sound quality
  • They are cheap

List of Best 6×9 speakers without AMP

1. Pioneer TS-A6996R a-Series 6 Inch X 9 Inch 650W 5-Way Speakers

Best 6x9 speakers without an Amp_Pioneer TS-A6996R a-Series

When using this equipment you will have the possibility to enjoy much more of each one of the audios that you reproduce. This is because the speakers have an MMM cone, also called a multilayer mica matrix.

This type of cone allows Pioneer speakers to have the ability to perform a wider dispersion of sound. By carrying out this process they manage to emit deeper bass, which contributes to the songs being able to listen better.

In addition, it should be noted that they are high-performance speakers of good quality, which have a steel mesh and a resin resistant to heat. This makes them durable and you can use them for several years to enjoy powerful sounds.

They are 5-way coaxial and contain an additional tweeter, for this reason, they offer good sound quality at high frequencies.


  • 5-Way speakers
  • 650W Max (100W nominal)
  • Multilayer mica matrix cone woofer
  • Lightweight elastic polymer Surround

2. Kenwood KFC-6995PS 125W 6″ x 9″ 5-Way Performance Series Flush Mount Coaxial Speakers

Best 6x9 speakers without an Amp_Kenwood KFC-6995PS

These 6×9 speakers with the deep bass of the Kenwood brand are coaxial and have a 5-way system, thanks to this, they have the ability to emit a clear sound and you will be able to appreciate each sound effect present in the audios you listen to.

In addition, another of the qualities that will allow you to enjoy a sound of good quality is that it has been designed to maintain a power of 1300 W, therefore, the audios can be heard with an optimal volume.

To ensure their durability, the manufacturers have made them with a cone of medium frequencies of 70 mm, which is resistant to water. For this reason, you will have less risk of the speakers deteriorating even if there is moisture in the area of the car where you install them.

They have a sensitivity of 90 dB at one meter in length and their impedance is 4 ohms, these characteristics allow them to transmit a quality sound.


  • 6″ x 9″ Performance Series 5-Way Flush Mount Coaxial Speaker
  • Power Output: Peak: Peak: 1300 watts per pair / RMS: 250 per pair
  • 6 x 9″ paper cone
  • 2-3/4″ paper cone midrange
  • 1/2″ PET balanced dome tweeter / 1/2″ PET dome super tweeter

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3. JVC CSV6937 310-Watt 6-Inch x 9-Inch 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

Best 6x9 speakers without an Amp_JVC CSV6937

You want to hear good sound in your car, so you want to know which are the best car speakers on the market? So linger on the JVC CSV6937, their characteristics and their performances will not fail to interest you.

At first glance, the JVC CSV6937 inspires quality. Indeed, what we notice first on these devices is their design: Very worked, with a rather aggressive look, they will look great in your vehicle, and you can proudly exhibit.

These speakers do not just attract attention. They will especially be able to attract the attention of people thanks to their sound power. The 13 cm car speakers deliver an RMS power of 120 Watts and a maximum power of 310 Watts for a sound pressure level of 87 dB.

Thanks to the use of a carbon fibre and mica-aramid membrane, you will get powerful, deep and deep sounds. Acoustic sounds will be delivered by 2.5 cm Tweeters with polyetherimide membrane. What to fill your car with a powerful sound and excellent quality.

JVC is potentially a good place to buy the best car speakers in the market. You will have a good chance of being won over by the sound and aesthetic qualities of the JVC CSV6937. They are also designed with high-quality materials.


  • 6″ x 9″ 3-Way Coaxial Speakers
  • 310W Peak, 60W RMS
  • Hybrid Surround
  • PEI (Poly-Ether Image) Midrange/Tweeter
  • Carbon Mica Cone 

4. Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers

Best 6x9 speakers without an Amp_Polk Audio DB691

Polk Audio is another famous brand that excels in the creation of great sound car speakers. Polk audio speaker for the car, especially the DB series of speakers, can be remotely identified. They come with stainless steel mounting hardware and muscle ABS grill which separates them from the rest.

The DB691 is the best 6×9 speakers with deep bass without an amplifier, which offer Polk audio. These speakers have been designed by the group to make the difference between night and day in terms of sound quality. They feature 6 “x9” woofers made of polymer/mica composite with durable battle rubber edges for continuous and reliable performance.

In addition, they use 6×9 3-way dome tweeter silk/polymer 1 “liquid cooled with strong neodymium magnets for precise, fast expansion.

Dome super tweeters provide a rich harmonic structure dome tweeters, not just cool they can meet the overall silk/polymer liquid 3/4 “music to reproduce super high frequencies from the more consistent and realistic way and also add more glow Are there.

