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What is Bone Conduction and the best bone conduction headphones of 2017 (Complete Guide)

Hi, in this post we will understand what is bone conduction and the best bone conduction headphones available in the market, so lets dig in.

What is bone conduction

Humans can hear sound in two ways (a) through our eardrums – air transmitted and (b) through our bones – bone transmitted. Bone conduction works by stimulating our jaws and cheek bones and directly pass on the vibrations to the inner ear (bypassing the eardrums).

Beethoven was also hearing impaired and uses his composer’s wand to sense the music produced. He use to clinch the wand under his teeth with another end touching the piano, that ways he was able to listen to the tonality produced.

Just to show you in a figurative way the difference between the both:

Usual way we hear sound

best bone conduction headphones in 2017

 Bone conduction way we hear sound

Image source:

Hearing via Bone conduction has come as a boon to the hearing impaired and also its has application in other fields like scuba diving, military communication and outdoor sports like running and cycling.

You will appreciate the fact that bone conduction in the fields other than hearing aids, helps prevent loss of life, as they allow the ambient noise get into the ears making outdoor running, cycling etc safer. Military operations can be carried out with more caution and safety as now they are more aware of their surroundings and have bone conduction to get the signal wirelessly alongside. Scuba diving was greatly benefited with this technology as there is no other medium to transmit the communication underwater.

Casio was a early adopter of this technology and created a product, Logosease around it, check out the video below:

They are essentially works as a transceiver using the bone conduction.

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In our opinion these are must have for a outdoor person as the noise canceling earphones ideally shouldn’t be used outdoors during running or cycling in the traffic prone areas, better be safe than sorry.

The top 5 best bone conduction headphones 

1. Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Afterhokz are the pioneer in the bone conduction headphone market and the AS600SG or simply the Trekz are no exception when it comes to the sound quality.


Check out this quick video:

  1. Bone conduction technology creates mini vibrations, sending sound through the cheekbones, directly to the inner ears – for awareness and comfort
  2. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  3. PremiumPitch+ delivers dynamic sound and truly powerful bass
  4. 6 hours of music and calls with complete inline controls
  5. Titanium frame provides durability and flexibility

2. Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

Number 2 on the list is again from the stable of Aftershokz, these come with more tight and snug fit and are more durable


  1. Bone conduction technology uses vibrations to transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea
  2. OpenFitTM assures unmatched ambient sound awareness and extended comfort
  3. Dual microphones deliver clear communication even in noisy environments
  4. NEW FEATURES: PremiumPitch+TM patented dual suspension transducers guarantee premium stereo sound and adds more bass and a more dynamic sound range
  5. NEW FEATURES: IP55 certified sweat resistance repels sweat and heavy rain


3. Marsboy Bone Conduction wireless waterproof sports Headphones

These are for the fanboys J, they sound crisp and bass is great. Rock and roll fans are in for a treat.


  1. Bone Conduction Headphones: Innovative Bone Conduction Technology, Transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea by vibrations. Listen to the music without blocking your ears!
  2. Bone Conduction Hearing Aid: Assures unmatched ambient sound awareness and extended comfort. Avoid damage to your ears during exercises and be aware of the surrounding situation.
  3. Bluetooth Bone Conduction Waterproof: Adjustable headband for tight and comfortable wearing. No worries of the headset falling.Universally Compatible – Suitable most Bluetooth-enabled devices. Such as iPhone7 plus,7,6s plus 5S 5 4S and Android smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Phones and so on.
  4. ISSC Bluetooth Chip ensures the sound quality of music and phone calls. Standby Time up to 10 days. Support continuous play up to 6 hours.
  5. Enjoyment: Put on the earplugs enclosed in the package to receive better sound quality. For outdoor exercise, you may want to be aware of the surroundings, and thus it’s natural that the music enjoyment will be affected.

4. Aftershokz AS450 Sportz M3 Mobile Bone Conduction Headphones with Microphone

Yes, gain Aftershokz, what can we do these are still in the run. AS450 is a compact set relatively smaller diameter and are wired with microphone inbuilt in the cable


  1. Bone conduction technology uses vibrations to transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea
  2. OpenFit assures unmatched ambient sound awareness and extended comfort
  3. PremiumPitch patented dual suspension transducers guarantee the finest bone conduction audio
  4. Microphone to make and take calls
  5. Be safe, be open – Sportz 3 provide an ear-opening experience

5. Abco Tech Bone Conduction Sports Bluetooth Headphone – IPX6 Grade Waterproof – Microphone Hands-free Stereo Headset

These are the cheapest of the lot but that doesn’t mean that the are inferior to the market leaders, the sound if not great like aftershokz, is ok and the quality is decent but not superior. You get what you pay for. Good the first timers who want to taste the bone conduction in a good way.

aftershokz trekz bone conduction headphones


  1. EVOLVED DESIGN – Our Bluetooth bone conduction headset offers improved sound quality and ensures that the music is audible prominently through bone conduction technology and you do not hear just the feeble sound through ears. The switches on the headset are also designed to be more responsive and the sound quality is more crystal clear!
  2. HIGH PERFORMANCE – The speaker offers high-quality sound experience and produces pleasant beats which will get you dancing on the floor. The speaker also comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that offers a playback time of up to 6 hours and also gets charged pretty quickly! Bluetooth 4.0 also offers easy connection and a range of up to 10 meters.
  3. STYLISH AND SUPERIOR DESIGN – The premium black finish and its sporty fit also help you have a great fashion statement and comfortable adventure trips as it firmly stays in place. Whether you want to run with it, go out for a casual walk or sit and listen to music while traveling or in the café – this is sure to look great on anyone and everyone!
  4. SMART WATERPROOF DESIGN – No worries if you are keen to listen to music in the rains or near the pool because the speakers are designed to be waterproof. Moreover, since they are not required to be inserted into your years, it’s easy to hear the sounds of passing by vehicles or the voice of someone calling you in the house or office.

We have tried to list down the best bone conduction headphones in the market currently and if you choose the pair out of the list, you will not go wrong, it’s a great technology for the listeners with added safety. You can also gift one to the hearing impaired friend or family member and see the smile on their face that only music could bring.

Happy listening!!!!

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