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What is Bone Conduction and the best bone conduction headphones of 2017 (Complete Guide)

Hi, in this post we will understand what is bone conduction and the best bone conduction headphones available in the market, so lets dig in. What is bone conduction Humans can hear sound in two ways (a) through our eardrums – air transmitted and (b) through our bones – bone transmitted. Bone conduction works by …

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KEF LS50 Monitor Speakers – The Authentic Sound


KEF LS50 Overall Ranking: 8.5/10 Price: $1,499.99 NOW at $1,199.99 Owners: KEF Buy here: KEF LS50 Mini Monitor When its KEF its bound to be Good!! This is the brand value which KEF possess and the KEF LS50 is no exception. The LS50 has been in the market for long and are worth mentioning here because of the value …


Best Wireless Headphones under $400


In the quest for the latest and trending entry level wireless affordable audiophile headphones of 2017 under $400 mark, we have tried to capture the best hifi headphones available in the market on which you can bet your money and feel awesome doing so. So, without further ado, let’s dig in. Bose QuietComfort 35 Price:$349.oo Manufacturer: Bose Buy …


Yurbuds Inspire 400 – Sports in-earphones for athletes

Yurbuds Inspire earphones

Yurbuds Inspire 400 – Sports in-earphones for athletes Overall Ranking: 7/10 Price: $49 Now selling at $41.80 Owners: Harman/JBL Buy here: Yurbuds Inspire 400 INTRODUCTION  Athletes are always in a run to find a pair of “stay on” set of music companion which doesn’t interfere with the workout and sits calmly and securely in the ear – like put …


Swans D1080-IV : The Surprise package in budget

Swans D1080-IV Powered Studio Monitor Speaker

SWANS D1080-IV – Powered 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers Overall Ranking: 7/10 Price: $189 Owners: HiVi, Inc. Buy here: Swans – D1080-IV – Powered 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers INTRODUCTION  Audiophiles, music enthusiasts, and regular music listeners always look for something, some piece of audio equipment which delivers best possible sound in a said price bracket and the best of anything is different …