In addition, the built-in 2-way crossover network maintains high and low frequencies running up to the right drivers for efficient and hassle-free audio.

The Polka Audio DB6696X9 speakers have a sensitivity rating of 93 dB and can handle up to 100 watts of RMS. They can reach 35 Hz as 22 Hz.

In some words, you can activate these speakers and enjoy deformation and sharpness without clear sound harmony without distortion. Even at high volume levels, these speakers will happily maintain your ears and keep the heat.


  • Pair of 6×9-inch 3-way component speakers
  • Equipped with a polymer/mica composite cone with rubber surround
  • Maximum input power: 125 Watts RMS, 4 Ohms, 93 dB efficiency
  • Equipped with one 1-inch liquid-cooled silk-polymer composite dome tweeter and a neodymium magnet
  • Durable butyl rubber surround stands up to the stress of extreme temperatures, sunlight and time

5. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1694 6-Inch x 9-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speakers

Best 6x9 speakers without an Amp_Rockford Fosgate Punch P1694

Rockford Fosgate is one of the most recognized brands in the car audio industry. Their installation was done in 1973 and provided everything from speakers and subwoofers to amplifiers and signal processors. They also offer amplifier star kits, subwoofer grids, and sound moisture content.

Rockford Fosgate offers a wide selection of car speakers of different sizes. Your car speaker comes in three main categories called “Prime”, “Punch” and “Power”. Speakers in the “Prime” category are entry level, budget-friendly speakers, while people in the “power” series are a high-level component of the company. More than one product line in halfway, series “punch” which provides an excellent quality-value ratio.

This one is best 6×9 speakers without AMP in the row of P1694 full-range speakers are “Punch” Rockford Fosgate. These 4-way speakers are designed for fans who require quality replacement factory speakers.

Speakers Rockford Fosgate Punch P1694 6×9 A Titanium Dome Controller Titanium Mixed Feature 1 “Dome tweeter and two 1/2” bright crisp, high description easily fitted to cover the noise of road and engine Woofer cone envelops its car with polypropylene 6×9, less reliably and correctly refined notes, while the exotic 3-way smooth-on-the-whole audio spectrum made Ensures Ia, so you get a balanced sound without bitterness or distortion.

These speakers can handle up to 75 watts of RMS. It can offer any subsequent car receiver beyond this. However, the P-1694 6 X9 speakers have a high sensitivity rating of 90 dB, which makes these speakers very efficient.


  • FlexFit basket design
  • OEM adapter plate included
  • PEI dome tweeter
  • 6-by-9-inch full-range speaker with 150 watts maximum power handling (75 watts RMS)
  • Mineral-filled and polypropylene injection molded cone with butyl rubber surround
  • PEI dome tweeter with built-in crossover

6. Alpine SPE-6090


Are you working on a budget but need a speaker with a system soundscape? Look no further than the Alpine SPE-6090. Alpine is a well renowned brand in the automobile speakers that are of high quality.

The Alpine SPE-6090 is appropriately priced but offers the best audio quality. Apart from that, it comes with dome shaped tweeter which is also covered by a silk material. This combination ensures that you will get the best sound quality from this speaker.

In addition to that, the Alpine SPE-6090 have a sleek design which fits well in your car box. You will not have to dismantle your car box for this speaker to fit. The oval shape also makes then complement your car door decor.

The speaker is covered with a silk material. The material is lightweight and stiff which allows the best audio quality to come out.

However, the bass quality of the Alpine SPE-6090 is not very impressive. So if you are a bass lover, then this speaker might not be ideal for you.


  • The tweeters come with a dome shape
  • Appropriately priced
  • Clear sound quality
  • Silk material is used


  • Poor bass quality
  • High frequencies are not well balanced

How are 6×9 car speakers different from others?

Compared with normal round, 6 × 9 car speakers are oval-shaped loudspeakers. They have specific advantages. These 2, 3, 4 or 5 ways come in the model. A 2-way model includes a wourer and a consolidated mounted tweeter. With each model number increasing, the number of drivers increases. We entered the critique of the car’s 6 × 9 full criticism:


Simple option: 6 × 9 car speakers are an easy solution for those who are confused with the simple choice of speakers. The obstacles are that they will easily satisfy your music taste. And you do not need to be in the dark and deep networks in search of the right speakers for your settlement.

Full-range audio: 6 × 9 Auto-speaker are able to prepare the full range of frequencies well. In most cases, you do not need a separate subwoofer or tweeter.

