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What is Bone Conduction and the best bone conduction headphones of 2017 (Complete Guide)

Hi, in this post we will understand what is bone conduction and the best bone conduction headphones available in the market, so lets dig in. What is bone conduction Humans can hear sound in two ways (a) through our eardrums – air transmitted and (b) through our bones – bone transmitted. Bone conduction works by …


What is an Audio Interface – Why do you need one!

Audio Interface_main

  If you are a music enthusiast (like us…yay! we rock), you must have encountered with a suggestion or mention of audio interfaces to be bought along with your microphones and speakers for better results. Here we are trying to capture the technical details and the best audio interface to choose from! You must have …

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What are Planar Magnetic headphones!

Planar Magnetic Headphones

Planar Magnetic has always been a relatively unknown term with the casual audio gear buyers. The more common term made popular by Yamaha was Orthodynamic and isodynamic which is again used rarely. These are less common and mostly you will only get dynamic headphones (will explain in later post) in the market to purchase as …


Active vs Passive speakers – How to choose


Are you in market and confused with the terminology used to buy speakers, some sites are quoting Best Active speakers, some are saying powered speakers of the year, may be your audiophile friend is telling you to buy passive speakers and accompaniments for the best sounding setup, and you are loaded with lots of information …