Bass: Due to the large area of the speaker, there is a margin for a higher amount of air, and therefore a better bass. Therefore, 6×9 speakers with deep bass are better than the bound factory speaker. They also show a better extension in the sub-bass area.

Amplifier: 6 × 9 car speaker is usually a high power handling capability. Connect them with an amplifier and they can increase the car too much trouble. It’s easy to find an amplifier compatible with the impedance of these speakers.

Crossover: In the car’s 6 × 9 loudspeakers, the audio frequency response is interrupted and distributed to the controllers to generate them. This breakage and distribution are handled by the cross circuit. In the car’s 6 × 9 loudspeakers, cross circuits are often integrated into the design, so you do not have to make an extra connection.

Monster system: If you are trying to upgrade to a larger, more powerful sound, then you can use the 6 × 9 car speaker on the back cover of the car. This will create a more complete and more premium music system inside the car.

Durability: 6 × 9 cars can be due to the demand of speakers because they are designed to be strong. They use quality materials that are better for final and more accurate and accurate audio presentation.


Most cars have round horns for factory cars. To mount 6 × 9 auto speakers, you may need to make new cuts and rewards. Installing on back cover can be easy. Or your second option is to create the speaker box and mount them inside the box.

Features of the best 6×9 car speakers

6 × 9 car speakers are quite common, so there are many varieties to choose from. So we went through many specifications and customer comments to find the 5 best 6×9 speakers in the world. They were selected based on the following characteristics:

Audio quality:

Since these speakers have to make a full audio system. That’s why we investigated that the entire audio spectrum was produced: bass, middle and treble. We verified that these were the excellent bass that made subwoofers unnecessary. The middle and upper classes were to clean and bleed without bass.


The best 6 × 9 car speakers should be clear in the spectrum. The middle boundary should not be pushed by bass bleeding. There should be no deformation in high volume from the bass. When there are sibilant songs, there should be no hardness in the audio.


Determines how strong the audio will be. We verify that the sensitivity is more than 87 dB so that the audio can overcome the noise of the road and the noise of passive conversation.


There are some features that make 6 × 9 car speakers easier to collect and configure them. For example, FlexFit basket has holes for adjustable screws. Some of these are adjustable tweets which can be rotated in the direction of the required direction.


We cover 6 × 9 car speakers in a wide range of prices. The items of different price points were compared to the value of the money.

Frequency response:

Various speakers have different frequency ranges. Therefore, before you buy any speaker, ensure that you take this into consideration. Make sure that the speaker you settle for has a crisp and clear sound when playing both the lower and higher frequency note.

Some of the factors that determine the frequency response of the speaker is the material used, the arrangement of the cones and woofers as well as tweeters. The tweeters help with the high frequencies while the material determines the low tones. If you are looking for speakers that you can use to listen to all genres of music, go for a speaker with a bigger Hertz scale.


sound is not the only significant feature that you should look for in a speaker. The design of the speaker is paramount as well. You need a speaker that will enhance the looks of your car. Therefore, the speaker should have a sleek design as well as cool colors that will complement the interior of your car.

Apart from that, speakers come in all sizes and not every size will fit in your car. So, ensure that you choose a speaker that will appropriately fit in your car. Simply put, the design of the speaker that you choose will determine the compatibility with your car speaker box.

Bass quality:

The primary reason for upgrading to the 6×9 speakers is to get a better “oomph” in your car. For this reason, it is critical to ensure that the bass quality you will be getting from the new speaker meets your expectations.

Some of the factors that determine the bass quality of the 6×9 speakers is the subwoofer and the woofer cone. Therefore, ensure that the speaker you settle for is up to bar with your bass requirements.

Power consumption:

The power consumption of the 6×9 speakers without an amp is measured in watts. Generally speaking, the higher the speaker watts, the higher the power the speaker can handle. In turn, this will impact the volume and sound quality of the speaker. When you are considering the wattage of the speaker, make sure that you pay close attention to the RMS of the speaker. The RMS will give you an accurate figure of the power consumption by the speaker. In addition to that, a speaker with a low RMS does not need an amplifier.

Speaker Material:

This is probably the most important factor to consider when buying a 6×9 speaker. The quality of the material used will determine the sound quality produced. Apart from that, the material used will determine the life span of the speaker. However, every part of the speaker requires a different material quality.

Ensure that the material used in the speaker is both stiff and lightweight. The material should either be a woven fabric or a synthetic film.


So, these were the best 6×9 speakers without an Amp currently available in the market. If you’re looking for modestly priced 6X9 speakers with good sound and loud bass notes than these speakers will definitely help you to choose the best one. Just check for the compatibility of the mentioned speakers with your vehicle and you are ready to rock the roads…..literally 🙂

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